1 RDP Report for LCRFU Management Board January 2014 1

RDP Report for LCRFU Management Board January 2014
1. Rugby Development Partnership
There has not been a meeting of the RDP during the period under review.
CB Committees and RFU staff members are meeting objectives set in the 2013-14 Annual Plan.
Projects are within the required time scale and budgets.
The Next RDP meeting will be on 26th February 2014. At this meeting, it is hoped to set in place a
new structure and to start the 2014-15 planning process
2. Development Centre
Nil Seminars have been held since August 2013. A Seminar planned for November/December was
cancelled due to logistical problems. A review is underway and a programme for the reminder of
the season will be put in place in February3. Club Coach Mentoring
From the original 11 club coach mentors only three are currently active; the remainder have either
withdrawn or are trying to re-arrange their other commitments to fit in with club training schedules.
Attempts are being made to identify coaches to be trained as mentors; one has been recruited so
4. Coach Development
One coach is moving towards his Level 3 and a full scholarship support has been approved. The
paperwork has yet to be submitted
One coach is moving towards level 4 and he is considering applying for partial scholarship. This
application will be reviewed if and when it is submitted
5. Player Recruitment & Retention
The latest activity to report is the U24s game Burnley v Blackburn on 27th December which was
financially supported by the Development Centre. This was a return fixture from the game held at
Blackburn in April which was also funded by the Development Centre. Both clubs are satisfied that
there has been an increase in the number of players returning to contact with their clubs and making
themselves available for games.
The date for the Final of the Town Teams (U16 Rugby League Corridor) has been set as 19th March at
6. CB Representative Squads Selectors Accreditation
We have set the game assessment module for Selectors Accreditation for the U18s Schools Finals on
12th March 2014. The Area 5 PDO, Ian Bletcher, has not yet provided dates for his availability to
deliver the indoor module prior to the 12th March. The indoor module will probably be at LSH.
The Area 5 PDO has suggested that Lancashire candidates who are unable to attend the Lancashire
indoor module might attend a Cheshire module (dates tbc). He has also suggested that Cheshire
candidates might be permitted to attend the game assessment module at LSH (tbc).
The Chairman of the North Player Development Forum has asked if candidates from other Counties
could attend the Lancashire Course. There are a number of vacancies in North Division which require
applicants to have Selector Accreditation. At least one coach Lancashire has been prevented from
applying for a North U18 Coaching appointment because he has not yet attended a Selector
accreditation Course.
We are also hoping to invite Lancashire teachers and club coaches to observe the Selector
Accreditation process in an effort to introduce them to the CB/Divisional pathway.
7. Referee Training, Mentoring and Development
Current activities in this area are the subject of a separate report under from the
8. Lancashire Developing Player Programme (DPP)
The North Player development Forum (NPDF) requested a report on progress of the Lancashire
Developing Player Programme . The following information was passed to the NPDF:
Lancashire DPP is in place in the three districts of Lancashire (Manchester, Merseyside
&North Lancashire). Delivery is across three age groups at U13, U14 & U15
Mike Crookes, LCRFU Director of Marketing, is leading the Lancashire DPP programme.
Lancashire is delivering the Lancashire DPP in accordance with RFU guidelines
The Lancashire & Cheshire DPPs have been “persuaded” by the RFU and Sale Academy to
combine into a regional administrative structure with a joint bank account
Lancashire has reservations regarding the current administrative structure and the
intention to use a Regional DPP bank account to hold RFU DPP funding. Lancashire prefers
that each county be funded directly by the RFU.
Lancashire DPP has yet to receive funding from the RFU and/or the Regional DPP Group for
Lancashire DPP activities. Lancashire DPP has a costed plan in place, equipment has been
purchased, grounds have been hired and sessions have been delivered. Arrangements are
in hand for player and coach assessments to be delivered in accordance with RFU guidelines
Lancashire DPP will be requesting DPP funding payments at the next meeting of the
Regional DPP Group.
Now that the initial administrative problems have been addressed, Lancashire priority will
be to engage the RFU and Sale Academy on player and coach assessment, tracking and
The number of players and coaches in the Lancashire DPP is:
9 coaches
114 players
11 coaches
115 players
12 coaches
128 players
New IRB Scrum Directive
The RFU has issued guidance around the appropriateness of referees and coaches of touching
children and or players of the opposite sex following the release of the new IRB scrum directive.
These are accessible through the Lancashire and the RFU websites. Lancashire referees, coaches and
safeguarding officers have been made aware of the directive and guidelines.
The guidelines and the directives involve making sure that all concerned know the arrangements for
the referee to touch the scrum half on the back (or the shoulder) or, alternatively, to manage the
scrum from the far side to the put in.
Tom Fitzgerald