Ray A. Rayburn

Ray A. Rayburn - FAES
1716 Main St Ste A #300
Longmont, CO 80501-7413
[email protected]
Principal Consultant – Sound First, LLC. He was Principal Consultant with K2 Audio,
LLC of Boulder, CO from 12/2005 to 10/2012. He was previously a Senior Consultant
with Cirrus Logic, Peak Audio, and Sound Visions Consulting.
Chairman of the AES Standards Subcommittee on Interconnections, and the working
group on Audio Connectors. He is a member and former Chairman of the AES Technical
Committee on Signal Processing. He was a member of the American National Standards
Institute (ANSI) Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) S4 on Audio Engineering. He
is a member of the AES Standards working group on Microphone Measurement and
Characteristics. He was one of the developers of the ANSI/InfoComm Standard on
Audio Coverage Uniformity, and currently leads the InfoComm Standards task group on
Spectral Balance.
Life Fellow of the Audio Engineering Society. Member Emeritus of the Acoustical
Society of America.
ASET, New York Institute of Technology; Active Filters, Institute of Electrical and
Electronic Engineers; Tape Recorders, Audio Engineering Society; 15 courses from
Synergetic Audio Concepts including Sound System Design, TEF, Digital Signal
Processing, Digital Audio Networks, Hums Buzzes, Conference Systems, Emergency
Communication Systems & Speech Intelligibility, Making Wireless Work, & OptEQ.
Fellowship Award of the Audio Engineering Society in 2009 “In recognition of your
contributions to the art and science of sound system design, digital signal processing and
routing, and electromagnetic compatibility.” Grand Prix International Du Disque Liszt Budapest 1982. Grand Prix International Du Disque Liszt - Budapest 1981.
Mr. Rayburn authored the 3rd edition of “Eargle’s Microphone Book” a guide to
microphone design and application, and three chapters in the 5th edition of the
“Handbook for Sound Engineers” and two chapters in the 4th and 3rd editions, which is
Ray A. Rayburn – FAES
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considered to be the “bible” of audio design. He has over 100 published articles on
sound, acoustics and related topics.
Mr. Rayburn has taught audio systems and recording at Eastman School of Music and the
Institute of Audio Research. He was also a panelist at the 2000 Digital Audio Networks
seminar sponsored by Synergetic Audio Concepts and lectured at the 2001 and 2002
National Systems Contractors Association and INFOCOMM conventions.
Mr. Rayburn has been an engineer in acoustics, audio systems, and telecommunications
for 44 years. He has notable experience in the design of legislative sound systems,
church sound and acoustics, and recording and broadcast studios. He has particular
expertise in the creation of highly customized "project files" for configurable digital
signal processing, digital audio networks, and has taught advanced training courses on
these topics. He is responsible for the design of advanced digital audio systems,
measurement of audio system performance, measurement and optimization of acoustic
environments, and the optimization of audio systems for their acoustic environments. He
also has expertise in the area of RFI interference elimination. With the recent
proliferation of GSM cell phones and Blackberries, this knowledge has proven
instrumental in assuring that his designs avoid the problems caused by these devices.
A holder of a license to use and teach Time Delay Spectrometry since 1978, Mr. Rayburn
has extensive experience in the use of TDS, TEF, Smaart and other acoustic measurement
systems, and the use of acoustic data in the design and re-design of acoustically critical
facilities. His design and development of audio and telecommunications products include
equipment marketed by AT&T, V-Band, ETC, Comcast and others ranging from
microphones to teleconferencing equipment, and tape duplicators to modems.
Mr. Rayburn has recorded the Chicago Symphony, the Philadelphia Orchestra, and Frank
Zappa for RCA Records; TV specials for HBO and Showtime; award winning albums for
the Connoisseur Society; and an award winning syndicated radio program.
