About Us

About Us
R.D.K. Printing Pvt. Ltd. has been servicing Textile Industry from 2013. We deal in
printing on all types of woven & knits Fabrics. RDK Printing Pvt. Ltd. has great
commitment to quality. RDK Printing Pvt. Ltd. products are rationally priced for the
Quality offered and objective is to provide value to the Customer.
We specialize in Digital printing on Fabrics and having vast experience in Digital
printing on Cotton, Polyester, Viscose & Silk fabrics. We offer digital printing on both
synthetic and natural fabrics. We are specializing in high-quality polyester and cotton
digital printing. At R.D.K. Printing Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, INDIA, we are passionate about
digital printing textiles and having year of combined experience in fabric printing and
dyeing. We provide best quality digital printing on fabric. We use the most environmentally
friendly digital print processes in the textile industry.
We have always delivered excellent quality of digital printed fabrics to our client and
that is why client have been ordering from us continuously. We always make sure that our
end product satisfies and surpasses customer’s expectation and needs.
Our Digital printing expertise
Digital printing on Polyester Fabric, Cotton Woven fabric, Cotton Knitts fabric,
100%Viscose Fabric, 100% SIlk,Cotton Silk Bleded fabric, on 100% Linen Fabric, Cotton
Linen Blended fabric, Silk Linen fabric. R.D.K. Printing Pvt. Ltd. can also prepare and
print your own supplied fabrics as digital printing job work outsourcing.
Why digital printing on fabrics
No limit on colors, no limit on pattern repeat length or design, full photographic quality
print and no minimum run are some of the key benefits afforded to the designer through
digital textile printing. Digital textile printing checks away with the large set up costs
incurred by screen printing and its speed allow the designer to order what is needed
without holding stock.
Advantages of Digital Printing
Digital Textile printing has various advantages over traditional printing.
Digital printing technology is capable of converting any graphic print on fabric. Digital
printing can create both photographic & tonal graphics with multiple shades and color
options on fabric. Digital printing does not have limitation on number of colors. Digital
printing does not have limitation on repeat size where the repeat can be as big as we want
This process is extremely fast, where everything that is required in print can be prepared
on computer. Digital printing does not need for minimum order quantity as it takes same
effort to print on one piece or thousands of pieces
Why Us
The R.D.K Printing Pvt. Ltd. firmly believes "The customer is the most important person
on our premises " . Keeping this as our motto we strive to ensure that our customers go
through the least required pains for sourcing their products by offering the following ::
� Quality sourcing - Our design team is constantly on the watch for new products in
trade fairs and at premium suppliers so that our customers have an edge above their
competitors in being first in the market with the product.
� The price factor - We believe in the formula reasonable turnover + Small margins =
reasonable profits which do not bite our customers pockets . moreover being in the
field for a considerable amount of time and having special relationships with units gets
us special prices.
� Loyalty - We believe in longterm business and also that loyalty is an important
ingredient in achieving this goal so we try to achieve this by providing our customers
with exclusivity on many products , reducing our margins on competitive items ,
providing buying information in advance which not all customers are privy to and so
� Customer service - Our team is hammered with the importance of how follow up can
make or break a deal and as such once you confirm an order with us well at the cost
of being presumptuous , you can experience true customer service. Our team will
grind the stones for you, rather than you calling us umpteen times.
� Quality control - We believe in the saying "Prevention is better than cure" although in
textiles there is no such thing as a 100% guarantee , we try to take extreme
precautions in choosing our factories and also during quality control inspections so
that there are no surprises when you receive your ordered goods rather than haggling
for claims after you receive improper goods.
Quality Objective
To provide customers with high quality, durable products with efficient service, To
upgrade the quality of products every three months by enhancing skills and technical
expertise through continuous innovation and R & D, To manufacture and deliver products
as per customer ’ s requirement on time, every time, To set the highest standards of
customer service.
Our quality systems aim to ensure our products perform the way they are demanded to
and meet all regulatory requirements
Our Goal
Our goal is not to get as many customers as possible but once we get a
customer or customers to keep them long term and keep them satisfied.
Highlights of Our Regular Printing Products
100% Cotton
100% Viscose
100% Modal
100% Viscose
100% Silk
Cotton Silk
100% Linen
Cotton Linen
Machineries Equipped
� Mimaki Qualijet JV5 Law/Mechanical (Reactive Printing) - 4 Nos
per day output)
� Mimaki JV4 - 1 Nos
� Epson 9700 series Printer (Sublimation Printing) - 2 Nos
Contact Us
Mailing Address
R.D.K Printing Pvt. Ltd (R.K.Creations )
Shop No.12/13, Agaya Estate,
Near Hiren Textile,
Opp: Payal Hotel,
Western Highway Road,
Dahisar (East), Mumbai 400 068
Ph: 022-65599198
Contact Persons:
Mr.Ranganath Gowda - +91 9886669966 (Bangalore office)
Mr.Benudar Swain (Tarun)- +91 9920109809 (Mumbai)
Mr.Ratnakar Swain - +91 814958 5354 (Mumbai)
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