RLC23 datasheet

‰‰ Modular system based on microprocessor platform APIS-RLC, designed and certified according to EN50126,
EN 50128 and EN 50129 requirements for SIL 4; certificate issued by TÜV Rheinland (ACR/B 13/225)
‰‰ Two independent and galvanically separated sub-systems A and B
‰‰ Configurable sub-system safety structure: 2oo2, 2oo3 or any other structure on customers demand
‰‰ Basic configuration of the sub-system has three consecutive sections for activation / deactivation of the level
crossing and for train presence control on the level crossing road area – possibility of additional more sections
for control of train presence / stopping on the halt which is in the level crossing area, for the control on
double-track, 3-track or 4-track line etc.
‰‰ Possibility of driving up to 8 road signals (light + sound), 2 pairs of barriers or half-barriers, up to 8 control
signals for train driver (if needed); lanterns for road light signals can be performed with double-filament bulbs
or with LEDs
‰‰ Current of each light signal is monitored on the analogue input; allowed current ranges are configurable
through PC application, as well as barriers lowering/rising and other parameters
‰‰ All types of road signals, barriers/half-barriers and train driver’s indication signals can be used according to
the local national regulations
‰‰ If needed, additional LED road signalization and video surveillance can be delivered
‰‰ Remote monitoring unit in the nearest station is the integral part of RLC23 system; it communicates with the
main platform on the level crossing over the serial link (2 or 4 wires, or optical cable)
‰‰ Interface with any type of station interlocking system (relay or microprocessor based) is provided already in
the station, on the remote monitoring unit
‰‰ Train detection sub-system is a SIL4 certified axle counter system BO23
‰‰ Relay based, Ethernet, CAN, RS232, RS485 as basic protocols, or some other protocols on customers demand
can be used as an interface towards the interlocking system
‰‰ Hot-swap modules for power-on replacement of modules without safety and availability degradation of the
system for easier maintenance and undisturbed railway traffic
‰‰ Powerful data registration system with stored data in non-volatile memory and also on SD flash card memory
on each sub-system
‰‰ Traction return current immunity, 3-stage lightning overvoltage protection; very high level of EM compatibility
according to EN 50121-4 confirmed with the EMC certificate issued by TÜV Rheinland (AE60087581 0001)
Level crossing protection system is
the ideal solution for installation on
the existing unprotected or future
level crossings on the line with or
without any signalling infrastructure;
as well as easy replacement of
existing old LC protection systems.
Simple configuration of tle RLC23 on
the system and components level by
using the PC/Windows configuration
wizard. All types of road signals,
driver’s indication signals can be
used according to the local national
Outdoor equipment
Indoor equipment – central unit RLC23
Outdoor equipment – wheel sensor ZK24-2, trackside electronic unit VUR, road signals, road barriers,
control signals for train driver:
‰‰ Two galvanically separated wheel detection
systems inside the same case of sensor ZK24-2
‰‰ Operating temperature range -40…. +80°C
‰‰ Up to 100% relative humidity
‰‰ Water and dust protection:
▪▪ IP68 for sensor
▪▪ IP67 for trackside electronic unit
‰‰ Minimal wheel diameter 300mm
‰‰ Wheel flange detection according to UIC 510-2
‰‰ Universal sensor mounting bracket for rail types
S45…. UIC60 (other profiles on demand)
– no rail drilling is required
‰‰ Mechanical protection of sensor with shields
‰‰ 3-stage protection against lightning overvoltage
on module VUR-P in the trackside connection
‰‰ Technical parameters of road signals, barriers
and control signals for train driver are depending
on the national regulations
Indoor equipment – axle counter BO23 indoor
equipment, APIS-RLC central logic, interface logic,
power supply system and battery back-up:
‰‰ 2×24V DC power supply with battery backup
and low battery control (two independent
battery sets)
‰‰ Safety relays with forcibly guided contacts
according to EN 50205, type A for relay interface
‰‰ Operating temperature range –20…. +70°C
‰‰ Up to 100% relative humidity
‰‰ data registration system with stored data in
non-volatile memory and also on SD flash card
memory on each sub-system; non-erasable with
power supply failure
SIL4 TÜV certifikat
Level crossing cabinet
APIS microprocesor platform with interfaces
Indication panel
Protection block
Axle counter BO23 UNUR
Power supply block
Trackside control unit VUR Rail wheel sensor ZK24-2
Mounting bracket for sensor
(xx depend on rail type)
RLC I-I testing device for RLC23
LC barrier
LC housing
Driver’s indication LED signal
for LC protection
LC bell
EMC TÜV certifikat