investment safeguards production at indonesian sugar mill

Compact and reliable hydraulic drive system
Investment safeguards
production at Indonesian
sugar mill
A state-owned conglomerate, PT Rajawali Nusantara Indonesia (RNI),
has placed an order for a hydraulic direct drive system with Bosch Rexroth based on four Hägglunds CBM motors. The system is intended to
safeguard production at the Krebet Baru 1 sugar mill on Java.
“The sugar mill season lasts six to seven
to release the sugar in a five-stage pro-
months each year. In that period our
cess, rather like a three-roll wringer. The
customers must be able to rely on produc-
conditions are demanding, involving shock
tion working around the clock – regardless
loads, high temperatures and flushing
of the supply rate and line speed,” says
with water several times a day to wash
Tomas Kallin, Industry Sector Manager for
away dust.
Tough application
Sugar presses operating continuously in demanding conditions
with shock loads, high temperaturs
and flushing.
Ingenious solution
A rugged and reliable solution in a
compact design offering a wide
range of operations.
Sugar at Bosch Rexroth.
Reliability a key priority
RNI has more than 7,000 employees,
Agricultural production is weather-depen-
around 20 affiliates and subsidiaries, and
dent and if the plantations are wet Krebet
18 production units, 10 of which are sugar
Baru does not get any raw material. The
mills. The Krebet Baru 1 mill is located in
sugar cane cannot be stored either since it
Malang, the second largest city in eastern
spoils within 24 to 36 hours of harvesting.
Java, which is enjoying steady economic
To maintain continuous production the
speed of the mill is reduced so that it runs
The Krebet Baru 1 mill requires reliable
slower. The CBM will keep the torque
and versatile drives for its sugar presses,
ensuring a good extraction.
and has in the past had challenges with
“The Hägglunds direct drive system has a
failures of gearbox solutions. Inside the
wider range of operation with good results
mill the sugar cane is crushed and washed
compared to traditional drive” says Mr Hari
“The Hägglunds direct drive system
has a wider range of operation with
good results compare to traditional
drive” says Mr Hari Widodo Development / Technical manager PT.
PG. Rajawali 1
Widodo Development / Technical manager
system. The Hägglunds direct drive system
PT. PG. Rajawali 1
comprises four 3000 series Hägglunds
“The thousands of farmers who deliver the
CBM motors, torque arms, shaft adapters
raw material depend on the sugar mill to
and two Hägglunds Drive Units (with
be working on the day they bring their
SP500 pumps and 250 kW electric
harvest in,” says Tomas Kallin.
motors). The order also includes piping,
Continuous operation is also essential
Hägglunds control system, installation,
because the waste product, bagasse, is
tools and supervision of installation and
also then in turn burned to produce steam
commissioning. The drive system was
and generate electricity for the mill. Any
installed in April 2014.
�two Hägglunds DUe drive unit
stoppage in production means a delay in
„We feel very confident that we have cho-
� Spider control system
firing up the system again.
sen a great solution. We feel very assured
ff Piping
Solved with
�Hägglunds direct drive
systems including:
�four 3000 series Hägglunds
CBM motors , torque arms and
shaft adapters
also from the well working reference
Hägglunds drives opened the door
installations that we have seen, says Mr Ali
Hägglunds has been supplying products
Ansori, Milling Manager at PT Rajawali.
to the sugar sector for almost 30 years and
installed system, with local access to
service personnel.
offers the right capacity for this type of
Small but powerful
„The cooperation with Bosch Rexroth has
application. RNI already had good experi-
Bosch Rexroth’s Sector Manager sums up
worked very well. I‘m happy and pleased
ence with Hägglunds MB motors and was
the benefits of the system as follows:
that the service from Bosch Rexroth is so
therefore interested in their successor,
“The compact CBM motors save space
good.“ says Mr Ali Ansori.
Hägglunds CBM motors, which are at least
and create a system that can easily be
as powerful but also considerably smaller,
reconfigured to suit capacity requirements
“We naturally see big potential in being a
lighter and have an even longer life time.
without needing to halt production. The
long-term partner to the customer, espe-
The local Bosch Rexroth sales representa-
drives put less stress on shafts and bea-
cially since we can also offer service and
tives, Lai Keng Onn (Regional Center of
rings during shock loading. Thanks to their
support on Java. Krebet Baru is only an
Competence for Southeast Asia) and The
high torque the motors are also able to
hour’s flight away. Our personnel speak
Swi Swi (Sales & Project Manager, Indone-
squeeze more sugar out of the cane and
the same language as the customer and
sia), had also previously worked at Hägg-
continue driving hard even if someone
have completed an extensive training
lunds Drives sales office in the region and
feeds so much cane into the line that it
program on Hägglunds’ products and
were familiar faces for the customer.
slows down to almost a standstill. If that’s
receive regular additional training.”
As a result Bosch Rexroth was added to
not enough, the drive can also be reversed
“This means we can meet our customer’s
RNI’s approved supplier list and given the
so that the trapped material can be remo-
requirement to be ready when the busy
opportunity to tender for contracts. A deal
harvest season starts up again,” conclu-
was signed in June, and Bosch Rexroth
Another feature the customer sees as a
des Tomas Kallin.
Indonesia now has its first order from RNI.
benefit is having a supplier who takes total
The order is an Independent Roll Drive
responsibility for a complete and fully