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VOLUME I 9794 W. Peoria Ave. Suite #2 Peoria, AZ 85345
December 2014
Issue 8
A Tiger Is Tamed
It was a long trail for this hard-driving
I GREW up in North Louisiana, first on a farm in a small
town, then in a moderate-sized town, then in a city.
After I had worked my way through high school and one
year of college, I got flying fever and joined the Army Air
Force on my eighteenth birthday, in 1942. I breezed
through flying school in good shape, graduating as a
second lieutenant in October 1943. My assignment to
fighters fulfilled my fondest aspirations, and early in
1944 I went to China, where I flew the shark-nosed P40's of Chennault's Flying Tigers. This was my cup of
tea; I loved to fly; and a fighter pilot in China came
about as near as possible to being his own man. I liked it
well enough to volunteer for a second tour of combat,
but to my disgust the war ended just as I got back to
After thinking it over, I accepted a reserve commission
and set out to finish college. Thanks to the Veterans
Administration and a facile intelligence, for which I take
no credit, I managed to graduate on schedule. I
immediately rejoined the Air Force, telling myself it was
because I loved to fly. In retrospect, I think maybe it
had more to do with the uniform, the ribbons, and the
rank. A year later, I met and married a girl I considered,
truly unique, and for once I was right.
Very quickly, I was fighting in Korea. I survived, though
narrowly, and broke into jets after my return. I also
broke into an outfit that possessed a fine bunch of pilots.
I had hardly got qualified in the F-84 when we were
handed the top-secret mission of carrying and delivering
A-bombs, the first fighter outfit assigned to do so. After
a crash program of training and equipping, we moved to
England to reduce the temperature of the Cold War. We
were there more than three years.
My drinking had begun in China, progressed sporadically
until my senior year in college, and then settled down to
a daily routine. It was easy to drink in England, and the
good times were plentiful. Needless to say, I had no
inkling that my behavior pattern was abnormal; but even
then there were incidents that were less than creditable
to an officer and a gentleman. I once test-hopped an F84 when I was too drunk to walk properly, an insane
performance in which I took considerable pride at the
time. The occasions when I flew with varying loads
aboard were too numerous to detail, and if I ever
complied with the Air Force regulation forbidding flying
within twenty-four hours after drinking, it was
accidental. There was no overt notice taken of my
peccadilloes, but there was a mysterious development
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Steps, Traditions, and Concepts
of Alcoholics Anonymous
Step 12: Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of
these steps, we tried to carry this message to alcoholics, and
to practice these principles in all our affairs.
Tradition 12: Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our
traditions, ever reminding us to place principles before
Concept XII: The Conference shall observe the spirit of A.A.
tradition, taking care that it never becomes the seat of
perilous wealth or power; that sufficient operating funds and
reserve be its prudent financial principle; that it place none of
its members in a position of unqualified authority over others;
that it reach all important decisions by discussion, vote, and,
whenever possible, by substantial unanimity; that its actions
never be personally punitive nor an incitement to public
controversy; that it never perform acts of government, and
that, like the Society it serves, it will always remain
democratic in thought and action.
Steps, Traditions and Concepts reprinted with permission from A.A. World Services, Inc
Alcoholics Anonymous “Responsibility Pledge”
“I am responsible…
When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help,
I want the hand of A.A. always to be there.
And for that, I am responsible.”
Reprinted from the Pamphlet P-1, This is A.A., Page 24, with permission of A.A. World Services,
We are forming an AA Alcothon for Super Bowl XLIX.
Kick Off will begin on January 31st, 2015 at 10 am and run
through February 1st, 2015 10 pm
Location of event will be Java the Hut
7021 N. 57th Ave.
Glendale, AZ 85301
Committee will be meeting on
November 1, 15, 29
at Freedom Hall, 4700 N. 12th St.
