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American Legion Post 162
8210 Legion Drive
Lorton, VA 22079
( 703) 690-1107
Inside this issue:
Commander’s Corner
1st Vice Report
2nd Vice Report
3rd Vice Report
Auxiliary Unit Report
Squadron 162 Report
ALR 162 Report
GM Report
Chaplain’s Report
Thoughts of the Month
Veterans Day Ceremony
December 2014
The Commander’s Corner
It’s that time of year again.
December has come and with it
all the joys of the holiday season and spending time with
family and friends, making
new memories to cherish. Right now, many of us
are looking forward to exchanging gifts and
ringing in the New Year with loved ones.
As you spread the season’s greetings, I encourage you to take a moment to recognize our
military troops who cannot be with their families
at this joyous time of year. Perhaps you know
of someone like them who cannot make it for
the holidays or someone who is less fortunate
and struggling during this time of economic uncertainty. I encourage you to reach out and
support our Veterans, their families and the
community during this holiday season; invite
them to our Post Home and share in what our
Legion Family has to offer. The gift of giving is
certainly in the air!
Did you know that there are benefits of American Legion membership? These benefits include:
December 2014 Events
December 6: Joint Kids Christmas
Party at the Moose from 1-3pm
December 13: Riders Lay Wreaths at
Arlington Cemetery at 8am
December 20: Post Christmas Party
from7pm to 12am
December 22: Ham Give-away from
December 31: New Year’s Eve Party
from 9pm to 1am
Volume 3, Issue 6
money-saving discounts for you and your family; a monthly magazine featuring in-depth
analysis, historical stories, and news about
Veteran issues; a voice on Capitol Hill; and
assistance with VA benefits, to include preparing claims and obtaining full military healthcare benefits. So, if you have not renewed
your membership for 2015 I encourage you to
do so before the end of the year. The American Legion has so much to offer! I look forward to seeing you next year as a member of
our Legion Family!
There will be no Executive Committee or General Membership meeting held this month. We
will resume our normal meeting times in January.
Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season
and a New Year of Health and Happiness!
For God and Country,
Patty Veld
Post 162 Commander
Hiring Our Heroes Virtual Job Scout
By Andrea C. Dickerson
Modern advances in technology, which allow content streaming and put the world at our
fingertips, are benefiting transitioning and unemployed veterans and spouses across the nation through the Hiring Our Heroes Virtual Job
Scout, a free online platform that includes all
the resources and opportunities of a live Hiring
Our Heroes job fair.
Sponsored by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Steven & Alexandra Cohen
Foundation, the Virtual Job Scout puts all the
benefits and resources of a Hiring Our Heroes
career fair in a virtual format, available to
military-community jobseekers and recruiting
Since its inception in August, more than 500
employers and 5,500 veterans and military
spouses have signed up to use the site. While
on the site, applicants can create personal,
professional profiles and showcase their skills
all while accessing job postings and interacting
with recruiters.
Hiring Our Heroes hosts a Virtual Job Scout
job fair monthly, allowing new and current site
users to interact in live chats with recruiters. For
more information, please visit:
Expressions Post 162
Page 2
First Vice Commander’s Report
It has been a
busy month for
me: 155 letters sent; a
new 141 database created; and at least
two dozen transfer requests or
inquiries processed. It seems
that there is no end in sight! I
have been spending the majority of my time trying to
work our 141 list and the
“Project Stay Alive” referrals.
You may ask, what is 141 list
or Project Stay alive? Well
here are the answers, or as
close as I can get to answers
The Department of Virginia
maintains the unaffiliated
members at Post 141 at the
State Headquarters in Richmond. These unaffiliated
members are processed by the
Legion National headquarters
and then distributed to Department Headquarters.
The American Legion Department of Virginia sorts all incoming 141 members by zip
code and these printouts are
sent to the nearest American
Legion Post. In our case, the
zip codes are 22308, 22309,
and 22079. These zip codes
are for areas like Engelside,
Mt Vernon, Lorton Valley
and Lorton.
