TALES OF MASKED MEN: A Film by Carlos Avila

Me llamo ________________________________________ La fecha ____ / ____ /____ El Periodo ____ TALES OF MASKED MEN: A Film by Carlos Avila
Directions: Answer the following questions as you watch the video. Times are listed to help you, but are not exact. 5:00 -­‐ What are luchadores called that wear masks? 6:00 -­‐ Does everyone in lucha libre wear masks? 6:20 -­‐ What is the difference between a rudo and a técnico? Be specific! 6:35 -­‐ In what three countries is lucha libre popular? 7:15 – In the 1930s, lucha libre became both an official _____________________ & __________________________ 10:50 -­‐ How did/does lucha libre set itself apart from other forms of wrestling? 12:00 – Describe the history of the lucha libre masks. 15:20 – What is melodrama? How is lucha libre considered a melodrama? THE TALE OF EL SANTO 17:45 – According to this film, when was El Santo’s first appearance? 21:00 – El Santo used a lot of names, but when he finally chose El Santo he had three names to choose from. What were the other two names? 23:00 – Aside from lucha libre, El Santo became famous in a lot of movies. About how many movies was he in? 26:00 -­‐ How is El Santo still “living”? 27:00 -­‐ What gives lucha libre meaning? Las imagines son de Hector Gomez @ www.nosoyhectorblog.wordpress.com THE TALE OF MASCARITA SAGRADA 30:00 – Who is Mascarita Sagrada? What makes him different from other luchadores? 32:00 – When did midget fighting FIRST become famous in Mexico? Why did it become famous? 38:45 -­‐ According to the people in this video, why are midgets just as good as regular sized luchadores? Hint: they give you a LOT of reasons! THE TALE OF SOLAR 42:00 -­‐ Who does Solar sometimes fight with? 43:50 -­‐ Why did Solar decide to become a luchador? 49:20 -­‐ Can you inherit lucha libre? Can you inherit other sports? 52:00 -­‐ Why is lucha libre still around? List as many reasons as you hear!