Contact: Skidrow Greg [email protected]
A Tiger Is Tamed…Continued from Page 1 – Part 2
A Tiger Is Tamed…Continued from Page 1 – Part 3
in my career that I never could explain: I applied twice
for a Regular Air Force commission, and was rejected.
or even mere comfort anywhere. There was simply
no hope. I could not remember the last happy
moment I had experienced, but I knew it was a long
time gone. My thoughts turned, as they had many
times before, toward the one alternative to continued
torment. I had pretty well settled on bashing in the
muffler on my car, in such a way as to vent the
exhaust inside, and then simply going to sleep. This
plan attracted me because it was painless, fairly
certain, and not too obviously suicide. It was not
unusual for me to sleep in the car, and there was
always the chance that a rock could have damaged
the muffler by accident. I didn't really give much of a
damn what anybody thought, but the faint vestige of
a conscience I had left urged me to spare my family
the disgrace.
I had pretty well missed the boat for a successful
military career. Things were piling up on me; the
"incidents" were getting uglier and the happy times
scarcer. I quit the service, less than six years from
retirement age, and started at the bottom as an oil-field
service engineer.
For a while, it seemed that the combination of a new
career and a geographical change had solved all my
problems. I liked the work and took great pride in the
prestige of my company. I started off like a ball of fire,
despite being a little old for a beginner in that line, but
all too soon the world started picking on me again. The
money was pretty good, but it took all there was and a
little more to keep me in martinis and vodka (the latter
to carry in my car, in the happy delusion that it was
Somehow another idea crept into my mind: Why not
give the medics a chance? I had no real hope that
they could help; my case was obviously like no other.
Still, it wouldn't hurt to try.
I transferred to offshore work, which meant more
money, but also long stretches in the Gulf of Mexico, far
from my sources of supply. Even with the enforced
abstinence on the job, my increased income failed to
keep up with my thirst. After a year or so, I was
desperate, and I applied for transfer to Canada. Not as
a cure for my drinking, mind you; I just needed a new
challenge! I made it to Rock Springs, Wyo., instead,
and once again the geographical cure seemed to work
magic. My wife and kids liked the new, big country, and
the work was different enough to divert me from
drinking for appreciable spells.
Well, I tried. By the grace of God, the doctor I went
to sent me to AA, and by that time I was too limp to
resist. To my surprise, I met a dozen alcoholics just
like me, only soberer, and I read about hundreds
more in the AA literature. After fighting it off through
a long, nasty slip, I finally got it through my head
that I was just a member of the human race, and not
such a hot one at that.
I'm not out of the woods entirely; even now, I sit
here thinking what a crackerjack piece this is, and
how impressed everybody will be when you print it.
My motive is not merely to see my immortal words in
print, though that may enter in. Part of it is simply
my need to put my feelings into words, to remind
myself once more how close I am, and always will be,
to utter ruin. And maybe a little of it is genuine hope
that my very typical story will make the way easier
for someone else.
But, inevitably, the monstrous spiral tightened. The
joys faded out of my life; my debts began to mount;
my boss's tolerance was wearing thin; and my wife
actually had the gall to tell me it was all because of my
drinking! She had plenty of reason to leave me, but
there was never enough money to get her out of town.
Worst of all was my mental condition. All motivation
had vanished, except the desperate urge to drink.
D. R.
Rock Springs, Wyoming
I knew by now that I was drinking too much, but I also
knew I couldn't cut down, because I had tried it, using
all the pitiful little schemes. I wasn't willing even to
consider cutting it out entirely; I couldn't visualize living
without drinking. I had tried that, too, for a month or
so, and had been utterly miserable the whole time.
Whatever affection I had for my wife and family was
totally immolated in my frantic pursuit of alcohol. My
job and my company were meaningless to me except
as a necessary source of drinking money.
Reprinted with permission from Grapevine Archives.
Each month your Home Group can volunteer,
at our Intergroup Office, to cover the phones
and walk in business from 9 AM to 1 PM.
Groups find that this service opportunity
keeps them connected to each other and our
AA Community!
