Amy Schuchert R.L.A. - Harrington Planning + Design

Amy E. Schuchert, R.L.A., A.S.L.A.
Project Landscape Architect, Harrington Planning + Design
B.L.A., Landscape Architecture, Kansas State University,
Professional Registration
Registered Landscape Architect, Utah #5979920-5301
Registered Landscape Architect, Arizona #40443
Professional Associations
ASLA Member, American Society of Landscape Architects.
Amy has over 18 years experience in private and public
sector projects for transportation and infrastructure design,
recreation facilities, parks, and planning. She frequently
works with multidisciplinary teams. Her relevant experience
includes programming, grant writing, design, and
construction services for all types of construction delivery
Amy's skills include: Alternative Concept Development and
Site Phasing, Preliminary Design & Site Planning, Public
Involvement, Final Design (Grading, Hardscape Layout &
Detailing, Planting, Native Plant Inventory), Erosion Control
and Seeding, Construction Document Preparation, Project
Specifications and Cost Estimating, and Site Observation and
Construction Administration.
Representative projects
Projects listed below were completed while Amy was at
Logan Simpson Design Inc.
Cordes Junction Traffic I nterchange, Cordes Lakes,
Responsibilities: project manager and landscape architect
for the completion of inert materials, erosion control,
native plant re-vegetation, artist coordination, and bridge
aesthetics for the realigned segment of I-17 in the junction
with State Route 69. This CMAR project required frequent
coordination with the artist, contractor, and ADOT to
improve three bridges, add three bridges, add two
roundabouts, reconfigure most of the existing ADOT
maintenance facility, and realign more than one mile of I17. Amy collaborated with the artist to develop decorative
solutions and produced intricate construction details for the
bridge aesthetics, abutments, pier detailing, and retaining
walls fronting the private property and freeway. In
additions to the structural aesthetics she designed
roundabout land graphics based on motifs found in
decorations from Hohokam pottery.
SR 64 Tusayan Streetscape I m provem ents Town of
Tusayan, AZ
Responsibilities: project manager for thematic gateway
concepts, preparation and submission of two SAFETEA-LU
applications, public input and community involvement, and
construction document production for multi-modal and
aesthetic enhancements for over 1-mile of multi-modal
improvements through the community core. Features
included local transit stops; pedestrian seating areas/shade
structures; crosswalks; meandering sidewalks; wayfinding
signage; monument signs, landscape, and irrigation that
complimented the community’s business and residential
needs and the proximity of the community to the entry to
the South Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park.
Happy Valley Road (Lake P leasant P arkw ay to 67th
Avenue), Peoria, AZ
Amy was project manager and landscape architect for the
landscape and irrigation design of this 3.0-mile of
urban/rural segment of arterial streetscape. The design
included carry-through of the thematic design development
to integrate ideas from the Lake Pleasant Parkway Design
Theme Manual while retaining a separate design character
for the roadway. She managed landscape construction
documents including native plant inventory under a CMAR
delivery method for a streetscape that traverses prime
natural desert areas and developed urban locations within
the City.
Lake P leasant Parkw ay Them e Developm ent
Guidelines M anual , Peoria, AZ
Responsibilities: project manager and landscape architect
that authored the theme development guidelines for 11miles of scenic arterial median-scape (Beardsley Road to
Carefree Highway). Provided design development of
decorative wall structures, integrated art elements,
gateways, bridge aesthetics, streetscape iconography,
lighting, banners, bullnose paving, seating nodes, grading
concepts, landscape density criteria, and preliminary plant
list. She integrated these guidelines in the construction
document package for the first constructed segment
(Williams Road to Dynamite Boulevard).
US 93 W ickenburg I nterim Bypass P roject and
P edestrian P lazas, Wickenburg, AZ
Landscape architect responsible for the ideation,
interpretation, Enhancement Funds Application, Project
Assessment documents, and construction documentation
Amy Schuchert - resume
for two new pedestrian plazas, a gateway, and surrounding
open space associated with the existing Hassayampa River
Bridge and construction of a bypass bridge. Coordinated
with the engineers on the development of decorative light
pole blisters on the new bridge and collaborating with the
City staff on the theme for the plazas and a new gateway
to the historic downtown.