I take the information given
and send each member a
letter describing our Post and
some of the events that happen throughout the year and
I ask that the member consider transferring to our Post.
Through the “magic” of mail
merging, I created over 155
letters, signed each one and
our General Manager Ann
Kuntz took care of the rest.
(Thanks Ann for your welcome assistance.)
It is hoped that out of this
mass mailing, several of
these Post 141 Legion members will transfer their membership to our Post. This is
just the first phase, the next
phase is “cold calling” those
141 members whose phone
numbers we have
(approximately 60-70) and
follow-up with them.
Project Stay Alive consists of
members who have moved
from another state to our
area and are looking for a
new Post home. With the dozen or so transfer requests from
Project Stay Alive and some of
those members at Post 141
wanting to transfer, I have
hope that we will be able to
exceed our year end goal.
As some of you are aware, our
Acting Adjutant Alan Amos’
arm is still in a sling which
makes it difficult for him to
process membership renewals
and transfers. So I am looking
for anyone who is willing to
help Alan with the membership
processing. It is a tedious but
worthwhile job that needs to
be done. As of now we have
made 64% of our goal, and
we need to be at 75% of goal
by Dec 5th. Please renew
your membership if you have
not done so. Membership is
the life blood of Post 162.
Merry Christmas to all and to
our warfighters still doing a
job away from home.
2014-2015 Post Officers
Patty Veld
Vic Graulau
2nd Vice
Sam Ramseur
3rd Vice
Rick Weinard
Finance Officer
Alan Amos
Ken Packwood
Service Officer
Kurt Petersen
David Wallace
Judge Advocate Mike Fletcher
George Frank
Past Commander Marv Rodney
Legionnaire of the Year
Wayne Knight
Board of Directors: Alan Amos,
Bernie Duncan, Mike Fletcher,
George Frank, Kurt Petersen, Sam
Ramseur, Patty Veld, Chuck Voccio
For God and Country,
Victor I Graulau
1st Vice Commander
2015 Membership and Renewal Information
January 1st is right around the corner and once that occurs, your 2014 card will be invalid. Please renew today!
The respective Legion Family Membership Chair, contact information and cost of dues are:
Vic Graulau
Auxiliary: Jen Donohue
[email protected] $35.00
[email protected]
$25.00 (Seniors) $10.00 (Juniors)
Dave Wallace [email protected] $35.00 (Seniors) $10.00 (Juniors and Dual)
Jen Donahue
[email protected]
As always, you can leave your renewal information in an envelope at the bar. Please ensure that you put your name and (Legion
Family entity) Membership Renewal on the front of the envelope. Your 2015 card will be mailed to you shortly after.
Volume 3, Issue 6
Page 3
Second Vice Commander’s Report
fellow Legionnaires, as
these next several months will
be very busy for us. Some of
you will be traveling during
the holidays seeing family
and friends and I just want to
take this time to wish you and
yours a very happy and safe
holiday season.
The General Manager and I,
along with input from our
ABC Managers, are constantly reviewing ways to identify
and promote new programs
for the membership. In addition to our established weekly lunch specials (thanks Jen
Donohue, Mike Bache, and
Vickie Pickering) and our
third Thursday of the month
steak night, we have also
tested food service on two
other nights. The initial response was very good and it
is something we will build on.
Many thanks to Ann Kuntz
and Cindy Maslinski who
took the lead on this new
endeavor and made it a success. Just keep checking our
website and our Facebook
page for the dates and times
of these and other events.
The support and participation
for the football tailgates this
season has been outstanding.
In addition to the regular
sponsors, the Sons, Riders,
Auxiliary, and the Legion
Ladies, I would like to thank a
special group that without
fanfare is always there behind the scene ensuring our
members have a great time.
You know who they are, but
saying thank you doesn't hurt.
