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The world’s N°1
wrapping solution.
Elixa Mega, the automatic packaging machine featuring the exclusive Elixa technology, is designed for medium/large size
packaging centres and retail outlets and is unsurpassed both in terms of performance as well as size and simplicity of use. The
use of one width film reel of 280 mm and automatic reading of the size makes it particularly suitable for medium/large size retail
outlets and is unsurpassed in terms of performance as well as size and simplicity of use. Elixa Mega represents the ultimate
product of over 40 years of experience of Gruppo Fabbri in the packaging of meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, gastronomy and very
fresh products.
Main characteristics
Automatic reading of the dimensions of the tray.
No action is required by the operator for format change: intuitive and fast learning of the operation by the packaging machine. 100% easy to use!
One width film reel of 280 mm.
Use of one width film reel for all products that can be packaged. Thanks to Elixa technology, Mega can allow for film saving up to 20% compared to traditional packaging machines.
Plug and Pack!
Elixa Mega is powered by 230 V without any need for compressed air.
Compactness and dimensions of Elixa Mega: less than 2m²!
Can be placed in any work environment, optimising the available
Integration with the most common automatic weight-price labelling devices (PWL).
Elixa Mega can be integrated optimally with the major
weight-price labelling systems produced by Bizerba, CGM,
Mettler-Toledo and others.
Very high production levels.
Up to 35 packages a minute: performance that is a characteristic of top of the range packaging machines.
Ideal for packaging Fresh and Very Fresh products. Meat, fish, vegetable, gastronomy and cheese.
Super customisation options.
With a wide choice of options such as extended in-feed conveyors, exit conveyor rollers, the machine can be easily customised according to customer requirements.
Reel replacement in less than 30 seconds!
Reel change is fast and easy, without errors.
Wrapping of the tray is always optimal.
The product is packaged with particular attention to sealing of the tray underside, thanks to optimised length of the sealing belt.
Safety before anything else!
Each part of Elixa Mega was designed with the highest attention
to maximise operator safety. There are no sharp edges on the
metal parts and the rounded design of the aluminium sides
minimises accidental impact during movement in the vicinity of
the packaging machine.
Optional features from
the list.
Seconds to change the
Stretch film.
One width film reel
of 280 mm.
Speed. Up to 35 packages
a minute.
Max tray format.
(LxWxH mm)
350 x 230 x 160*.
Min tray format.
(LxWxH mm)
120 x 100 x 10*.
*It is not possible to achieve the three maximum dimensions of the tray at the same time.
Gruppo Fabbri Vignola reserves the right to modify the specifics of its products without prior notice.
Gruppo Fabbri Vignola guarantees quick, efficient and widespread technical assistance, thanks to a team of qualified
and multi-lingual professionals, always at the disposal of customers.
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