Finally, one January day in 1965, I stopped my car on a
snowy hillside just outside the town, and thought. I
wasn't sober; in fact, I hadn't been sober for more than
a year; but I was perhaps more lucid than usual.
December Band of Brothers
January Altering Attitudes
February Tuesday Night Hope
March Gooddale Men’s Stag
April Primary Purpose
The things I thought about were not pleasant. I sought
a reason, just one solitary reason, why I ought to go on
home. I couldn't think of one. I knew there was no
hope of finding pleasure or satisfaction or gratitude
Ask your Intergroup Representative to get
your Group on the calendar soon!
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Service Calendar
December 1, 2014
Sub District 08-801
West Valley Fellowship
919 N. Dysart Rd, Avondale
December 2, 2014
AFI Business Meeting
New Life Community Church
8155 W Thunderbird Rd, Peoria
December 2, 2014
Sub District 08-800
AFI Office
9794 W. Peoria Ave. #2, Peoria
December 9, 2014
Sub District 08-806/807/808
AFI Office
9794 W. Peoria Ave, #2 Peoria
December 10, 2014
Valley-wide H&I
Community Bridges (Bill Wilson Hall)
2770 E Van Buren St, Phoenix
December 11, 2014
Sub District 08-802/803/804
St. Helen’s Church
5510 W. Cholla St., Glendale
December 16, 2014
MCSM/DCM Meeting
Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
3539 E. Stanford Dr., Paradise Valley
December 18, 2014
AFI Steering Committee
AFI Office
9794 W. Peoria Ave, #2 Peoria
December 23, 2014
Valley PI/CPC Committee
SRI Office
3215 E Thunderbird Rd, Phoenix
December 25, 2014
Valleywide Bridging the Gap Committee Meeting
Denny's on 35th Ave. and Bethany Home Rd
1st Saturday
Glendale Appreciation Group Potluck
5:15 PM
First United Methodist Church
7102 N. 58th Drive, Glendale AZ
6 PM to 8 PM
2nd Thursday
Tonopah Fresh Start Group
Tonopah Valley Baptist Church
37702 W. Indian School
6:30 pm before 7:30 meeting
7:00 PM
6:30 PM
2nd Friday
Sobriety Trudgers Potluck
The Southwest Indian School
14202 N. 73rd Ave, Peoria, AZ
7:00 PM
6:30 PM before 7 PM Meeting
3rd Saturday
Happy Valley Group Potluck
7:00 PM
Foothills Christian Church
3951 West Happy Valley Rd (39th Ave & Happy Valley)
6 PM Speaker at 7 PM
6:30 PM
3rd Saturday
West Valley Pot Luck Speaker Panel
All Saints of the Desert Episcopal Church
9502 W. Hutton Dr., Sun City
7:00 PM
Bring Your Favorite Dish!
Social from 6:00-7:00
7:00 PM
Panel Speakers
7 PM
6:30 PM
Last Friday
Friday Night Fighters
Cake and a Speaker
Crossroads West
7523 N. 35th Ave, Phoenix AZ
7 PM
7:00 PM
(Join us early to eat d inner @ 6:00 if you’d like!)
Last Saturday
Downunder Group Potluck
First Evangelic Church
918 S. Litchfield Road, Goodyear AZ
5 pm-7 pm
On the Road Again!
Where t o Send Cont ribut ions:
Gas up your car and join us on the Road to Happy Destiny at
events around Town and Arizona
General Service Office
PO Box 459
Grand Central Station
New York, NY 10163-0459
Agua Fria Intergroup, Inc.
9794 W. Peoria Ave., Ste 2
Peoria, AZ 85345
Western Area Conference
of Young People in A.A.