First of all the Redskin faithful
Betty O' Connor, Vicki Pickering, Susan Wroth, the Minnesota flash Doreen Strawsburg, and Patty (yes I got
game!) Veld. A very special
thanks to Larry and Susan
Snyder for their sponsorship
for one of our tailgates. The
food was outstanding. And
last but in no way least “you”
our Legion family - thank you
for your support.
pant in our Post activities and
In closing I ask that you keep
our sick and shut-in members
and all of our service members in your prayers.
For God and Country,
Sam Ramseur
Second Vice Commander
Remember that membership
is our life blood and we need
not only for you to renew but
to become an active partici-
Third Vice Commander’s Report
Post 162: It's
been a busy
month of
repairs and
maintenance for our Post.
A huge thank you to Mike
Fletcher and Cox cable for
bringing in their bucket truck
to help restring our flag pole.
Another thanks to Ann Kuntz
for calling in personnel to
work on our current plumbing
problems and walk-in cooler
issues. The final thank you
for this month goes to Mr.
Bowser for his continued
work cleaning up our back
yard area. Your support is
greatly appreciated.
As the cold weather arrives my focus will turn to
inside repairs and improvements. Should anyone see a
need for repairs, please
contact our General Manager, Ann Kuntz, or email me
directly at:
[email protected]
For God and Country,
Rick Weinard
3rd Vice Commander
If you have any suggestions
please email me or leave a
note with one of our bartenders!
Volunteering is the
ultimate exercise in
democracy. You vote
in elections once a
year, but when you
volunteer, you vote
every day about the
kind of community
you want to live in.
~Author Unknown
Expressions Post 162
Page 4
Auxiliary Unit 162 Report
During the
month of November we
had the great
pleasure of the
Veterans from the “Old Soldiers Home” coming in to
spend the day with us – this
is such a special event. The
ladies who helped and attended and, more importantly, made this happen are the
right hand of the Auxiliary.
Deb Mohaupt - thank you
for your dedication and hard
work in making sure it all
happened without a hitch!
You run a tight shift but
working with you is such a
pleasure! We had 42 Vets
and staff attend and the
Auxiliary was able to send
them home with a gift bag.
Deb you rocked! Thanks
also to Vic Graulau for the
So now, upcoming
events…we will share the
Children’s Christmas Party
with Moose Lodge 583 on
Dec 6th from 1:00 – 3:00
p.m. at the Moose Lodge.
Please sign up your “special
one” with name and age so
Santa can bring them a gift.
The Legion will have the
adult “kids” (yeah that’s the
rest of us) party on Dec
20th from 6:00 to 10:00
p.m. You need to show up
because this is a blast! There
is a signup sheet behind the
bar and we should all bring a
dish. At this party, please
also bring canned food and a
patriotic ornament for our
Post family tree. We will
decorate the tree and pass on
the canned foods to our
2014-2015 Auxiliary Officers
Jen Donohue
1st Vice
Deb Mohaupt
2nd Vice
Gloria Bannister
Karen Donais
Karen Donais
Fran Ricker
Jen Donohue
Amy Bowser
President, Unit 162
Karen Donais
Have a safe and healthy holiday. Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year!
Until next month,
For God and Country,
Squadron 162 Report
2014-2015 S.A.L. Officers
John Windsor
1st Vice
Dave Wallace
2nd Vice
Marv Rodney
3rd Vice
Dave Albert
John Yaksima
Victor Graulau
Finance Officer Bill Strawsburg
Judge Advocate Steve Levinson
Victor Graulau
November was a busy
month and December promises to be more of the same
with the holiday season rapidly approaching. During our
November meeting, we approved a $100.00 donation
to the Carville Star program
for the 40&8 Societe. This
program supports finding a
cure of Hansen’s disease
(formerly known as leprosy)
through development of medication drugs which will cure
the disease at the Hansen’s
Research Laboratory in Carville, Louisana. Also, during
November, Squadron 1st Vice
Dave Wallace and Adjutant
Vic Graulau supported the
Auxiliary Unit 162’s hosting of
the luncheon for our Veterans
from the D.C. Old Soldier’s
Retirement Home on Nov 19th
– always a great event!
