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Corporate Newsletter
2014 Second Quarter
Mealtimes are important
at our communities, not
only for sustenance of the
body but for sustenance of
the spirit.
companionship, and
great food help our
residents feel right at home.
Service from the Heart Awards
Each year residents nominate
employees for their outstanding service and dedication,
and for exemplifying the spirit
with which Ron Herron
approached his role at RLC.
Jennie Helwick, Savannah Pines
Dining Room Supervisor; Debby
Kile, Riverstone Housekeeper;
Blake LeBouef, Lakeline Oaks Lead
Concierge, and Sheela Goodrich,
Lakeline Oaks Lifestyle Director were
happy to accept the 2013 Service of
the Heart Award.
The 2013 winners were joined
at their respective community
celebrations by Breck and most of
the RLC support team. Community
Managers, their teams, and residents
put on an awesome display of
support and appreciation at each
Breck presents the Service
from the Heart commemorative plaque to Jennie
Helwick of Savannah Pines.
Award Celebration flight (left to right): Jennifer White
[VP Training], AnnGelina Taylor, Georgia Glass [VP
Human Resources], Alina Bogatyuk, Kim Spicer, Alex
Cervantes, Jeff Cunningham [Sales & Marketing Director], Jared Beckmann [VP Food Service], Steve Mueller
[Chief Operating Officer], Breck Collingsworth.
The 2012 award winners were
invited to fly RLC Air to join the
celebrations: Alina Bogatyuk, Savannah Pines Lead Concierge; Alex
Cervantes, Walnut Grove Housekeeper; Kim Spicer, Walnut Grove
Dining Room Supervisor, and
AnnGelina Taylor, Reflection Ridge
Lifestyle Director.
It was a great opportunity for
everyone to visit with their counterparts in different locations and a
wonderful two days of celebrating the winners and the culture they
represent so very well.
Pictured l to r: Sheela Goodrich, Blake
LeBouef, Kim Spicer. AnnGelina Taylor,
Alina Bogatyuk, and Alex Cerantes (front).
Riverstone’s Debby
Kile poses proudly with
her commemorative
plaque and celebration
Cooking Competition at Lakeline Oaks Robinwood
The culinary specialists team at
Lakeline Oaks held their first cooking competition modeled after the
popular cooking television show,
Executive Chef Marcos provided
the secret ingredients: quail eggs,
bacon, Poblano peppers, Butternut
squash, and collard greens. The
challenge was to create dishes from
scratch within 45 minutes that
would be judged on creativity, taste,
and presentation.
The competitors were Chris
(Sous Chef), Jessica (AM Cook) &
Zion (PM Cook). The cooks delighted residents with their creative
dishes and gave everyone a new
appreciation for what takes place
behind the scenes to prepare meals.
The entire kitchen staff participated in various ways throughout
the competition. Kamryn (prep
cook) provided commentary during
the event and served as the up-close
eyes describing every detail of what
each cook was doing in their preparation and creation.
The final dishes were Jessica’s
Breakfast Hash, Chris’s Stuffed Peppers, and Zion’s Fajitas. The dishes
were served to resident judges Herb
Posner, Dorothy Smith, Ed Berry,
and Beverly Adams with smaller samples offered to all of the spectators.
Chris won the Golden Chef Hat
award and showcased his recipe
on the weekly menu. The cooking
competition had a great turn out
with residents and families enjoying
the show.
Sous Chef Chris
with judges.
PM Cook, Zion
AM Cook, Jessica
Record Easter Crowd
Holidays are important times. This Easter, Robinwood residents were treated to leg of lamb,
hand-carved ham, fried chicken, a full soup/salad bar, and a
dessert bar. When the Easter Brunch
RSVP list totaled two guests for
every Robinwood resident, the
staff went into action to ensure
that service would be unaffected. Extra servers were scheduled,
an additional line cook was
brought in to run a special omelet station (pictured), and hours
were extended to accommodate
larger parties. “We’re not in the business
of telling our residents ‘no’. Being flexible is one of the
most important ingredients
to resident satisfaction.”
– Josh Brown, Manager
Walnut Grove: Above & Beyond
Kim Spicer (left) with Devin
Fridrich work their special magic every day at Walnut Grove.
Walnut Grove appreciates their
fabulous staff. Kim Spicer, Dining Room
Supervisor, stepped up to the plate
when another staff member needed to take time off. Kim ran both
the dining room and the activities
department without dropping the
With the help of Devin Fridrich, Kim made sure the community, and especially the dining
room, had special decorations for
every holiday and event the past 3
months. She rekindled the Walking
Club, Bean Bag Baseball, and Wii
Bowling. She also drives the bus for
outside activities.