Area 03 Committee
PO Box 1907
Phoenix, AZ 85001-1907
December 18-21, 2014
Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel
62 Kauna’oa Dr., Kamuela, HI
District 08 Treasurer
PO Box 45066
Phoenix, AZ 85064
Agua Fria Intergroup Christmas Alcothon
Wed., Dec. 24th, 2014 @ 12:00 noon
Thurs., Dec. 25th, 2014 @ 12:00 noon
Comfort Suites
9824 W. Camelback Rd, Glendale, AZ
Sub-District 08-800
PO Box 671
El Mirage, AZ 85335
Sub-District 08-801
c/o Denise Ruble
PO Box 274
Litchfield Park, AZ 85340
New Years Eve Celebration
New Beginnings
December 31, 2014, 6:30 p.m.-when the dancing ends
The Glendale Adult Center
5970 W. Brown St.
Glendale, AZ
Sub Districts 08-806-807-808-816
c/o Tom White
PO Box 364
Waddell, AZ 85335
Sub-Districts 08-802-803-804
PO Box 621
Youngtown, AZ 85363
The Joy of Living
Anniversary River Roundup
January 15-18, 2015
Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort Hotel & Casino
Laughlin, NV
Valley Wide Hospitals & Institutions Committee
PO Box 80126
Phoenix, AZ 85060
Fellowship of the Spirit
Bridging the GAP
PO Box 716
Peoria, AZ 85382
January 23-25, 2015
Poco Diablo Resort
Sedona, AZ
H & I Monthly Big Book Drive
Valley Wide Hospitals and Institutions.
25th Annual West Valley Roundup
Language of the Heart
H & I provides literature for the confined alcoholic
H & I is looking for new or used Big Books, any 12 Step literature or any
AA related books that can be taken to Treatment Centers or Jails.
Please bring any literature you’d like to donate to the H & I Business
Meeting held the 2nd Wednesday of every month at Bill Wilson Hall.
2770 E. Van Buren St, Phoenix. You may also call Abby P. at
602.329.0781 to make other arrangement for Pick up or Delivery of your
March 20-22, 2015
Lake Pleasant Regional Park
Peoria, AZ
Agua Fria Intergroup
Business Meeting Minutes
October 7, 2014
Dave E opened the meeting at 7:00 pm with the Serenity Prayer.
The 12 Traditions were read by James A
New AFI Groups: None
New AFI Representatives: Joe – Youngtown, John – Mustard Seed, Marianne – Unshakable Foundation.
Introduction of Steering Committee Members: Dave E (Chair), Raena Q (Co-Chair), Mike E (Office Manager), Leanne S
(Secretary), Larry T (Treasurer), Jocelyn W, Dick F, Jen R and Nik B.
7th Tradition: Collected – $52.95
Roll Call: 28 IGR’s in attendance including the 3 new representatives.
Approval of the September AFI Business Meeting Minutes: Dave asked for a motion to approve the September 2014 Business
Meeting minutes. Evan motioned to accept the minutes with corrections and Nora seconded. Motion passed
Office Manager’s Report: (Mike E 623-570-1875 or [email protected]) – Mike presented his written report (See
Chairperson’s Report: (Dave E 602-725-7335) – Dave thanked everyone for their attendance and assistance at the 31 st AFI
Anniversary event.
Vice-Chairperson’s Report: (Raena Q 602-361-0631) –
1. Raena announced that Diane needs a co-chairperson for the Thanksgiving Event. Jocelyn W volunteered to be
Diane’s co-chair.
2. The 2015 Day in the Park event needs a new chairperson.
3. Carolina and Jim, respective chairpersons for Christmas and NYE are present and will give their reports.
Treasurer’s Report: (Larry T 469-263-5398) –
1. Larry presented a written report (See attached.)
2. Pat L asked if the Steering Committee has addressed the checking account balance. A general discussion was held
and there are projects under consideration by the Intergroup where considerable funds will be required; such
as new office flooring, if approved, and replacing the back-stock inventory shelving, which the Intergroup
had previously approved. In addition, mid fiscal year 2014 we hired a part time office assistant. Also, the
office and Steering Committee need to see how the AA World Services price increase (October 1, 2014) will
affect not only gross profit on sales but also group donations.
