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Monthly Meetings
Newton County Radio Club
/ ARES / RACES / Skywarn®
meets on the 3rd Tuesday
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2014 In the Rear
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of every month at 7:00 pm.
JANUARY 20, 2015
Meeting will be at
Covington/Newton 911 Center,
8146 Carlton Trail, Covington Ω
Weekly Nets
The Newton County Radio Club
/ARES/RACES/Skywarn® Net
meets every Thursday at 8:00 p.m.
on 146.925 MHz (88.5 PL) and
444.800 MHz (88.5 PL). ῼ
The FM Digital Net meets every
Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. on
146.925 MHz (88.5 PL). The net
starts out in MT-63-2KL Mode
(1500 Hz Center), then sometimes
switches to another mode. ῼ
Newton County Radio Club Officers
President: Gary Chambers K4MDC
(404) 218-9538 <[email protected]>
VP / Trustee: Jim Marston K4DOI
(404) 376-5107 <[email protected]>
Treasurer: Brian Fain KI4JIL
(678) 439-6883 <[email protected]>
Secretary/News: Delbert Davis W4DEL
(404) 229-7555 <[email protected]> Ω
Where Newton County Radio Club is concerned, January began with Mike Crowe's
(AJ4GU) and Jim Marston's (K4DOI) presentation of "RMS Express" (software for
digital communications). There was a good turnout, and many area hams brought laptops and portable radios and were "walked thru"
the installation and use of the program's features
and modes, including Telnet (direct connection to
the Internet) and Winmor (RF connection to the
Internet thru a gateway station) into the WL2K
(Winlink 2000) system. The January Newsletter
welcomed newly
licensed ham and
Club member,
Vickie Henry
(KK4VUG); and
reported on the
successful application for an
FCC station license at Newton
Chuck Berry (above, left) of Berry's
In February 2014, Charles Penning- Medical Center.
Christmas Tree Farm is presented a
Station Trustee is plaque in appreciation of his sponsorship
ton (K4GK) (left) and Cliff Prosser
(K4HCP) discuss the “Sounder,” an Dick Szeliga
of the Club's 2014 Hamfest at the tree
integral part of the first use of
(KK4EIG), Di- farm. Club President, Gary Chambers
“audible” Morse Code. Ω
thanks him for his generosity and
rector of Facili- K4MDC
support, during the 2014 NCRC Christties at NMC. (The vanity call sign K4NMC was
mas Party Ω
subsequently acquired for the
Our February meeting, called to order by
then Vice-President John Nix (N5EEO), featured the "History of the Telegraph" by
Charles Pennington (K4GK). Charles told
how telegraph came about, why it's called
"graph" and went on to explain its development into a useful and very (Cont'd,)
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important communications tool. Charles also displayed
samples from his impressive collection of telegraph
keys. Another new ham in the community, Reggie
Henry (KK4WTA) (Vickie's OM) was welcomed.
February also saw fruition of Charles Davis'
( WA4UJC) quest to advance the Club's affiliation with
RACES (Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service), in
addition to it's long-standing affiliation with ARES
(Amateur Radio Emergency Service).
In March, planning for our annual Hamfest was
moved to the front burner when Vickie (KK4VUG)
was appointed 2014 Hamfest Coordinator. Brian Fain
Jim Marston (K4DOI) enjoys dessert with XYL
(KI4JIL) confirmed the availability of Berry's ChristDiane at the NCRC Christmas Party. Ω
Del Davis W4DEL (above)
expresses gratitude to the Club displayed an ARES patch sample and successfully solicited a vote from the membership to have the
after receiving NCRC's 2014
logo engraved on Club shirts.
Ham of the Year award. Ω
In April, Charles (WA4UJC), Newton County
ARES EC and RACES Radio Officer, presented "An Introduction to ARES and
RACES." This included an explanation of the infrastructure of both organizations,
a review of their history, and why Amateur
Radio is so important to our nation and our
communities. Charles listed the AEC's
(Assistant Emergency Coordinators) in
Newton County, who are appointed by the
EC. April also saw Club/ARES members'
participation in the YMCA-sponsored
Cheerios Challenge in Covington and welldeserved recognition in a Covington News
article for the effort.
The May meeting was sort of a farewell
Chuck Berry (left), owner of Berry's Christmas
to outgoing President Ronnie Pittman
Tree Farm, son Chase, and fiancé Lori McCart
(KK4CDB) who was actually not going anywere special guests at the Club's annual
where but was looking forward to a break from Christmas Party. Ω
duties of Club President over the past two years.