We postponed our
“Early Bird” drawing and
will hold two drawings at
our Dec 17th monthly meeting. Each winner will receive
a $50.00 gas credit card.
Squadron Commander John
Windsor, 2nd Vice Dave
Albert, and Adjutant/
Chaplain Vic Graulau will
meet and formulate our input to the Post annual Christmas Party scheduled to be
held on Saturday, Dec 20th.
Our membership drive
continues to proceed at a
slower clip than desired;
however, we are making
progress. As of Nov 219th,
we have 47 current year
members with our Detach-
ment established target of
45% or 63 members by
Dec 3rd – so you can see,
we still need your help –
please renew now!
Squadron Chaplain Vic
Graulau mentioned that SAL
member Brian Mosser was
in Fairfax Hospital recovering from a stroke – please
keep him and his family in
your thoughts and prayers.
All of our Squadron
members wish you and
yours a Happy Holiday
Season and a Healthy and
Prosperous New Year!
For God and Country,
Marv Rodney
SAL 2nd Vice Commander
Volume 3, Issue 6
Page 5
ALR 162 Report
Attention American Legion Riders (ALR) - we ordered new long sleeve shirts!
If you would like to order
one, please find a Rider and
place your order. The shirts
are $20.00 each or $23.00
for 2X or larger – add another $3.00 if you would like
your name engraved on it.
We donated $250.00 to
“Wreaths Across America.”
We will meet at the Post to
go to Arlington Cemetery to
lay wreaths on fallen heroes’
graves at 8:00 a.m. on Dec
13th - anyone and everyone
is welcome to help.
Another project the Riders
are supporting this year is
the Fisher House. A separate email for their wish list
will be sent out by the Post
Historian. Please be generous with donations and have
them to the Post no later
than Dec 15th.
The dinners have been a big
success! Thank you to everyone who has come out to
support the ALR. We will
start back up in February or
March - check our upcoming
calendars for menus, dates
and times. Thanks for all
your support!!
Last month we approved
our revised ALR Constitution
and By-Laws at our monthly
meeting! While this was a
long process it was, nonetheless, a very important step
forward for our Rider’s
A special thanks to everyone
who came out and supported
our tailgate on Nov 30th.
The food was delicious!! All
proceeds went to the Fisher
Don’t forget the ALR meetings are the 2nd Wednesday
of every month. Wishing you
all a safe and happy holiday season.
2014-2015 ALR Officers
George Frank
Asst. Director Jason Hoffstot
Jen Donohue
Nora Cavanaugh
For God and County,
Chris Young
George Frank
Robert Lucas
ALR 162 Director
Road Captains Randy Hacker
Bill Kegelmeyer
General Manager’s Report
November was a very
busy month for us. We had
lunch specials on Mondays
and Fridays and will be doing the same in December so
come in and enjoy lunch with
us. We are trying to come
up with new ideas for dinner.
Cindy Maslinski made
stuffed pork chops that were
out of this world – we will
have them again soon. Our
annual “Turkey-Give Away”
and sloppy joe dinner made
for a very good night - a
special thanks to Cindy for
spearheading this event.
There were a lot of people
waiting to win a turkey for
Thanksgiving dinner. We
had our own Thanksgiving
dinner here in our social quarters on Thanksgiving Day and
everyone seemed to have a
good time.
We will have our “Ham
Give-Away” night on Dec
22nd - we will give one ham
away every 15 minutes from
7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Our annual
Christmas Party will be held
on Saturday, Dec 20th from
7:00 to12:00 p.m. You may
bring a dish if you like. Jeff
Magee will be playing tunes
and we will have some good
food so come in and join us.
Our Post hours will be 11:00
a.m. – 6:00 p. m. on Christmas
Eve with a special burger day
from 1:00 – 5:00 p.m. for
$3.50 a burger. Christmas
Day hours are 1:00 to 6:00
p.m. with dinner served at
3:00 p.m. We will have a
cooked ham so please bring
a dish and enjoy a great
holiday meal. We will have
our annual New Year’s Eve
Party with DJ Jeff spinning
the tunes. Enjoy the evening
with steak wraps and chips
for dinner and hats and
noise makers waiting for the
champagne for the midnight
toast - all for $20.00 a person.
