Mobile Broadband Future to LTE-Advanced and - 4G Americas

4G Americas Wireless Technology Summit at Futurecom – October 13, 2014
Mobile Broadband Future to LTE-Advanced and Beyond
4G Americas Session Chairs:
Jose Otero, Director of Latin America & Caribbean
Vicki Livingston, Head of Communications & Analyst Relations
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Mobile Broadband Market Update in Latin America
4G Americas José Otero, Director of Latin America & Caribbean
Vicki Livingston, Head of Communications & Analyst Relations
Operator Strategies for Mobile Broadband
 Update of Mobile Networks
 Network Planning with LTE and LTE-Advanced
 Market Challenges and Opportunities
Moderator: José Otero, 4G Americas
Ericsson Jesper Rhode, Head of Marketing, Latin America
Qualcomm Francisco Soares, Sr. Director, Government Relations
Telefonica Invited
Future Mobile Broadband Roadmap to LTE-Advanced and
Small Cells / Heterogeneous Networks
MIMO and Advanced Antennas
Network Function Virtualization
Migrating to LTE and LTE-Advanced
o Network, Services & Chipset/devices evolution
Moderator: Vicki Livingston, 4G Americas
Cisco Andres Maz, Director Advanced Technology Policy
Nokia Wilson Cardoso, Head of Latin America Office
Innovations in Regulatory Policy and Spectrum Planning in
the Region
Spectrum is the ‘oxygen’ of the mobile industry and a vital resource in
enabling the deployment of mobile broadband
 Latin American countries are well behind the spectrum allocation
recommended by the ITU for 2020. The challenge for national regulators is
how to make more spectrum available to the market in a timely fashion.
 The surge in data traffic due to the increasing penetration of smartphones
demands innovative ways to manage and allocate spectrum
 Latin America saw a number of important spectrum auctions in the past few
years, however, in many cases licensees were faced with stringent
conditions attached to the spectrum, such as ambitious rural coverage
 The expansion of broadband penetration has become a goal for many
governments that have created national broadband plans to coordinate
public and private efforts in this space
Moderator: Ari Lopes, Principal Analyst, Latin America
Alcatel-Lucent Celedonio von Wuthenau, CALA Public Affairs Director,
Americas Region
Qualcomm Anne-Lise Thieblemont, Senior Director, Government Affairs
Telefónica José Juan Haro, Director Wholesale and Regulation
Concluding Remarks
José Otero and Vicki Livingston, 4G Americas