Arkansas Arena, AK
Broadway Video, New York City, NY
Calvary Temple, Winnipeg, Canada
Comiskey Park, Chicago, IL
Connecticut Legislative Office Building, Hartford, CT
Cure d'Ars Catholic Church, Denver, CO
db Studios, Chicago, IL
EuroSound, New York City, NY
Florida Sun Coast Dome, St. Petersburg, FL
Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA
Immersive Sound & Vision Recording Studio, Boulder, CO
Metropolitan Opera, New York City, NY
Ray A. Rayburn – FAES
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Mobberly Baptist Church, TX
National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, DC
New Testament Baptist Church
Orioles Park at Camden Yards, Baltimore, MD
Ottawa Palladium, Kanata, Ontario, Canada
Photo-Mag Sound, New York City, NY
Saturday Night Live, New York City, NY
Tampa Convention Center, Tampa, FL
Texas State House of Representatives, Austin, TX
Texas State Senate, Austin, TX
US House of Representatives Cannon Caucus Room, Washington, DC
US House Committee on Education and the Workforce Hearing Room, Washington, DC
US House Committee on Energy and Commerce Hearing Room, Washington, DC
US House Committee on Financial Services Hearing Room, Washington, DC
US House Committee on House Administration Hearing Room, Washington, DC
US House International Relations Committee Hearing Room, Washington, DC
US House Committee on Science and Technology Hearing Room, Washington, DC
US House Committee on Ways and Means Hearing Room, Washington, DC
US Senate Chamber (the world's first all digital sound system), Washington, DC
US Senate Chamber, new system (2006), Washington, DC
US Senate Committee on Rules and Administration Hearing Rooms, Washington, DC
U.S. Senate Committee on Agriculture Hearing Room, Washington, DC
U.S. Senate Committee on Finance Hearing Room, Washington DC
USTA Arthur Ashe Stadium, New York City, NY
University of Hawaii Special Events Arena, Manoa, HI
Audio Engineering Society, Acoustical Society of America, InfoComm, Synergetic
Audio Concepts.
K2 Audio LLC, Boulder, CO - consulting firm - 2005 - 2012
Cirrus Logic, Boulder, CO - semiconductor manufacturer - bought Peak Audio - 2001 2005
Peak Audio, Boulder, CO - DSP development and consulting firm - 1997 - 2001
Sound Visions Consulting, Arlington TX - (formerly Joiner Consulting, formerly Joiner
Rose Group)
Essential Telecommunications Corp, Glastonbury, CT - custom telecommunication
equipment for the stock brokerage industry
Comcast Sound, West Hartford, CT - professional audio design/build
Broadcast Technology Group, NYC, NY - broadcast facility design, developed 5 channel
FM SCA system and demo'd voice, data, and slow scan TV over SCA at an NAB
Broadway Video, NYC, NY - TV Post Production, and field production, built the first
LEDE certified TV Post Production room.
Photo-Mag Sound, NYC, NY - design of new facility
Ray A. Rayburn – FAES
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Rayburn Electronics, NYC, NY - Design and maintenance of recording studios and film
and video post production facilities.
Electric Lady Studios, NYC, NY - maintenance of studios and equipment
EuroSound Studios, NYC, NY - design and construction of facility
RCA Records, NYC, NY - maintenance of studios and equipment, remote recording
Connoisseur Society Records, NYC, NY - design of the first commercially successful
real-time tape duplicating facility, recording of award winning albums
Nonesuch Records, NYC, NY - recording of album
A&R Recording, NYC, NY - maintenance of studios and equipment
db Studios, Chicago IL - design and construction of Chicago's largest recording studio
complex - this later became Columbia College Chicago's Audio Training Center.
Telectro Systems, NYC, NY - design of telephone answering machine and high speed
tape duplicator
Christian Broadcasting Network, Ithaca, NY - design and construction of radio studios,
engineered award winning radio program
Point Sound Productions, NYC, NY - maintenance of studio and equipment
Chemical Instruments Corp. NYC, NY - design of polymer analyzer, design of hybrid
analog/digital automation system for polymer analyzer.
Schober Organ Corp. NYC, NY - built demo organs for showroom
Mr. Rayburn is married, has 4 grown sons, and 6 grandchildren.
Additional information can be found here:
Ray A. Rayburn – FAES
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