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Dolton West School District 148
District Digest
Roosevelt Schools get new asst. principal
A former District 148 educator has joined the administrative staff at Roosevelt Elementary and
Roosevelt Junior High
At its August 28th meeting, the District 148
Board of Education approved the hiring of Mr.
Joseph Palicki as the
new Assistant Principal at
the Roosevelt schools.
He replaces former Roosevelt Assistant Principal
Todd Parker.
“It’s been a warm welcome,” Mr. Palicki said.
“There’s a feeling of
home here.”
Mr. Palicki was raised in
Dolton, attended school
in Dolton Elementary
District 149, graduated
from Thornridge High
School, and taught in
District 148 from 1996
until 2001.
Volume 1, Issue 4
Special points of
He spent four years as a
sixth grade teacher at
Roosevelt School and
one year as a computer
teacher/computer coach
at Lincoln School.
His wife, Carrie, also
taught in District 148.
Mr. Palicki comes back to
the District from Manteno
Community Unit District 5
where he worked for 13
years. He served as a
principal and as an assistant principal during his
time in the Manteno
He said he wants to continue addressing the incorporation of the Common Core State Standards into the District 148
curriculum. He also
wants to be involved in
August 2014
Mr. Joseph Palicki
preparing students for
college and careers and
he looks forward to making connections with the
students and the community.
Mr. Palicki has a bachelor’s degree in history
from Northern Illinois University where he also
received his teaching
certificate. He has a master’s degree in educational administration from
Governors State University.
 Elementary Open
House will take place in
the elementary schools
from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. on
Sept. 9th
 Junior High Open
House will be in the
junior high schools from
6 p.m. to 7 p.m. on
Sept. 10th
 First Quarter Progress
Reports will be mailed
home on Sept. 19th.
Inside this
Teachers honored
Welcome new teachers 2
RJH gets
air conditioning
New faces at
District Office
2014-15 School Year gets underway
The 2014-15 school year
is off to a great start!
We kicked off the new
academic year with an
Institute Day on August
Superintendent Dr. Jayne
E. Purcell welcomed new
and returning administrators, teachers, and staff
and reminded them about
the important role each
person plays in the lives
of the children of District
hance our students’ academic success.
In addition, several teachers gave curriculum guide
overviews in the areas of
Reading and Language
Arts, Math, and Science.
The District also honored
Dr. Jayne E. Purcell
six educators who had
high percentages of stuDr. Purcell also emphadents meeting or exceedsized the Power of Unity
ing state standards in
theme for the new school reading and/or math on
year. She talked about the the 2014 Illinois Standards
significance of everyone
Achievement Tests (ISAT).
working together to en-
Your School Board
Joyce J. Jackson
Vice President
Faith E. Gunter
James E. Bendell
Board Members
Kim Adkins
Pamela L. Gibson
Larry Lawrence
Ernesto E. Mickens, Jr.
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District Digest
Teachers Honored for ISAT successes
With drum rolls, pom pon cheers,
and clangs of cymbals, the District took time during the August
18th Institute Day to honor six
teachers who had high percentages of students meeting or exceeding state standards on the
2014 Illinois Standards Achievement Tests (ISAT).
Those recognized were: Franklin
Elementary School Grade 4
Teacher Willa Jennings, Washington Elementary School Grade
5 Teacher Katrina Garrett,
Washington Elementary School
Grade 5 Teacher Bridgett Reed,
Lincoln Elementary School
Grade 5 Teacher Anne Gallag-
her, Roosevelt Elementary School
Grade 5 Teacher Jerome Thurmon and Roosevelt Elementary
School Grade 5 Teacher Rita Lucas.
Ms. Reed was also singled out for
having 100 percent of her students
meet or exceed ISAT standards in
mathematics. Congratulations!
Welcome new teachers!
District 148 welcomes the following new teachers to our
staff: Sara Costello, Kyarria Flowers, Toni Crawford, Brittany Kelly, Joi Jeter, Lauren Madlener, Monica Edwards,
Charles Chadwell, Gabby Shaw, Russell Gihan, Rodney
James, Capricia Chase, Willie Butler, Juan Flores, Hassan
Hughes, Nicole Greco, Efrem Haymore, Milton Jones, Wallace Jones, Alexandra LeFlore, and Delores Merriweather.
Some of our new teachers with District 148 Induction/Mentor Coordinator Mr. Michael Hurst.
Air Conditioning in place at RJH
Students and staff at Roosevelt
Junior High School are enjoying
cooler and brighter classrooms
thanks to the completion of the
first phase of an air conditioning
project at the school.
Work on the two-phase project is
restricted to the summer months
so that there will be no disruption
to the regular school year.
The work brought air conditioning,
new ceilings, energy-efficient
lighting and a fire sprinkler system
to the junior high.
Hallways, classrooms, media centers, the computer lab and science lab, the main office, and the
boiler room are brighter at RJH as
a result of the new energyefficient lighting.
Phase two will take place at Roosevelt Elementary School next
A state energy efficiency grant
and available fund balances will
help pay for the improvements.
The new rooftop air conditioning unit at
Roosevelt. (Photo courtesy of
Mr. Kevin Reese.)
New faces at District Office
There are some new faces at the
District’s Administrative Offices.
Chris Dines is the new Assistant
to the Director of Support Programs. She replaces Ms. Nancy
Brown who retired in June.
Ms. Dines joined District 148’s
staff in 1998 and has spent the
past 16 years as a SpeechLanguage Pathologist. She said
she is elated to be working alongside Director of Support Programs
Dr. Candace Dunleavy.
Theresa Sevier is the new Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent and Secretary to the
Board of Education.
Mrs. Sevier is working side-byside with Mrs. Joyce Selix and will
take over for Mrs. Selix when she
retires in December. Mrs. Sevier
comes to the District from CreteMonee District 201U where she
spent 12 years and most recently
served as Administrative Assistant to the Director of Technology.
Marsha Peck now serves as a
Support Programs secretary. She
replaces Mrs. Linda Tobey who
retired in June.
Mrs. Peck previously worked as a
supplemental support services
teacher at the former Harriet Tubman School from 2006 until 2010.
Before that she was a substitute