R.S.E. Policy for Kilmeen National School R.S.E. Policy for

R.S.E. Policy for Kilmeen National School
R.S.E. Policy for Kilmeen N.S.
Introductory Statement & Rationale
This policy statement is an approved approach to the teaching of RSE in Kilmeen N.S. It
was developed by Kilmeen N.S. R.S.E. Policy Committee which included two teachers, two
representatives of the Board of Management and two parent representatives.
School Philosophy
Kilmeen N.S. is a Catholic school and therefore all policies developed are implemented in
ways which are in keeping with the ethos of the school.
The ethos of the school is
characterised by the following:
This statement reflects the overall ethos of the school which states:
Kilmeen N.S. is a co-educational, Catholic, primary school which strives to provide
a well-ordered, caring, happy and secure atmosphere where the intellectual,
spiritual, physical, moral and cultural needs of the pupils are identified.
While Kilmeen N.S. is a school with a Catholic ethos, it also has due recognition for
all other religions.
Kilmeen N.S. will strive to promote, both individually and collectively, the
professional and personal development of teaches through staff development
Kilmeen N.S. will encourage the involvement of parents through home/school
Kilmeen N.S. will endeavour to enhance the self-esteem of everyone in the school
community, to imbue in the pupils respect for people and property and to
encourage in them the idea of being responsible.
Kilmeen N.S. will promote gender equity amongst the teachers and pupils.
Déanfaimid iarracht Gaeilge a labhairt.
Our school motto is: “Mol an Óige”
Definition of RSE
RSE aims to provide opportunities for children and young people to learn about
relationships and sexuality in ways that help them think and act in a moral, caring and
responsible way. Parents are the prime educators of their children. Through our schools RSE
R.S.E. Policy for Kilmeen National School
programme, teachers together with parents, seek to provide children with opportunities to
acquire knowledge and understanding of relationships and human sexuality, through
processes which will enable them to form values and establish behaviours within a moral,
spiritual and social framework.
Relationship of RSE to SPHE
Social, Personal and Health Education contributes to developing the work of the school in
promoting the health and well-being of children and young people. This happens in the
context of their emotional, moral, social and spiritual growth, as well as their intellectual,
physical, political, religious and creative development.
What Our School Currently Provides:
The introduction of R.S.E. and the wide SPHE programmes is intended to formalise the work
already going on within schools. The Following provision already exists in our school:
The Stay Safe Programme will be taught from Infants to Sixth Class and will be
taught every year to Junior/Senior Infants and on alternate years from 1st class
to 6th class.
Religious Education (Alive-O)
Much of the RSE material will be taught in a cross-curricular manner as many
of the topics fall naturally into other subject areas, particularly in SPHE.
Dietician – discusses healthy eating and dental care
6th class view the video “Busy Bodies” with parents/guardians permission. It is
viewed either with parents or with class teacher depending on the wish of each
child’s parents/guardians.
Aims of our RSE programme
It is important to note that it is intended that the following aims will be achieved by the
end of each child’s primary school education. Each aim will be addressed in an ageappropriate manner, as set out in this Policy Statement.
To help young people develop healthy friendships and relationships
To promote a healthy attitude to sexuality and to relationships
To enhance the personal development, self-esteem and well-being of the child
R.S.E. Policy for Kilmeen National School
To help the child to develop healthy friendships and relationships
To develop and promote in the child a sense of wonder and awe at the process
of birth and new life
To enable the child to be comfortable with the sexuality of oneself and others
while growing and developing
Guidelines for the Management and Organisation of RSE in our School
Area 1: Curriculum Matters:
Curriculum Content – The curriculum by NCCA will be followed as published, and
will be taught in Infants to 6th class. All resources used will be in keeping with the
ethos of the school and the policy.
In a multi class situation, the younger class will be withdrawn when topics being
taught are not age-appropriate.
When an outside speaker is used, the class teacher is responsible for making them
aware of school policy and that teacher will sit in during the lesson.
Area 2: Organisational Matters:
If children are withdrawn, they will be accommodated in another teacher’s
With regard to matters of a confidential nature managed, the school cannot take
any responsibility for what is discussed in the yard or classroom.
Any teacher has the right to opt-out from teaching the sexually sensitive issues in
RSE. It is responsibility of Board of Management to ensure that the curriculum will
be taught to the children by another teacher or an outside speaker.
Parents are invited to view the curriculum and may speak to the class teacher if
they have any concerns.
Area 3: Dealing with Questions:
All questions answered will reflect the parameters of the curriculum.
Certain topics will not be discussed i.e. abortion, masturbation, homosexuality,
Questions to the teacher may be written or oral within the group setting and
answered within the boundaries of the curriculum and policy. Any questions asked
by the children that are judged to be inappropriate, the teacher will refer the child
to their parents.
The school cannot be held responsible if a child asks a question of a personal nature
to themselves or discloses personal information.
R.S.E. Policy for Kilmeen National School
Provision for Ongoing Support
Parents welcome to view curriculum if they wish.
Contact with parents prior to the teaching of lessons involving “sensitive issues.”
Parents are welcome to view R.S.E. policy if they wish.
Membership of RSE Policy Committee
The members of our schools R.S.E. Policy Committee are:
Board of Management:
Gerard Finn
Michael Deasy
Parent Representatives:
Michael O Donovan
Marie Dorgan Murphy
Teacher Representatives:
Kenneth McCarthy
Úna O Mahony
This policy will be reviewed after the initial 12th month period has passed by the RSE Policy
Committee, and every two years thereafter. This policy will also be reviewed should a
need arise. Parents and staff will be informed of any amendments made by the RSE Policy
Committee. This policy is officially implemented in Kilmeen N.S. as of 01-09-2006.
This statement has been ratified by the BOM of Kilmeen N.S. and will be implemented as
and from 01-09-2006
It was reviewed on 30-09-2008.
It was reviewed during term 2 2011/2012 school year taking new BOM into consideration.