3. Pat L motioned to accept the report and Jerry R seconded the motion. It passed unanimously.
Archivist’s Report: (Kelli C 602-573-0960) – Kelli reported that she is currently working on a display for the AFI Office of the
supplies which had been purchased for the Archives Display at the anniversary event last month.
Area Liaison: (Pat L 623-734-0151) – In addition to Pat’s written report (see attached), he asked for a group conscious on an
All Panel Topic to be addressed at the November Area Assembly.
This topic is whether to suggest AA World Services develop a pamphlet on Group Safety.
The vote was (1) in favor and remainder (27) felt there was no need for any action.
H&I Liaison: (Brett C 602-663-3921) - H&I is presenting “Afternoon in the Park”, November 16 th, 11 am – 6 pm, at Tempe
Kiwanis Park. The purpose of this event is to raise awareness of H&I: Who they are and what they do. Brett has made
flyers available.
Steering Committee: (Nik B) – Nik recapped the September Steering Committee meeting. In addition to the reports by
officers: the Steering Committee reviewed the previous month’s Business Meeting minutes, approved next month’s
Business Meeting agenda, approved last month’s Steering Committee meeting minutes, reviewed the Treasurer’s
report, checked in with the ad-hoc committee on flooring.
Committee Reports:
Telephone: (Deb K 623-326-0406) – Deb was absent, Mike talked with her and reported there are still openings on the ‘Voice
of Attraction’ (VOA) calendar to cover nights and weekends which can be done on either home or cell phone. The
sobriety requirement is one year. The committee is still updating the 12–Step Call List.
Newsletter: (Jerry M 602-320-9799) – Jerry thanked the volunteers who folded the October Newsletter. Also he still needs our
local personal stories, funnies, etc. and encourages members to send in their stories to him online at
[email protected]
Unity: (George R 623-337-0061) – George reported that the Unity Committee still has four ‘official’ members, and have added
one newbie. Just doing what Unity does…visiting groups, informing them about WHOM, WHAT, WHERE AND
WHY, in addition to helping to update the 12-Step List. Call him if interested in joining the Unity committee.
Their next meeting will be at 7:30 October 22, at George’s Unity Cave.
PI/CPC: (John Z 602-390-6739) – John was absent and Susan gave the report:
1. In the upcoming months PI/CPC will be giving a Spanish presentation in addition to the Nov 4th presentation for
GCU Nursing.
2. PI/CPC (Public Information and Cooperation with the Professional Community) needs weekday presenters; the
only requirement is participation in one of their quarterly workshops.
3. The new PI/CPC power point presentation on ‘who we are, what we do, and why we do what we do’ is
complete, thanks to the combined efforts of AA World Services, AFI, SRI and EVI.
4. PI/CPC meets monthly at SRI on the 4th Tuesday every month at 6 pm. For more information contact John Z or
Susan at [email protected] The next
quarterly workshop will also be on the 4th Tuesday in
November at SRI.
Website: (Bill M 602-361-2938) – Bill was absent; Mike E presented Bill’s written report (see attached.) Recently the
committee met to discuss using Google as website host. Their goal is to have new hosting provider by the end of this
calendar year. In addition, the committee applied for and received non-profit status, which allows the Intergroup to
purchase the service at a reduced price. Call Bill if you have any questions about the website.
Special Events:
Day in the Park: ( ) – Need new committee chair.
Family Campout and Fishing Derby: (JJ O 602-481-4875) – No report.
AFI Anniversary: (Kay F 623-587-9898/ Dave E 602-725-7335) – Dave announced great time had by everyone. The
final report on the event will be available at November’s Business Meeting.
Thanksgiving: (Diane P 602-999-2699/Jocelyn W 602-448-6059) – Diane was absent. Jocelyn, as co-chair,
provided the report. The committee is in need of food and/or cash donations. Jocelyn asked that the reps take
a sign-up sheet to their groups for volunteer donations and return it to the committee at the November
business meeting. The list should include the volunteer’s name, phone number and item(s) donated.
