Airworthiness Approval Note

APPLICANT: British Airways plc
AIRCRAFT TYPE: McDonnell Douglas DC10-30
British Airways Modification 99D027
Installation of New Galley Units and Passenger Cabin Layout
The applicant has raised this omnibus modification so that they can install new galley units and
reconfigure the passenger cabin to suit.
Description of Modification
British Airways Drawing No. 0-95553 shows the new cabin layout including the position of the
new galley units, seating configuration, new stowages and cabin attendant seats. Details of each
of the British Airways modifications follow and are listed under the following headings:
Installation of 'ACE' Standard Galleys.
This modification installs the new 'Ace' standard galley units designed and
manufactured by C F Taylor of Wokingham and approved by Major Modification
No. 227 AAN 22783 refers. It also includes the installation of overhead ties and
floor mounting attachments designed and manufactured by McDonnell-Douglas
Aircraft Co. and detailed in their Drawing No. SP 10250014.
This modification also provides details of all Galley equipment to be installed on
the aircraft with CAA approval numbers.
Beverage Maker
RUMBOLD 64761 (SA58)
Single Oven
Single Oven
SELL 8053-02-0000 (SA01042) OR
RUMBOLD 67192 (SA85)
Double Oven
Double Oven
SELL 8653-02-0000 (SA01043) OR
RUMBOLD 61073 (SA100)
Hot Cup
DRIESSEN DLH549-022 (SA94)
ACUREX 236-2-1 (see BA MOD 25E189)
FULL SIZE LERMER L18308 (SA 01033)
HALF SIZE LERMER L18309 (SA 01034)
WASTE LERMER L18321 (SA 01036).
Oven Rack Trolley FULL SIZE DYER 80149 (SA 01053)
Installation of floor coverings.
This modification installs new cabin carpets and galley coverings BA Drawing No.
1-95556 refers.
Installation of curtains and rails.
BA Drawing No. 1-95558 refers.
Modification to Mid-Cabin (Zone B) Class Divider.
This modification changes the top profile around the centre line overhead bins and
includes the installation of bassinet tables on the rear face of the divider. BA
Drawing No. 1-95718 refers.
Installation of Wardrobes in Zone A.
This modification installs two new floor track mounted wardrobes designed and
manufactured by Courtaulds and approved by Major Modification CAM/MOD/003
AAN 22551 refers.
The wardrobes are located in the forward first class passenger cabin (Zone A) on
both the right and left side of the aircraft.
Relocation of Safety Equipment.
This modification relocates the existing safety equipment for the new
configuration. There is no change in the type of equipment. BA Drawing No. 295550 refers.
Installation of Passenger Seating.
Seating is provided for passengers as follows:
Zone A (First Class) 18 passengers seated in Contour sleeper seats 0930 series
with Skyview Video System incorporated previously approved by BA Major Mod
23D357 AAN 22962 refers.
Zone B (Business Class) 36 passengers seated in Contour seats 0950 series CAA
Approved by E13739.
Zone C (Economy) 180 passengers seated in Weber/Futair Seats Model 4001
series P/N 835292 to 835295 series CAA Approved by E13735.
The seating numbers are unchanged and the new configuration complies with CAA
AN64. BA Drawing No. 0-95553 refers.
Installation of Heath Tecna 'big bins'.
This modification installs large overhead baggage bins located on the aircraft centre
line in Zones B and C. The bins are designed and manufactured by Heath Tecna
and approved by Major Modification HPD9-50003-13 AAN 19054 Addendum 1
The public address speakers are relocated on the new overhead bins, because the
cabin environment has changed BA should address the requirements of CAA
Specification No. 15.
Provision of 'Ace' Galley - Interiors.
This modification installs the interior furnishing changes (ceiling panels, side wall
panels etc) associated with the installation of new Ace standard galleys. The
installation is carried out in accordance with McDonnell-Douglas Drawing No.
Installation of TRANSAERO double cabin attendant seat Model 2501-6 part no
95502001 CAA Approval No. AR 01063. This seat is installed on the right hand
side of the aircraft aft of the Door 2R and is mounted to an aluminium alloy
honeycomb partition Drg. No. WSP0291 which is attached to the forward wall of
the lavatory D right hand side. Stn. 856.0 inches.