Merry Christmas and Happy
New Year to All!
Ann Kuntz
Post General Manager
December Birthdays
Dec. 3rd:
Dec. 6th:
Dec. 9th:
Dec. 11th:
Dec. 16th:
Dec. 21st:
Dec. 26th:
Dec. 29th:
Dec. 31st:
Aaron Farley
Robbie DaCosta
Rick Weinard
Tom Brown
Jimmy Lamouroux
Mary Hager
Candy Mohaupt
Dave Tutterrow
Tim Shannon
Brandon Toy
Helen Shemit
Volume 3, Issue 6
Page 6
Chaplain’s Report
Imagine you
awoke in the middle of the
night to a spirit from Christmas
Past, where would you be and
what would you have done
different. We all have that
hindsight and would like to
change a few things; however,
the one thing you must remember is that God has a plan for
you. Whether you have completed your mission, working on
it or even haven’t gotten the
warning order, look at what
you can do and how you can
change someone else’s life this
Christmas, whether it be you
and your family working at a
food bank, ringing the bell for
the Salvation Army for an evening or even visiting a location to
brighten up just one child’s life.
Tis the Season of Giving. It is
not just about gifts that can be
unwrapped, it is about unwrapping yourself from the hustle
and bustle of the season and
showing your true gifts that our
Lord has given you to share
with the rest of the world.
Here is a little Christmas History
- In the Early Middle Ages,
Christmas Day was overshadowed by Epiphany, which in
western Christianity focused on
the visit of the magi. But the
medieval calendar was dominated by Christmas-related
holidays. The forty days before Christmas became the
“forty days of St. Martin” which
began on November 11, the
feast of St. Martin of Tours, now
known as Advent. In Italy,
former Saturnalian traditions
were attached to Advent.
Around the 12th century,
these traditions transferred
again to the Twelve Days of
Christmas (December 25 –
January 5); a time that appears in the liturgical calendars as Christmastide or
Twelve Holy Days.
I would ask that you keep
Helen and Chuck Voccio in
your prayers and please
pray for a fast recovery for
Helen Shemit and Ray Lockett. Please keep Pam Bowyers’ family in your prayers
due to her passing.
you a most joyous Christmas
and a blessed New Year.
For God and Country,
Ken Packwood
Post Chaplain
“ Every good gift and
every perfect gift is
from above, coming
down from the Father
of lights with whom
there is no variation or
shadow due to
change. “
- James 1:17
I wish each and every one of
Comrade Albert’s Thoughts of the Month
Leadership: The challenge of leadership is to be strong, but not rude; be kind, but not weak; be bold, but not a bully; be thoughtful,
but not lazy; be humble, but not timid; be proud, but not arrogant; have humor, but without folly.
Friendship: A friend is one who knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still
gently allows you to grow.
Perseverance: The brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls are not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to
give us a chance to show how badly we want something.
Performance: The highest levels of performance come to people who are centered, intuitive, creative, and reflective - people who
know how to see a problem as an opportunity.
The test of success is not what you do when you are on top - success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.
Expressions Post 162
Page 7
Veterans Day Ceremony Held at the Post
By David F. Wallace
On the “eleventh hour, of the
eleventh day, of the eleventh
month,” a Veterans Day Ceremony was held at Lorton Post
Chaplain Ken Packwood
provided the opening prayer,
and during his solemn words
asked for “patience in planning
with our fellow men and women
a world in which nations may
resolve their differences by
peaceful means.”
Commander Veld proceeded
with this time-honored ceremony
at the post home which had approximately thirty Legion Family
members present and led them
in The Pledge of Allegiance,
followed by the POW/MIA Observance.
Her speech started by saying, “Seventy years ago, President Roosevelt signed what
many historians consider the
greatest social legislation ever
passed by the U.S. Congress.