Gary Chambers (K4MDC) and XYL
Gerry "wrap thing up" as the Christmas
Jim (K4DOI) gave an interesting presentation about EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse). He exParty draws to a close. Ω
plained that an EMP attack could come naturally or from one of our adversaries around the globe. He said that, according to the
Congressional EMP Threat Commission, some of them already have EMP capability
but have not yet devised a delivery system. Club elections at the meeting resulted in
the following: President, Gary Chambers (K4MDC); Vice-President & Trustee, Jim Marston (K4DOI); Treasurer,
Brian Fain (KI4JIL); and Secretary, Del
Davis (W4DEL). The month of May
also included a Community Awareness
Project, headed up by Vickie
(KK4VUG), at the Kroger store, Hwy.
278 in Covington, as well as Club/
ARES participation in the Alcovy UnitCliff Prosser (K4HCP) and XYL Regina pause
ed Methodist Church Fun Run.
from festivities for a photo at the 2014 NCRC
The month of June saw our newlyChristmas Party. Ω
elected President Gary Chambers
(K4MDC) "take the bull by the horns." David Rudd (AI4JI) talked about "2M and
Dan Darsey (W4DED) and XYL Becky enjoy
a night out with friends at the NCRC Christ440 Antennas." The program stretched into HF antennae as well. More information
mas Party. Ω
about Dave and his antenna designs can be found at June also featured the
Club's participation (Saturday only) ) in the ARRL's annual Field Day. Thanks to the efforts of Vickie (KK4VUG), and the cooperation of Kroger manager, Horace McCullough, this event was also held in front of the Covington Kroger. It was an excellent
time to publicly unveil the Club's new banner that was purchased with the upcoming Hamfest in mind.
July was Hamfest month for Newton County Radio Club. Lots of planning and volunteer work resulted in what (Cont'd)
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many consider our "most successful" Hamfest to
date. The newly-renamed "Ham-Stir" (NCRC
Newsletter) deemed the Hamfest as "Successful,
Not Outstanding," leaving room for improvement
and encouragement for even better ones to come.
First Place Raffle Prize winner was Belinda Baker
(K4QVZ), whose ticket was drawn for the Seiko
Analog Quartz Watch, donated by Fletcher's Jewelry (K4SEU). Tom Roderick (WA4GIM) of Redan
won the SignaLink USB Sound Card. Thanks to
Dan Darsey (W4DED) and the Butts County VE
Team for conducting VE Tests during our 2014
Brian Fain (KI4JIL) and wife Kelly
Delbert Davis (W4DEL) and XYL Penny
seem to be having a great time at the
are all-smiles during the 2014 NCRC
NCRC Christmas Party. Ω
Christmas Party. Ω
In August, members assisted EC Charles Davis
(WA4UJC) in providing communications for the annual
Covington Century Bike Ride. Our August meeting focused on getting ready for that
event, and recapping the July 26 Hamfest.
September began with some Club members
helping the Butts County ARES group provide
communications for the Labor Day 5K Run/
Walk in Jackson; and Club members again answered the call on September 13 for the Covington Police Fuzz Run.
A short tour of the Covington/Newton 911
Center preceded the October meeting. Charles
(WA4UJC) reported on the October 4 statewide
S.E.T. (Simulated Emergency Test), saying that
he was pleased with local participation and perPhil Call (KD8TDJ) and XYL Heidi
formance during the test. Mike (AJ4GU) and Jim
XYL and OM amateur radio duo,
enjoy the annual Club Christmas Party
Vickie (KK4VUG) and Reggie Hen- (K4DOI) conducted a "digital tune-up" which was
at Mama Maria's Italian Grill. Ω
ry (KK4WTA) pause for a photo at
designed to encourage participation in the weekly
the Christmas Party. Ω
Wednesday night digital net on the WA4ASI repeater. Local NCRC/ARES members assisted
Morgan County EC Bill Ronay (KM4LS) with the annual Spin-for-Kids on October 19. Gary (K4MDC), on short (Cont'd)
Upcoming Events & meeting CALENDAR
JANUARY — 2015
10 Techfest — Gwinnett Amateur Radio Society (
Gwinnett Medical Resource Center—9:00 a.m.
665 Duluth Hwy (GA 120), Lawrenceville
17 Butts County Ham Cram & VE Session —Fire Station #7 — 8:30 a.m.
144 Colwell Road, Jackson (VE Testing at 4:30 p.m.)
20 *NCRC MEETING — Covington/Newton 911 Center—7:00 p.m.
