Goddard School Research Incentive Program (RIP)

Goddard School Research Incentive Program (RIP)
Revised and Implemented September 19, 2014
Program, Eligibility and Requirements
The Research Incentive Program (RIP) rewards full-time, non-visiting Goddard School faculty members for
publishing peer-reviewed scholarship. Faculty may earn up to $6000 per fiscal year from RIP awards. Scholarly
outlets that qualify for RIP awards are typically peer-reviewed journals, but faculty may request that other
publications be considered. Peer-review may be conducted by either referees or editors. Eligible publications
in a given fiscal year include publications in the window from the preceding calendar year through the end of
the current fiscal year. Publications need not have appeared in print if the journal editor has provided a letter
stating that the article has been accepted for publication without conditions.
Each publication is eligible for up to three phases of RIP awards—submission, acceptance and quality premium.
All qualifying publications are eligible for submission and acceptance.
At any given point in time, a faculty member may have received a maximum of $4000 in submission for articles
that have not been accepted for publication.
Publications in Safe Harbor List (SHL) journals automatically qualify for the quality premium. The SHL appears
in a document on the Goddard School Faculty Resources website. Faculty may request that other publications
be awarded the quality premium; in such cases, the faculty member must make that case that the publication
is of a quality analogous to articles appearing in Safe Harbor List journals. Faculty are encouraged to contact
the Office of the Dean before submission to such journals for a ruling on whether the publication will qualify
for the premium phase (see below for information that the faculty member should provide to the Office of the
Process for Requesting Your RIP Award
It is the responsibility of the faculty member to request his or her RIP Award. The application process varies
depending on whether the publication being submitted appears in a Safe Harbor List journal.
Process for Safe Harbor List Publications
The faculty member must submit the following in either double-sided hard copy or electronic copy to Mary
Ann Boles in the Office of the Dean:
Complete copy of the article
Copy of the journal editor’s letter accepting the article for publication (acceptance phase only)
Statement from the faculty member that the journal appears on the SHL
Identification of which phase(s) of RIP are requested to be paid
If the paper includes other Goddard School co-authors, a statement of how the RIP award is to be
distributed among those co-authors (maximum RIP payment for any given article is $6000)
Process for Publications Not in Safe Harbor List Publications
All items required for SHL publications (see bullet list above), PLUS
Statement from the faculty member that the journal does not appear on the SHL
Statement of the journal’s peer review policy
Evidence (e.g., substantive referee comments) that the publication has undergone a rigorous peer
If the premium phase payment is being requested, evidence (e.g., third party rankings) that the
publication is of quality analogous to SHL outlets. Journals that are awarded the premium phase will
automatically be added to the SHL by the dean.
Award Process
Once the Office of the Dean has received all required information for the RIP request, the Dean or the Dean’s
designee will review the request. The review will normally occur within one week. The Dean or Designee will
then notify the faculty member, with a copy to the department chair and the department’s administrative
professional, whether an award is to be made and, if so, in what amount. If an award is made, the
department’s administrative professional will be directed in the communication to process the award
(normally through an e-Par). The payment will appear in the faculty member’s next available paycheck.