Symphony 3.5 is the all-in-one PDF workflow that allows prepress operators to handle complex digital
files and to meet today’s demanding production needs. It features the Adobe® PDF Print Engine and Adobe
PostScript™ 3 interpreter, and drives platesetters, imagesetters, digital color presses, laser printers, inkjet
printers and plotters. All from a single state-of-the art RIP.
Symphony 3.5 increases prepress production and reduces human error by
performing the more time consuming, error prone tasks for you. Symphony
can apply the correct resolution, linescreen, screening type, trapping, printer’s
marks, color bars, plate template, imposition, color profile, linearization, and
dot gain curves, automatically. Now your file setup is done in minutes.
Windows 7 Support: We have jumped forward to
the latest operating systems from Microsoft®, while
still supporting our existing customers with
Windows® XP and 2000. Both 32 and 64 bit versions of Window 7 and Vista are now supported.
StripRITE™ Raster Imposition: Now it’s easy to
generate spreads for books, step and repeat business cards, and perform other sophisticated imposition tasks. Create custom imposition templates
that best suit your production needs. Save and
edit them on the fly. The new “Dutch Cut” feature
allows you to impose pages of different sizes and
orientations on a single press sheet.
Black Control: The ability to control black
overprint, preserve black between colorspace
conversions or reduce a rich black to a pure black
are now available.
Color Mapping: Automatically combines spot
colors with the same number to eliminate wasted
media and production time.
Prioritizing Color Order: Does your workflow
require a specific color order? Do you always want
Black to print first? Now you can prioritize colors on
a job-by-job basis.
Gamma Curves: Need to quickly lighten or darken
a file? Easy to use gamma curves can quickly
correct the issue.
Freeform Ganging: Freeform ganging allows the user to add individual
pages to a “gang sheet” using a drag & drop interface – it does not require
prior planning as in StripRITE. It allows the placement of multiple, differentsized pages on a press or proof sheet, as well as step different separations of
one or more jobs across the film or plate. Sheets which have been ganged in
this feature can be imposed in StripRITE, and jobs which have been imposed,
can be ganged as well.
Adobe® In-RIP Trapping with TrapZone: Why waste time trapping files in
front end applications? Now you can execute complex traps automatically,
directly from the Symphony RIP. TrapZone™ lets you select and apply separate trap settings for different parts of a page.
PMS 431
Color-Managed Monitor Previews: Symphony’s Monitor
Preview and View Raster features now use ICC Profiles to better
simulate the appearance of overprinting spot and process colors.
Now you can see subtle on-screen differences between black
and rich black, traps, overprints and spot colors which overprint
halftone dots. Seeing is believing.
The PANTONE® Coated, Uncoated, Matte color libraries,
and the Goe™ Coated library are included in Symphony’s spot color database. Color rendering for all
PANTONE colors is substantially improved in Monitor
Previews, Raster Previews and KoolKolor Inkjet proofs.
KoolKolor™ Inkjet Proofing: Create vibrant, color accurate
proofs from a variety of inkjet printers and plotters. The Simplified color management controls make it easier to choose the
correct settings and profiles for specific printers, plotters and
media. These changes also allow you to print spot colors with
substantially improved color accuracy.
Advanced Proofing: Print and combine any combination of colors in multi-color jobs for customer approvals or press proofs.
KoolToning™ Halftone Simulator:
Get inkjet proofs with the actual halftone dots and screen angles you have
specified for your job.
RasterView: Examine rasterized files at
the full resolution of your output device. Check separations, traps, halftone
screens, tint values and screen angles.
Also includes ink usage calculator,
CIP 3 support, screen angle and density
check tools.
ExportProof: Save raster files as
PDFs, TIFFs and JPEGs to preview at
workstations or E-mail to customers.
Symphony 3.5 Core Specifications
Workstation Standard Hardware
- Intel Core 2 Duo
- 160 GB hard drive, 1+ GB RAM
-Windows® 7 Professional
- Integrated video, audio, 10/100/1000 Ethernet
- PCI Platesetter Interface card & cable, in needed
- 17” LCD monitor, mouse, and keyboard
Symphony’s multi-device control allows you to drive a wide
variety of output devices including platesetters, imagesetters, laser
printers, digital color presses, inkjet printers and plotters, from a single
RIP workstation. This centralized control helps to maintain file integrity
and image quality from preview, to proof, to plate.
