INTER-CLUB COUNCIL Minutes 9/11/14

Associated Students of Santa Monica College
Inter-Club Council Meeting
Thursday, September 11, 2014, 4pm
Science #151
1) Call to Order- 4:05pm
2) Roll Call
ICC Chair- Maya Kaitel
ICC Vice Chair- Courtney King
ICC Comm Officer- Rizwan Rashid
Counselor/Student Adviser- Benny Blaydes
3) Approval of Agenda
Motioned by delegate and seconded by another
Unanimously Approved
4) Approval of Minutes from Last meeting
a. Motioned by delegate to approve and seconded by another
b. 1 objection because he didn’t have a copy of the minutes but he recanted his
objection when he received a copy of the minutes.
c. Unanimously Approved
5) Public Comments(2 Mins Per Person)
a. Jessica Meshkani- She talks about the SMC website and that she is seeking
b. Daniel Kolko- he talks about the Importance of attending the DPAC meetings,
and he elaborates on the different types of DPAC committees and how the ICC
delegates should take on a more active role.
c. Andrea Gonzalez- Gives an introduction and gives the ICC delegates her Email
and wishes her best and thanks the chair.
d. Andy Koo- Gives an introduction about him being the activities director and urges
the delegates to fill out their proposals and requisition forms in advance. He tells
them that he’s looking for commissioners.
e. Diana Gutierrez- Talks about a student from UCLA wanting to create a chapter of
“Strides for Social Justice” in SMC and asks delegates if they can help or assist
with this process.
f. Delegate- asks a question about whether it’s better to collaborate with other clubs
or with the A.S
i. Answered by Courtney King- She says she will talk about that later.
6) Installation of Clubs
International Student Forum (ISF)
Pre-Health Assosiation
Alpha Gamma Sigma (AGS)
Black Collegians
Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA)
Model United Nations Santa Monica College
Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)
S.T.E.M Club
SMC Filmmakers Association
Generation of the Future
SMC Skeptics Club
Student Nurses Association
The Future Alumni Club
Pan-African Student Union
*All Clubs Installed as a whole
7) ICC Officer Reports
a. ICC Comm Officer (Riz) - introduces himself and tells the clubs and delegates
that they can come in and ask him questions about proposal and requisition forms.
He talks about the boys and girls club of Santa Monica and how they need
volunteers to come tutor and teach younger children.
b. ICC Vice Chair (Courtney) - She talks about the ICC activities committee and
how she is looking for volunteers from among the delegates to sit on the
committee every other Thursday (Not on an ICC meeting day) at 3pm on the grass
area near the clock tower.
i. Riz Rashid- Tells the delegates who raised their hands to come sign up at
the end of the meeting
c. ICC Chair (Maya) – She talks about election committee and how she needs
people on it. She talks about ICC delegate opportunities in the joint council and
the judicial board. She tells the delegates that there are 4 vacancies currently on
the Associated Students Board of Directors.
i. Benny Blaydes- tells the delegates the requirements of being on the board
of directors
ii. Riz Rashid- tells the students that there are many responsibilities
associated with being a director and that its hard work.
Maya Elaborates on Joint council because of questions from many delegates. She
tells the delegates about workshops that will be held after every ICC meeting to
help students with filling out paperwork and forms. She talks about the ICC
Facebook page and how it will be updated regularly.
d. ICC Counselor/Adviser (Benny) - He talks about transferring and the Transfer
Admission Guaranteed (TAG) application and how many different UCs accept
TAG students. He reminds the delegates that UC and Calstate applications are
coming up very soon. He tells the delegates that if there are any available tickets
he can take delegates to the tailgating party between UCLA and Utah Football
8) Club Reports
a. Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA)- talk about the Aids walk and that delegates
should come and show their support.
b. Future Alumni Association- talk about the “Fall Kickback’ that they are having
next Thursday during activity hour and that the delegates should come.\
9) Director Reports
10) Adjournment
a. Motion by delegate to adjourn
i. Seconded
b. Meeting Adjourned at 4:53pm