The harness is an American Safety Corp. Prt. No. 501867 and is attached to the
seat at five locations.
McDonnell-Douglas have carried out a stress analysis to show that the seat
attachment to the aircraft structure complies with BCAR Section D Chapter D3-8
emergency alighting load requirements. McDonnell-Douglas Report MDC-K1590
Vol I part II refers.
Installation of WYSS single cabin attendant seat part no. A43/25/0007. The CAA
approval of this cabin attendant seat is covered by AIM R&D Major Modification
No. AIM/D10/002, AAN 22620 refers. This seat is installed on the left hand side
of the aircraft aft of Door 2L and is attached to the forward wall of the lavatory D
left hand side Stn. 856.0 inches.
Installation of a rest seat in the aft galley area. This seat is designed and
manufactured by JAMCO Part No. 7FD6020 A02601 and is installed between
Galleys 6 and 7 on aircraft centre line at bulkhead Stn. 2004 inches for use of cabin
staff as a rest seat. The seat is placarded not to be used during take-off and
landing. BA Drg. No. 0-95879 refers.
Installation of bassinet tables at Door 3. Bassinet tables are mounted on a
bulkhead located behind the centre seats at row 18. BA Drg. No. 1-95566 refers.
Modification to Video installation. This modification installs three video players
plus control unit in the C F Taylor Galley 2A forward of door 2R. The existing
video system already has wiring provision for three video players. The
modification also installs a Video projector into a overhead bin in Zone 'B' cabin
(Club Class), wiring provisions already provided.
Modification of 'Multiplex' system. This modification extends the wiring for the
multiplex system in the Zone C cabin (Economy).
Provision of Electrical Modifications to accommodate new galleys.
This modification is carried out in accordance with McDonnell-Douglas drawings,
see drg. no. SP10240001.
The power supply to each galley is sufficient to cover the galley required power,
McDonnell-Douglas letter together with attached Electrical load analysis summary
CI-L4H-RJJ-91-067 dated 11 September 1991 refers.
Modification to PEEPLS - Floor Proximity Lighting System.
This modification adapts the original approved system (Approved by AAN 20062)
in Zone A extending back to Door 2, BA Drg. No. 1-95696 refers.
Installations of Chillers and Ducting.
This modification covers the installation of McDonnell-Douglas ducting for the
installation of chillers in the mid and aft galley areas, together with support
structure for the aft installation which is below the cabin floor. McDonnellDouglas Drg. Nos. SP 10210002, -0005, -0006 and -0007 refer.
This modification provides a Technical Statement so that the Acurex
AEROTHERM CHILLERS Part No. 236-2-1 can be approved and installed on
this aircraft.
BA Tech Statement EA1/SPB/910087 dated 15 January 1991 has been accepted
by the CAA.
Relocation of Oxygen Panels - Zone A.
The existing oxygen panels above the first class seats are repositioned to match the
new seat positions, BA Drg. No. 0-95547 refers.
Provisions for ACE galleys - Water/Waste.
This modification covers the McDonnell-Douglas drawings for the water and waste
changes associated with the installation of the new galley units. McDonnellDouglas Drg. No. SP10380001 refers.
Provision for ACE galleys - Structural.
This modification covers the McDonnell-Douglas structural changes required for
installation of the new ACE standard galleys. McDonnell-Douglas Drg. No. SP
10530018 refers.
McDonnell-Douglas have shown by analysis that all the structural modifications
meet the emergency alighting conditions of BCAR Section A, Chapter D3-8 and
the Flight and Ground loads as defined by McDonnell-Douglas. In the stressing of
the local attachments a 1.33 factor has been applied. McDonnell-Douglas Report
MDC-K1590 Vol. 1 refers.
Flight Manual
The aircraft Flight Manual is unaffected by this modification.
The applicants modification 99D027 has been inspected on this aircraft and found to be
acceptable. The modification is hereby approved to be installed on this McDonnell-Douglas
DC10-30 aircraft and any other of similar build standard in the areas of concern.
For the Civil Aviation Authority
Date 11 December 1991