- Queues appear as printers in Mac OS and Windows
- Works with Windows® 98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win7
- Hot Folders feature for Windows and
Mac OS X workstations
- LPR support
- AppleTalk Support
Standard Features
-Adobe® PDF Print Engine (APPE) and Adobe®
PostScript® 3™ support
- Monitor Preview, Trap Preview, and Preflight
- Supports monochrome, process color and
spot color files
-PANTONE® MATCHING SYSTEM solid coated, solid
uncoated, solid matte, and PANTONE Goe coated
color libraries support
- Advanced Proofing tools: Change spot colors
on the printed proof; print any combination of job
colors; reduce ink on any or all colors
-Agfa® Balanced Screening
- Adobe Accurate Screens
- Imagesetter linearization and press dot gain
compensation wizards
- Accepts PostScript, EPS, TIFF and PDF files
- Custom Plate Templates
- Page information, crop marks, targets, and
color control bars
- Custom Job Queuing (ticketing) with drag
and drop feature
- PDF support (CPSI, APPE), outputs PDF proof files
- RasterView™ full resolution preview with Ink
Usage Calculator, CIP3 support, Screen Angle and
Density Check Tool
Optional Features
-Adobe® In-Rip Trapping with TrapZone
- StripRITE™ Raster Imposition
- Freeform Ganging
- KoolKolor™ Inkjet Proofing System
- KoolToning™ Inkjet Halftone Simulation
for inkjet proofs
- AdvancedScan™ Scan to Plate
- PerfectBLEND™ transitional screening technology
- TIFF-out and PS-out drivers
- Symphony Remote, remote workstation RIP control
- LinScan, scanner-based platesetter calibration
- Export proof, save, preview and e-mail raster files
directly from Symphony
- ImagerQ Concerto, Imaging Client/Server
©2012 XANTÉ Corporation. All rights reserved. Xanté, Symphony,
OpenRIP, SpeedSetter, KOOLKolor Proofing, KoolToning, StripRITE, AdvancedScan, PerfectBLEND, RasterView, TrapZone and ImagerQ Concerto
are trademarks of the XANTÉ Corporation. Adobe, Postscript 3, Accurate
Screens and Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) are registered trademarks
of Adobe Systems, Incorporated. All other trademarks or registered
trademarks are the property of their respective owners. All hardware
carries a limited warranty. Symphony software carries a 90 day warranty
with optional extended support contracts for both.
Two Engines are Better than One: Symphony includes
two powerful interpreter technologies to ensure you get
reliable image quality regardless of how you send files for
output. The Adobe PostScript 3 interpreter ensures compatibility with your existing
Windows, Mac, or Unix/Linux PostScript workflows. The Adobe PDF Print Engine
(APPE) produces the highest quality output for PDF files that include graphically
rich content such as transparency effects, spot or custom colors. Symphony 3.5
includes the Adobe PDF Print Engine, version 2.0, and CPSI version 3019.
Available Screening Technologies:
Adobe Accurate Screens, Agfa Balanced
Screening and PerfectBLEND™ transitional
screening. PerfectBLEND combines the benefits
of traditional AM screening and FM screening,
allowing you to hold linescreens up to 80%
higher than AM screening alone.
Linearization & Dot Gain Compensation:
Our Linearization and Dot Gain Compensation Wizards let you precisely calibrate your
imagesetter and “fingerprint” your press.
You can create and save profiles for each
press and common job scenarios, to maintain color and image quality. You can also
edit your saved Linearization and Dot Gain
curves for even more control.
Ink Usage Calculator and CIP3 Support: Symphony 3.5 can calculate ink usage
and settings for standard presses. Create CIP3 files for your press, to automate
press adjustment and maximize quality.
Symphony Remote: Control your final rasterized files on Symphony from Mac OS
X and Windows workstations. See a preview your rasterized files and send them to
specific output devices remotely. Symphony Remote also allows you to produce PDF,
TIFF and JPEG files to soft proof at workstations or email directly to customers.
AdvancedScan Scan-to-Plate: Do customers still bring you hard-copy originals?
AdvancedScan allows you to scan, edit and import paper based originals directly
into your digital workflow.
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