Remember Turkeys, Hams, etc. need to arrive precooked unless prior arrangements have been made with
Kari (602-518-2068) the food chairperson.
Christmas: (Carolina G 602-402-4248) –
1. Christmas Alcathon to be held at Comfort Suites at 99th & Camelback
2. The next committee meeting will be 11/9 at 4:30 pm, located just off 43rd Ave and Missouri, call
Carolina if interested in volunteering or chairing a meeting during the event. The committee still
needs a secretary and a co-chair.
3. Brad, the marathon meeting chair, will be at November’s business meeting with a signup sheet or groups
can call Carolina.
4. The event will also feature a Young People’s meeting in the evening and a Spanish speaking meeting.
New Year’s Eve: (Jim W 480-734-4585) – Jim has Dinner/Dance tickets for the event at a cost of $35. Doors open at
6:30. Dinner will start at 7 (catered by Classic Catering). This year’s speaker is Patty O and there will also be
an Alanon speaker, in addition to the dance. Dance admission only will be available at the door for $10. The
committee meets at AFI the 1st Saturday of the month.
Old Business: AFI Office Flooring Ad Hoc Committee – Jen R
Jen reported that the committee met on 9/24. They looked at samples, discussed 1 st bid
(Est. cost is $3/sq. ft.). A second bid is expected soon. And they are also entertaining outside bids. In addition, the
committee also looked into staining the cement floor; however, it appears that option would be cost prohibitive at
$4.50 - $6 per sq. ft.
New Business: None.
Office Volunteers:
October – Meeting in Print
November – YaYa Belles
December – Band of Brothers
January – Altering Attitudes
February – Tuesday Night Hope March – Gooddale Men’s Stag
1. Raena will give a 10 minute orientation after the meeting for new IGRs.
2. Please help clean up and put the tables & chairs back.
Motion to Close: Ray motioned to close the meeting. Jeff B seconded the motion. The motion was passed unanimously.
Dave E closed the meeting at 8:10 pm with the Responsibility Statement.
Call for Personal Stories
from Local A.A. Members
Here at the Fria Flier it is a tradition to publish the personal stories of local A.A.s. We would very
much like to continue that tradition.
About 2 pages, at a font size of 10 – 12, is perfect. Longer stories will be accepted, but will have
to be edited for space constraints.
Please send your stories to:
[email protected]
Group Donations for October ‘14 Fiscal Year 2015
Fiscal Year Begins September 1.
11th Steppers
Big Book 164 AA
Deer Valley West Group
Goodale Mens Stag
Happy Valley Group
Saturday Sobriety
Seniors in Sobriety Sunflower
Black Canyon City Group
Bone Dry Group
Cactus Capers Group
Hope For Today
How it Works TODAY
Last House Group
Mens Gut Level Stag
Over 50 Group
Sobriety "R" Us
Sobriety Trudgers
Stepping Stones Group
Sun City Living Sober
Sunday Night Discussion
Sunday Night Newcomers
We Are Not Saints
West of the Sun Group
West Side Winners
West Valley Recovery Group
Wings of Sobriety
Surprise Womens Group
The Promises Group SCW
Tonopah Fresh Start
Verrado Turning Point
Agua Fria Intergroup
find meetings
service opportunities
order literature
Job Opening
Office Manager Position for Agua Fria
Intergroup, Inc. (Part Time)
Applications for the position as Office
Manager for AFI will be taken during the
month of December 2014.
If interested, please see the requirements
and Job Description, that is posted in the
office or the flyers handed out at the AFI
Business Meeting December 2nd 2014.
All interested applicants should submit a
Resume no later than December 30th, 2014
by 5:00 PM.
applicants will begin in January 2015.
Thank You!!!
Job Opening
9794 W. Peoria Ave. Suite #2
Peoria, AZ 85345
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