June 2014 - Network of Care

County of San Diego
Behavioral Health Services Division
Transitional Age Youth (TAY) Workgroup
La Jolla Room
3255 Camino Del Rio South
San Diego, California 92108
Wednesday, June 25, 2014
3:30 – 4:30 pm
County of San Diego-BHS Staff:
Cecily Thornton-Stearns, Wendy Maramba, Diane Layton
Others in Attendance:
Denise Bahen, HHSA; Pamela Barron-Peña, Maria Sardiñas; Ron Britton, Harmonium, Inc.; Stephen
Carroll, SD Youth Services; Cara Evans Murray, PCS; Ellen Frudakis, IMPACT Young Adults; Bridget
Hanagan, Heartland Center; Paula Hamar, SDUSD; Jean McDonald, JFS Patient Advocacy; Myisha
McNair, SDUSD, Outpatient; Leah Mitchell, Douglas Young BPSR Center; Rachel Mitchell, Areta Crowell
Center; Maria Morgan, Providence; Stacey Musso, New Dawn High School; Grace Ning, UPAC; Shane
Padamada, CASRC; Joleen Schrad, New Directions; Stella Uruchurtu, NHA-Project ENABLE; Aaron
Weisiogel, BHETA; and Laura Wiseman, Recovery Innovations.
 Welcome and Introductions - Cara Evans Murray. Co-Chair
Action Item(s): None
 Review and approval of the Wednesday, May 28, 2014, minutes
Action Item(s): None
 BHS Director's Report / BHS Update - Piedad Garcia/Cecily Thornton-Stearns
Everyone is busy finishing end-of-year amendments to include: trauma-informed care, “Live Well,
San Diego,” and faith-based language to all contacts, before June 30. TIP training implementation
discussions are being held with BHETA for sustainability.
Action Item(s): None
 Q.I. Youth Transition Self-Evaluation Form - Debbie MacDougall - (handout)
The Youth Transition Self-Evaluation Form (TYSEF) was presented to the group with the historical
purpose of the form explained. It was designed to be included with a referral from when TAY youth
transitioned from Child SOC to Adult SOC.
Programs were asked if they were familiar with and are using the form. Only a few programs present
indicated they were familiar with the form. Some of the information captured on the YTSEF are also
captured in other places: CAMS, IMR, RMQ, PEI type questions.
One participant mentioned that spirituality questions are not part of current tools. Participant
suggested if the form will be required, perhaps to include in the BHAs; that way it is not missed.
Also shared, the financial section of the form seems unnecessary; so if a need was identified in this
area then would have to consider including on client plan. However, it is not mental health related so
is then an inappropriate focus for client plan.
Action Item(s): Debbie MacDougall will address the group’s feedback with QM Team and report
 Adult Behavioral Health Council Meeting - Cara Evans Murray
Cecily reported there was discussion regarding the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and contract language
for the amendments.
The draft County of San Diego MHSA 3-Year plan has been posted on the Network of Care (NOC):
Cara requested that anyone having comments after reviewing the MHSA 3-Year Plan, to please send
them to [email protected]
Action Item(s): None
 Children, Youth and Family Behavioral Health Council Meeting – Wendy Maramba
Wendy announced the next CYF SOC Council meeting: Monday, July 14, 2014, 9:00-10:30 am, La
Jolla Room, 3255 Camino Del Rio South, SD, CA 92108
Check the County of San Diego BuyNet https://buynet.sdcounty.ca.gov/ for the Teen Recovery
Center RFP.
SAVE THE DATE: Teen Recovery Center (TRC) Quarterly Provider's Meeting
Friday, August 15, 2014, 1:00 – 2:30 pm, Del Mar Room, 3255 Camino Del Rio South, SD, CA 92108
Action Item(s): None
 Cultural Competence Resource Team (CCRT) Update – Edith Mohler
Edith was not available today to present an update.
Action Item(s): None
Employment Services Program – MHS, Inc.
- Tanya Booth, M.S., C.R.C., Employment Specialist [email protected]
- Luis Blanco, Employment Services [email protected]
MHS Employment Services program helps individuals with behavioral health disorders prepare for,
locate, and retain meaningful jobs of their choice. We are CARF accredited and certified in providing
Vocational Assessment Services. Our services are customized to reflect job readiness, interests, and
skills. We focus on rehabilitation and recovery and our philosophy is everyone can work.
Our well-trained staff are diverse in culture and language, and our gender responsive services are
available countywide, near or within regional behavioral health programs.
We also provide information on how benefits may be affected, and provide support during the first
three months of employment.
MHS Employment Services provides:
Vocational assessment
Employment preparation
Job development
Job coaching
We help clients learn how to:
Complete an employment application
Create a resume
Gain job search techniques
Master job interviews
Manage symptoms that may interfere with finding and keeping a job
Eligibility Requirements - In order to be eligible for our services an individual must:
Be 18 years of age or older
Have a diagnosed psychiatric disability
Be a participant of a San Diego County funded mental health program
Be, or agree to become, a participant in California State Department of Rehabilitation’s (DOR)
A client may self-refer or a mental health provider, family member, or DOR vocational counselor can
assist with the referral process. If we are contacted directly, a referral form is sent to DOR for
processing. The client then meets with a DOR counselor and together they determine if Employment
Services is the right program to meet the individual’s needs.
More Information:
To find out more, please call (619) 276-8071.
Action Item(s): None
 Old Business – postponed
Action Item(s): “Old Business” items are postponed until the July meeting.
 New Business - postponed
Action Item(s): “New Business” items are postponed until the July meeting.
 Announcement(s)
Ellen Frudakis, Impact More, announced the final MHSA Young Adult Speakers’ Team presentation:
Monday, June 30, 2014, 6:30pm, Friends Clubhouse at Copper Hill, 144 Copper Avenue Vista, CA
The iMORE Young Adult Speakers’ Team has been giving presentations to various groups around
San Diego for the last year thanks to a grant from the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA).Questions?
Call 760-517-6673, or email [email protected]
Action Item(s): Diane to send announcement via email to the group.
Next Meeting:
Parking Lot
a. MH Residential Care
b. TAY Experience and Perspective
c. TAY Youth Justice vs. Adult Justice (collaboration efforts)
d. Spirituality and TAY
e. Community Colleges
f. TAY Detox Recovery Centers Dual Diagnosis
g. ADS Services (residential and non-residential)
Wednesday, July 23, 2014
3:30 – 4:30 pm
Behavioral Health Services - La Jolla Room
3255 Camino Del Rio South, San Diego, CA 92108
Future Agenda Items
“Medi-Cal for Former Foster Youth” - Fatima D. Morales, Policy and Outreach Associate, Health
CHILDREN NOW, 714 W. Olympic Blvd., Suite 909, Los Angeles, CA 90015
[email protected] WWW.CHILDRENNOW.ORG/JOIN
Providence Community Services - TBD
Sophia Arredondo, Coordinator, Hillcrest Youth Center, 1807 Robinson Avenue, #106, San Diego,
CA 92103 [email protected] 619-496-2920 x101
Panel of TAY Consumers
November – December (TBD)
January 2015
ADS Services - TAY Detox/Recovery Centers - Dual Diagnosis (residential and non-residential)