Chandler Heights Recharge Facility and Veterans
Oasis P ark, Chandler, AZ
Responsibilities: project landscape architect for the
development of a 113 acre regional park and wetlands
recharge project for the City of Chandler. Design and
production of construction documents for a CMAR delivery
method. She participated in several stakeholder concept
development meetings and public meetings. She also led
multidisciplinary ideation charettes. Final design included
streetscape frontage; an education and administration
center; an urban fishing lake; a police station; over 2-miles
of trails; multi-purpose ceremonial space; outdoor
amphitheater; multiple themed habitat gardens; passive
recreation areas; wildlife viewing blinds; and extensive
recharge basins with wetlands and habitat components,
including stream design and interactive play/education
2nd Avenue – M onroe to Fillm ore Cultural
I nterpretation P rogram and P edestrian
Enhancem ents , Phoenix, AZ
Amy led the development of initial contextual and
conceptual designs for the construction of pedestrian
improvements. Elements included concepts for sidewalk
layout, seating areas, aesthetic surface patterns and
treatment, and interpretive monuments of historical
features within the streetscape corridor. The interpretive
monuments included the development of a series of sign
monument/kiosk features reflecting the site’s context.
I ndian School Road, Drinkw ater to P ima Road ,
Scottsdale, AZ
Responsibilities: Project manager for the CMAR
coordination, theme development and ideation, final
landscape design and construction documentation, and
stakeholder input on the 1.5-mile section of Indian School
Road that was identified as the eastern gateway into the
downtown area for the City. In addition to CMAR
coordination she conducted several arts focus groups to
develop the identity and discuss possible design directions
for the art node and led the design review board submittal
process for the approval of the enhanced landscape and
streetscape aesthetics.
Southern P arkw ay Theme Developm ent W orkshop,
St. George, UT
Amy was project manager for the theme development
workshops for over 3-miles of future roadway planned to
connect the City of St. George to the proposed regional
airport relocation and surrounding communities to the
east. Amy led a 3-day workshop with City staff and project
engineers with representatives from UDOT and SITLA that
included several site visits and open format brainstorming
sessions to establish project goals and elicit a wealth of
potential themes. Workshop sessions progressively
organized and prioritized the ideas, hopes, and desires of
the participants. The final product was a document
containing notes, sketches, and photographs and an
executive summary for presentation to the City Council.
Goodyear Ballpark, Goodyear, AZ
Goodyear Ballpark, a 10,000 seat baseball stadium, hosting
spring training games for the Cleveland Indians & the
Cincinnati Reds and serve as the anchor for the Ballpark
Village mixed use development. Along pedestrian plazas
and ballfields Amy designed desert landscape breakout
areas and palm colonnade for the main entry.
Cleveland Indians Development Com plex, Goodyear,
Scottsdale Road DCR Thom pson Peak to P innacle
P eak , Scottsdale, AZ
Amy was the project manager for landscape portions of the
Design Concept Report for this two-mile-long portion of
Scottsdale Road north of Loop 101. This section of
roadway passes through undeveloped desert, existing
residential subdivisions, and mixed-use commercial core
development. She collaborated with the artists selected by
the Scottsdale Arts Council to prepare a landscape,
sidewalk, and multiuse trails layout and design concept.
Produced extensive design concept report documents and
participated in an aesthetic concept workshop with City,
artist, and stakeholders.
Amy served as project manager for 60+ acre spring
training facility for the Cleveland Indians. Development of
the site included six baseball fields, two infields, an agility
field, batting cages, gang pitching mounds, and a
clubhouse facility. She led the design of the site landscape
and irrigation including creating several park-like areas for
spectators which included shade trees and turf open
spaces. She work closely with Populous’s architects and
ABACUS's project management team on the Design Build
project to select of plant material that focused views of
the clubhouse and enhance entries and plazas around the
Amy Schuchert - resume