Curso: Básico 2

Curso: Intermedio 1
Grupos: A – B - C
Tareas de Expresión Escrita del módulo 5
Profesores: Belén Hevia
Estas tareas NO tienen carácter obligatorio.
Los escritos tendrán una extensión de 120 palabras y deberán ser
entregados en las fechas que a continuación se detallan:
Unit 1
Del 27 al 31 Oct.
Write an e-mail to a friend who is living
abroad. Describe the changes in your
neighbourhood due to multiculturalism.
Unit 2
Del 3 al 7 Nov.
Write a blog entry about your favourite
invention. Use activity 7 on page 25 as a
Unit 3
Del 10 al 14 Nov.
Write a response to the question:
“What technology will be obselete in 25
years?” Give your reasons.
Unit 4
Del 17 al 21 Nov.
Write an e-mail to a local newspaper.
Describe the sporting facilities in your
town and say which facilities you would
like to have and why. Use activity 7 on
page 47 as a model.
Unit 5
Del 24 al 28 Nov.
Write a description of a play, film or
novel you really liked. Use the activity 8
on page 55 as a model.
Unit 6
Del 1 al 5 Dic.
Write a blog entry about an unexpected
event that happened while you were on
Unit 7
Del 8 al 12 Dic.
Write a blog post about your typical
Sunday breakfast. Use activity 7 on
page 77 as a model.
Unit 8
Del 15 al 19 Dic.
Write a blog entry titled “ the school
rules I hated most”
There were some strange rules at my
Unit 9
Del 12 al 16 Enero
Write a blog post giving at least five tips
for visitors to your country.
If you are visiting friends in Spain, there
are a few things you should know
before you arrive…..
Unit 10
Del 19 al 22 Enero
Write a short description of your
perfect date. Include the information
Describe your ideal partner: physical
description, profession, habits and
Suggest good places to go and say why.
Describe what would happen on the
Give a final piece of advice.
My ideal partner would have and
excellent sense of humour, green eyes