8146 Carlton Trail, Covington
24 State ARES Meeting — Georgia Public Safety Training Center — 9:30 a.m.
1000 Indian Springs Dr., Forsyth
17 *NCRC MEETING — Newton County Law Enforcement Center — 7:00 p.m.
15151 Alcovy Road, Covington
Program: Intr o to Raspber r y Pi" by Tom Welty N4TAW
ALWAYS . . .
And Amateur
Radio friends
and family
For Meeting Program Scheduling — Contact Gary Chambers K4MDC <[email protected]> ῼ
Merryvale assisted living, oxford — 9:00 a.m.
Contact Neal Browder W4OVS <[email protected]> ῼ
''The 56th Annual Blue Ridge Amateur Radio Society (BRARS) Hamfest is scheduled for May 2, 2015. We are looking forward to this annual
event that is held at the Piedmont Interstate Fairground in Spartanburg, SC. We want to extend our invitation to you and the members of your club to
attend." - Robert Webster WR8RW ( Ω
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notice, quickly organized a group of
Club/ARES members to assist with
in memory of
the Covington United Methodist
keith Studdard
Church Fun Run & 5K Race on Oc(kr4IP)
tober 25.
Special guests, John Davis
(WB4QDX) and Rick Kimsey
may 10, 1956
(KK4VRM), spoke on and demonEmergency Coordinator (EC)
strated "An Introduction to Dentered into rest
Charles Davis, WA4UJC
Star" (Digital Smart Technologies for
December 21, 2014.
(770) 786-6546
Amateur Radio) at our November
[email protected]
our hearts go
meeting. During the prior week, Del
out to keith's
(W4DEL) and Gary (K4MDC) had
Assistant EC (AEC) — Administration
wife Elizabeth
presented "An Introduction to AmaBob Carter, W4NNN
Stanley Studdard
teur Radio" to residents of Merryvale
(770) 785-7318
and to the rest
Assisted Living on Hwy. 142. Michael
[email protected]
Hough (KC4YCF), a maintenance
of keith's family.
AEC — Net Operations
employee at Merryvale, assisted in the
we'll greatly
program with an Echolink demonstraJim Marston, K4DOI
miss our dear
ton. Neal Browder (W4OVS), a re(404) 376-5107
friend and
cently new resident of Merryvale, had
[email protected]
arranged for the presentation with
AEC — Digital Operations
personnel there. Del and Gary had
Brian Fain, KI4JIL
previously assisted Neal with the installation of an HF antenna at the
(678) 439-6883
facility. Since then, Neal has reportedly been a Newton County regular on the HF
[email protected]
AEC — Law Enforcement
The Christmas Party (held annually in lieu of a December meeting) was at MaDonna Reeves, KJ4CAU
ma Maria's Italian Grill on Access Road. Jim (K4DOI) made the arrangements.
(770) 780-9758
Special guests were Chuck Berry, owner of Berry's Christmas Tree Farm, along
[email protected]
with his son Chase and Chuck's fiancé Lori McCart. President Gary Chambers
(K4MDC) presented Chuck with a plaque in recognition of Berry's Tree Farm's
location sponsorship for the Club's July Hamfest. 2014 NCRC "Ham of the Year"
went to Del Davis (W4DEL), who was also given a plaque. December was sadRADIO OFFICER
dened by the passing of a dear amateur radio friend and colleague, Keith Studdard
Charles Davis, WA4UJC
(KR4IP), on December 21. Keith was an avid ham and participated with us in
many ways, including serving as a Volunteer Examiner at the Hamfest.
So, as 2014 ends, the Newton County Radio Club reflects upon the past year
and looks forward to bigger and better things in 2015. Phil Call (KD8TDJ) is
Charles Davis, WA4UJC
working with others on plans for a celebration of NCRC's ten-year anniversary;
and the possibility of a Club-sponsored Special Event Station on the Covington
Assistant EC (AEC) — SKYWARN®
square. Also in the works is a planned Technician Class, sponsored by NCRC,
Greg Davis, KI4NWD
along with a VE Session sponsored by the Butts County VE Team, at the Newton
(404) 483-6312
County Law Enforcement Center. Members are encouraged to not just "stay
[email protected]
tuned" but to get involved! Happy New Year! Ω
(Left) John Nix (N5EEO) performs as Control Operator at the Newton Medical Center
Auxiliary Communications Team station
(K4NMC). Other members of the team include NMC Director of Facilities and Station
Trustee Dick Szeliga (KK4EIG), Gary Chambers (K4MDC), Del Davis (W4DEL), Charles
Davis (WA4UJC), Brian Fain (KI4JIL), Mike
Crowe (AJ4GU) and Jim Marston (K4DOI).
