Targeted Support – RQT Leadership Talent Management

Targeted Support – RQT Leadership Talent Management Programme
Emerging Leaders Programme for Recently Qualified Teacher
This programme is aimed at teachers post NQT in their first 2-4 years of teaching who have either just been appointed
to their first leadership role or who have been talent spotted as someone with potential.
As the programme is focused on leadership rather than subject content, the programme will be
appropriate for the following colleagues:
Teachers with the potential to become middle leaders
Teachers who have a small or focused leadership responsibility.
The core objectives of the Emerging Leaders Programme would be:
To create a talent pool of young leaders from Early Years to Secondary who will understand the
leadership challenges in early years, primary and secondary phases and be able to lead the 0-19
agenda of the future, with a particular focus on understanding the need to close the gap,
building on their knowledge of what has been successfully done before so that the approach to
disadvantaged students is pro-active and not reactive.
To create a talent pool of leaders from all phases from whom our respective TS alliances would be
able to recruit;
To work towards creating a pool of leaders who start to work across phases through joint
appointments or secondments;
To create a supply of emerging leaders for the NPQML and NPQSL licensed provision
To create a supply of SLEs who have an understanding of the 0-19 agenda
To develop a cadre of leaders who know what outstanding learning looks like in their respective
settings and who are expert practitioners for disadvantaged students;
To build on the work of the Boolian Maths Hub (CLF and Ashley Down Federation) by retaining
Maths specialists and developing them into the numeracy and maths leads of the future.
There is no charge for this
Participants will be asked to write a letter
outlining why they should be selected for the
Emerging Leaders Programme and this will be
endorsed by a head teacher’s reference. Priority
will be given to shortage subjects and schools in
challenging circumstances.
Our maximum number is 20 per cohort.
For more information or to sign up
contact Nicola Cleave 0117 9763000 ext 1118
Email: [email protected]
PTO for more information
Session 1 What type of Leader do I want to be and how do I become this person?
Session 2 Linking Data to High Performance
Session 3 Managing & Developing Other People in your team
Session 4 Assuring Quality in your role
Session 5 Supporting the teaching and learning agenda in classrooms
Session 6 Learning and Teaching Projects
This stage will involve more detailed feedback being sought from Heads and delegates in focus groups that are
constructed around areas of common interest. We will use the skills of our partners at UWE to research and produce
case studies that outline the impact of the programme teachers within it. We will use the final celebration event to
share effective practice and to gather evidence of the impact of the training on student outcomes and OFSTED