Bulletin 290614 - Our Lady of Lourdes Church

Our Lady of Lourdes – Parish Newsletter
Sunday 29th June 2014 – Sts Peter & Paul– Divine Office Week 1
Parish Team:
5 Berrymead Gardens, Acton, London W3 8AA
Fr John Leahy SSCC, Fr Fintan Crotty SSCC, Fr Bala Singh SSCC,
Fr Ultan Naughton SSCC, Rev Tito Pereira (Deacon)
Tel: 020 8992 2014
Fax: 020 8993 9940 email: [email protected]
Website: www.acton-olol.com
(Vigil Saturday 7.00pm) – Sundays – 9.00am, 10.30am, 12.00pm, 6.00pm
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday – 7.00am and 10.00 am
Wednesday, Friday, Saturday – 10.00am and 7.00pm
Saturday – 10.00am, 12.00pm and 7.00pm – Vigil
Saturday 10.30am, 12.30pm and 6.00pm
Acton Homeless Concern – Ian Breen (Manager)
Emmaus House 020 8992 5768 Damien Centre 020 8993 6096
Vigil Mass
7.00pm Una Muller (RIP), Sean Egan (RIP)
Sunday Masses
9.00am Kieran Sorohan (A/RIP), Francis Stroker (RIP)
10.30am Selwyn Williams (RIP), Lourenca Lobo (RIP)
12.00pm Richard Murphy (M.Md), Victorino Sajonia (M.Md)
6.00pm Pat & Marie Doorly & Family (Int)
Sunday 6th July, 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Vigil Mass
7.00pm: John Donnelly (A/RIP), Maureen O’Leary
(RIP. Months Mind Mass)
Sunday Masses
9.00am Margaret Roach & Deceased members of
D’Arcy family (A/RIP)
10.30am Holy Souls
12.00pm Gavin Bissett (RIP)
6.00pm Rita McKeown (RIP)
Monday 30th June Ordinary Time, week 13, Year II
7.00am Eileen Rocks (Int), Sr Paul (RIP)
10.00am Veronica & Tom Lenighan (Get Well),
Ned Hanrahan (A/RIP)
Please pray for those who have died recently:
Hughes Lett, Irvin Daep, Bridget Enright, Christopher
Moore, Mary Sanchez Charles, Neil Dougal, Paddy Gargan,
Mary Blake, Arthur Lewis, John Campbell
Tuesday 1st July, Dedication of the Cathedral
7.00am Siobhan Sweeney (ill), Tony Griffin (ill)
10.00am The Holy Souls, Emma Stewart (Get well)
We remember those sick in hospital, undergoing treatment or
convalescing, including:
Maureen Courtney, Teresa McNicholas, Joe Leydon,
Debbie Burrows, Kathleen McLaughlin, Margarita Maniar,
Millie Baron, Ron Waugh, Michael Tighe, Peter Waight,
Michael John Rafferty, William O’Driscoll, Alisha Savage,
Lela Fantel, Margaret O’Donnell, Bridie Morrison, Eileen
Broderick, Mrs. Mier, Elizabeth Adibe, Raida Alfonso,
Marie Leydon, Victor Chuckwuna, Nick Rees, Rose
McGovren, Eleanor Hewitt, Margaret Calnan, Jessica
Muyingo, Niamh Rafftery (aged 3 years), Mona Richards,
Siobhan Sweeney.
Sunday June 29th, St Peter and St Paul
Wednesday 2nd July, feria
10.00am Funeral Mass Mary Blake RIP
7.00pm: Jeyasee Lan, Jeyarajah, Jeyandran Joseph (RIP)
Thursday 3rd July, St Thomas, Apostle
7.00am Tom Brown (RIP), Roger Buckingham (Int.)
10.00am Mary Cahill (RIP), Siobhan Sweeney (Get Well)
Friday 4th July, feria
10.00am Funeral Mass John Campbell RIP
7.00pm Kat Mishler (Int.), Rodriguez Family (Int.)
Saturday 5th July, feria
10.00am Peggy Coskeran (RIP)
12.00pm Fr Francis Farrell (Int), 1st Communion
Children and Catechists
Please note that Friday 4th July is the First Friday and the
prayer group and All Night Vigil will take place from 7pm.
Peter and Paul
Saint Peter, original name Simon,
disciple of Jesus, recognized in the
early Christian church as the leader of
the disciples and by Catholics as the
first of its unbroken succession of
popes. Peter, a fisherman, was called to
be a disciple of Jesus at the beginning
of his ministry. He received from Jesus
the name Cephas ( rock or latin petra).
St. Paul, was the indefatigable Apostle
of the Gentiles and a great missionary.