(Right) New NCRC Banner being displayed
during Field Day activities in front of Newton
Plaza Kroger. Ω
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Newton county radio club meetings
* 3rd Tuesday Each Month — 7:00 p.m. *
[7 am] Georgia Cracker Net 3995 kHz (Daily Except Sunday)
[8 am-1pm] SouthCars Net 7251 kHz *South Coast Amateur Radio Service
[9 am] Georgia Geritol Net 3995 kHz (Daily Except Sunday)
[1 pm] GA Traffic Net - Cycle 2 - 3987. 5 kHz (or 7287.5) (Daily Ex. Sunday)
[6 pm-winter] GA SSB Association Net 3975 kHz
[7:15 pm] 3982.5 kHz GA Traffic & Emergency Net
[9 pm] GA CW Training Net 3549 kHz
[10 pm] GA State CW Traffic Net 3549 kHz ῼ
Wife resent being referred to as XYL?
Tell her it stands for Xtra Young Lady,
and that it's an honor bestowed only
upon wives of Amateur Radio Operators.
1st Sunday [3 pm] GA Hospital Net 7188 kHz (LSB) (Alternate: 5.3305 MHz (USB) (Digital Tests TBA)
GA Hospital Net Manager / NCS: Ken Reid KG4USN, ASEC—Public Health GA ARES: Barry Kanne W4TGA
1st Sunday [4 pm] Metro ARES FM Net 145.430 Mhz (107.2 PL) Also on Echolink at WB4NWS-R (Node: 593209) ῼ
Spalding County ARC
Next Session
January 10 — 9:00 a.m.
2nd Saturday — EVERY Month
Charles Clark NQ3I
<[email protected]>
Spalding Regional
Medical Center Ω
Butts County ARC
Next Session
January 17 — 4:30 p.m.
(after Ham Cram)
Dan Darsey W4DED
<[email protected]>
Butts County
Fire Station No. 7 Ω
Henry County ARC
Next Session
February 21 — 8:30 a.m.
3rd Saturday — EVEN Months
Roy Baker AJ4GT
<[email protected]>
Piedmont Henry
Medical Center Ω
Sunday [9 am] Friendly Southern Neighbor Net 3990 kHz (NCS: Joe K4APT)
Sunday [4:30 pm-winter] GA ARES Digital Net 3583 kHz (USB) (or 7042 (PSK-31) (Center 1000 Hz)
Sunday [4:30 pm–winter] Butts County FM Training Net 147.285 Mhz (131.8 PL) Winlink Checkins: WX4BCA
Sunday [5 pm–winter] GA ARES SSB Net 3975 kHz (LSB) WINLINK Checkins: WX4GMA
Monday [8 pm] Walton County ARES FM Net 147.270 (88.5 PL)
Monday [8:45 pm] Rockdale County ARES 10-METER PHONE Net 28.325 Mhz (USB)
Monday [9 pm] Rockdale County ARES FM Net 147.210 Mhz (162.2 PL)
Monday [9 pm] Southern Crescent FM Net 145.170 Mhz (146.2 PL) & 444.875 Mhz (123.0 PL)
Tuesday [7:30 pm] NW GA *CERT Digital Net 3583 kHz (USB) (PSK-125) (Center 1500 Hz)
Tuesday [8 pm] GA *CERT FM Net 146.805 Mhz (100.0 PL)
*Community Emergency Response Team
Wednesday [8 pm] NEWTON COUNTY DIGITAL NET 146.925 Mhz (88.5 PL) (MT63-2KL) (Center 1500 Hz)
Thursday [8 pm] NCRC/ARES/RACES FM NET 146.925 & 444.800 Mhz (88.5 PL) Winlink Checkins: K4NCR
January 2015: (NCS OPEN) (ANCS OPEN) (WL2K NCS OPEN)
February 2015: (NCS OPEN) (ANCS OPEN) (WL2K NCS OPEN)
Saturday [11 am] **SATERN Net (Southern Section) 7262 kHz
[1 pm] **SATERN Digital Net 14.065 (Olivia 8-500)
**Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network
(Ctr 1000 Hz) ῼ
This month’s photos courtesy of
Gary Chambers K4MDC, & Del Davis W4DEL Ω
Needed for Thursday Night Net!
Net Contorl Operators
Alternate Net Control Operators
Winlink Net Control Operators
Contact K4DOI, AEC Net Operations
<[email protected]> (404) 376-5107
Download the Net Script at ῼ
Please submit Newton County Ham-Stir contributions & suggestions to Del Davis <[email protected]> Ω
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