As popular as the GI Bill remains today, it took the horrific
cost and bloodshed of World
War II to remind many Americans just how great a debt is
owed to our Veterans.”
She continued speaking
acknowledging that most
Americans profess to truly love
our veterans, especially at
gatherings like the one being
held and on Memorial Day.
“And although the feelings are
sincere,” she said, “it is important to remember that
these brave men and women
are defending us 365 days a
Veld talked about the heroism our service members have
demonstrated time and again,
from the American Revolution
to the Global War on Terrorism along with their sacrifice
that they have provided.
“Our warriors need advocates
and that is why The American
Legion exists,” said Veld. “We
are to serve veterans, their
families and our communities.
Veterans need each other, but,
more importantly, our country
needs our veterans.”
After Commander Veld
completed her Veterans Day
speech, she introduced Dave
Wallace, Post Historian, who
shared the poem, “What is a
Veteran?” by Anthony Barton
The words not only described what a veteran was
but it also set the mood for all
present to reflect on the significance of Veterans Day where
once a year, our nation honors
its veterans. What some may
forget is that every day, veterans honor us all, with the
fruits of their service. The veteran recalls, reflects and re-
members the very personal
and unique aspects of time
served in uniform. All veterans
have a binding thread that
only they can know and share:
knowledge that they were
part of something larger than
Commander Veld came
back to the podium to read a
Certificate of Recognition from
the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia declaring
the week of November 9th
through the 15th as Virginia
American Legion week.
Chaplain Packwood followed by providing a closing
prayer and then the Veterans
Day ceremony concluded with
the playing of TAPS.
Welcome to our Newest Members!!!
Welcome to our 5 newest Legionnaires to our Post: Scott Anderson, Alan Marlboro, Willie Nero, Timothy Bozoki and Russell
Peverell! We look forward to seeing you around our Post and again, welcome to the Post 162 Legion Family!
Expressions Post 162 is a monthly Newsletter available to the American Legion Post 162 Legion Family Members.
Contributions to the Newsletter must be submitted by the 20th of each month. Photos and text submissions are accepted, but subject to
review by the Editor and the Post Advisors.
Dave Wallace
[email protected]
Post Advisors:
Patricia Veld
[email protected]
Marv Rodney
[email protected]
Post Website:
December 2014
25 Cent Wings
Lunch Special:
Auxiliary Meeting
Open Faced
Roast Beef &
House Committee
Mashed Potatoes Meeting 7pm
Tailgate Legion
SkinsvsRams 1pm
Lunch Special:
Sausage, Peppers and Potatoes
25 Cent Wings
Tailgate 40&8
Lunch Special:
25 Cent Wings
SAL Meeting
Tailgate Sam
Christmas Eve
(Open 11am6pm) Burger
Day 1pm-5pm
25 Cent Wings
40&8 Meeting
Joint Kids Christmas
Party at the Moose
13 Army National
Lunch Special:
BBQ Sliders
Ralph’s Pizza
Night 4:30pm
Betty’s Jukebox
Guard Birthday
Lunch Special:
French Dip
Ralph’s Pizza
Night 4:30pm
Betty’s Jukebox
26 Lunch
Christmas Day
(Open 1pm-6pm)
Christmas Dinner
Special: Vickie
Stuffed Pork
Chops 5pm
Lunch Special:
Chicken and Rice 25 Cent Wings
Sloppy Joe Dinner 12pm
Ham Give-away
Lunch Special:
SkinsvsCowboys - Meatball Stick
5 Lunch Spe- 6
cial: Cheeseburger Sliders Ralph’s
Pizza Night
4:30pm Betty’s
Jukebox Nite
ALR Meeting
New Year’s Eve
New Year’s Eve
Party 9pm-1am
Post Christmas Party
w/ DJ Jeff 7pm12am
Don’t forget that our Queen of
Hearts game is played EVERY
Wednesday at 7pm!
If you are sponsoring an event that needs to be on the calendar please contact:
Ann Kuntz: (703) 690-1107 or by email: [email protected]
Riders Lay Wreaths
at Arlington Cemetery