Youth 2000
The second collection today is for Peter’s Pence. Please also
take an updated ‘growing in faith’ newsletter at the back of
the Church
25th Anniversary celebration, with adoration, workshop, live
worship, talks and much more from 21-25th August in
Walsingham Norfolk. [email protected], www.youth2000.org,
ph 02072212124.
Last weeks collection came to £1733.60 and standing orders
of £600.00. Thank you for your support.
Healing Service
In addition to the service in Acton Hill Church today, 29th
June at 3.45pm, Fr John Rae will have a healing service here
in Our Lady of Lourdes on Monday 30th June at 7pm.
Celebrate Twickenham
Takes place in Gumley House Convent School on 28th and 29th
June. The theme this year is: JESUS – THE HOPE OF ALL
THE WORLD (Matt 12:21). It’s a weekend full of praise and
worship, adoration and reconciliation. Last year this event was
full to capacity. Details on www.celebrateconference.org
Acton Homeless Concern
Growing in the Spirit
The Shamrock Club Acton is hosting an open day in aid of
Acton Homeless Concern on Saturday 19th July, 2014 from
midday onwards. We need your help in the following ways;
selling programmes, helping running stalls, or having your
own stall, selling your own products, donating prizes,
tombola, bric a brac, new or nearly new items, baking cakes,
or just offering your services for a few hours to help on the
day. Events of the day include live music, Irish dancing, line
dancing, BBQ, tug of war, various stalls, adult and
children’s sports, bouncy castle, slides, games, face painting,
and much more. For more information contact Nick Walsh
(020282483144 or 02961160771) or Jim Scully (02028992
1035). Programmes on sale after mass on July 6th and 13th.
A group for divorced or separated Catholics meet on the 1st and
3rd Thursday’s of the month from 8pm-10pm in the Dominic
Young Room, Ealing Abbey Parish office.
Eucharistic Ministers
There are a few people who are ill, housebound or in nursing
homes who would like to receive Holy Communion each
week. If any Eucharistic Minister can help us with this,
please contact Fr Fintan sscc.
The Mustard Seed
An opportunity to grow in faith in the power of the Holy Spirit
with lively praise and worship, teaching and prayer. More
information at [email protected]
Catholic Grandparents Assoc Pilgrimage
to Aylesford on 12 July 2014 starting at 11am. More
information at from 01328560333. Also National day in
Walsingham on 26th July with fun for all the family starting at
11am. More information from 01328560333
For further information on job vacancies within the Archdiocese
please check out http://rcdow.org.uk/diocese/jobs/
If admitted to hospital, please advise the staff that you are
Catholic and that you wish your details to be passed to the
Catholic Chaplain. With new data protection rules, without
clearly stating this, the Chaplain will not know you are in
Gumley House
Warmly invites girls currently in yr5 and their parents to
attend their Open Morning on Thursday 10th July from 912noon. Head teacher presentation in main hall at 10.40am.
More info at www.gumley.hounslow.sch.uk
Assisted Dying Bill
The Bill to legalise "assisted dying", meaning assisted
suicide, will be debated in the House of Lords on 18th July
2014. There will be a free vote. If passed, this Bill would
place vulnerable people at serious risk. Especially if you
have direct experience of caring for a dying person, either as
a family member or as a health or social care professional,
please write before 18th July to a Peer to tell them your
views. For more information, including details of how to
write to a Peer, please visit catholicchurch.org.uk/assisteddying-bill. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO WRIT BEFORE
Annual Pilgrimage to Walsingham
in reparation for sins against life and love starting 12 noon
on 12 July 2014. Contact 020-78345363
Sts Peter & Paul
Veneration of the two great Apostles,
Peter and Paul, has its roots in the very foundations of the
Church. They are the solid rock on which the Church is
built. They are at the origin of her faith and will forever
remain her protectors and her guides. Tradition tells us that
St. Peter suffered martyrdom under Nero, in A.D. 66 or 67.
He was buried on the hill of the Vatican where recent
excavations believe they have revealed his tomb on the very
site of the basilica of St. Peter's. St. Paul, known by his
Roman name Saul before his conversion, was beheaded on
the via Ostia on the spot where now stands the basilica
bearing his name. He is famous for his many missionary
journeys around the Mediterranean and was brought to
Rome because of his high distinction of being a Roman
Do you know why St Peter is depicted with ‘Crossed Keys’
and St Paul with a ‘sword’? Checkout your Bible for some
ideas - Matthew 16:18; Ephesians 6: 10-18. Also think about
how these great Apostles were killed/martyred?
From the outside, when you leave this Church today,
look above the main doorway and see do you notice
anything connecting this Church with today’s feast day
and with the Universal Catholic Church!!!