Kim joined last year’s Ron
Herron award winners to pass the
prestigious award on to this year’s
Special Days at Sherrill Hills
After witnessing the great
service and special touches on the
managers’ Disney Cruise Retreat,
the team at Sherrill Hills decided
to come up with ways to make
residents feel special on their
anniversaries and birthdays.
The Culinary Team creates
individual desserts to celebrate
monthly birthdays, and miniature
replicas of three-tiered wedding
cakes for anniversaries. The cakes
are presented by the Sherrill Hills
staff at the end of a fine dining
The Dining Room Supervisor
always makes sure the mood is set
with balloons, candles, flowers, and
champagne; sometimes the lights
are dimmed for that extra romantic
touch for an anniversary dinner.
The Concierge Team delivers personal invitations to residents, and
Chef Daniel creates a wonderful
meal based on recommendations
from our residents’ families.
The entire Sherrill Hills team is
involved in the resident’s special
day which brings a lot of joy to the
residents and staff as well!
Walter and Kay Weismantle
Dining & Dancing at Reflection Ridge
Reflection Ridge started the year
off right with their Red, White &
Black Ball fundraiser for Multiple
Sclerosis. The community raised
more than $500 dollars and had
a great time doing it. The evening
started with a fantastic steak dinner with a baked potato, green
bean almandine, sundried tomato
Tuscan rolls, and Italian salad.
Dinner was topped off by Napoleon
puff pastries with fresh blue berries, raspberries, blackberries, and
homemade whipped cream.
The Reflection Ridge dining
room was transformed into a Valentine’s Day Ballroom. Residents
voted for the king and queen of
the ball, crowning Dick Fosse and
Vivian Weninger. (Vivian is 99½
years young. She cried because she
had never won anything!) Denny
Dusek’s big band played for 60
dancing couples to tunes like “It
Had To Be You”.
In March, Denny Dusek’s 6-piece
band played in the theatre for Frank
Foulke’s 95th birthday party. A very
large crowd of guests, residents, and
family attended this event. Guests
enjoyed appetizers, cakes, drinks,
and dancing! Songs included “Big,
Bad Leroy Brown” and “Celebrate”.
Reflection Ridge welcomed more
than 300 people for their fabulous
Easter buffet. The main course was
lamb, ham, and prime rib, asparagus, mixed vegetables, sweet potatoes, baked potatoes, tossed salad,
Watergate salad, fresh fruit compote, marinated fresh vegetables,
and homemade dinner rolls.
Reflection’s Sous Chef, Susie,
outdid herself making all the deserts from scratch: coconut cream
pie, banana cream pie, French silk
cream pie, French lemon tart with
fresh raspberries and mint leaves,
New York cheese cake, carrot cake,
a chocolate cake with chocolate ga-
nache decorated like a duck, chocolate cupcakes, angel food cake with
lemon curd, strawberries and fresh
homemade whip cream, and Dutch
apple cobbler.
Note: The NY cheese cake recipe
is Susie’s own. It is copyrighted and
has been published in Epicurious
magazine. She has won several
awards for her recipe.
Frank Foulkes poses with Addie
McGill (Reflection Ridge dining
room server) during his 95th
birthday celebration.
Valentine King & Queen, Dick Fosse
& Vivian Weninger surrounded by
their “court” (from l to r): Jennifer
Kerr, Charlie Wright, June Wright,
Shirley Coykendall, Frank Foulkes,
& Lacy Harbutz.
Reflection Manager
Chris Bryde takes a
spin on the dance floor
with Dot Logan.
Reflection’s Chef
Phil Zoglemann
ready to carve the
Easter ham.
Below: the
fabulous Easter
dessert buffet!
Savannah Treats at Riverstone Sets the Table
At Riverstone, food does more than make residents happy. RiverQuarterly Dinner
stone’s talented culinary team uses food as a marketing tool to attract
Savannah Pines Chef Terry
Owen and his amazing staff produced an outstanding menu for
the quarterly dinner. Each course
looked great and tasted even better! The dual entrée, Chicken with
Lobster Cream and Roasted Apple Stuffed Pork Loin with Plum/
Balsamic sauce, Peruvian Blue
Potatoes, and Rainbow Carrots was
delicious and pleasing to the eye.
An especially tantalizing salad and
a dessert of Roasted Peach Sorbet
made the meal complete. The entire evening was a real
palette pleaser, not to mention
“candy for the eyes” - yummmmm!
Mixed Greens,
Mango, Blueberries, Strawberries,
Candied Almonds
and Gorgonzola
Roasted Peach Sorbet
new residents. The theme of a recent senior fair in North Kansas City
was a Hawaiian Luau. The fair attracted dozens of vendors and hundreds
of potential new residents. Compare the table of a competitor to Riverstone’s. Which table do you think generated the most attention?
Service from the Heart Celebrations
Host communities of the 2013 Service from the Heart award winners
pulled out all the stops at their respective celebrations. Check out these
beautiful (and tasty!) appetizers. . .