Epotec Epoxy Systems for Automotive Applications

Growing environmental concerns leading to introduction of legislation on lower carbon dioxide emissions, demand for
increased fuel efficiency and power to weight ratios has resulted in drive towards greener, lighter and energy efficient
vehicles. Since the improvement in fuel efficiency is directly linked to reduced mass, Composite materials are one of the
most viable alternatives.
Composites enable weight reduction up-to 40% compared to conventional metals of equal strength apart from providing better internal damping, low - noise, vibration &harshness (NVH) and unrivalled corrosion resistance. Further the
tooling costs for manufacturing composite parts are significantly lower meeting manufacturer’s trend towards reduced
build per model. Historically the use of composite materials in automotive applications has been limited to the high
value- luxury segment which includes racing cars and to extend the use in high volume or mass market segment it is
essential to develop new materials and processes which enable reduced cycle time without compromising on the
strength and aesthetics.
Epotec Epoxy Systems for AutoComposite applications are designed to meet requirements standard composite manufacturing processes such as Resin Transfer Molding (RTM), and prepregs as well as for new improved processes; HP-RTM
(High Pressure RTM) and SMC (Sheet Molding Compound). Novel systems such as Expandable epoxy enable significant
reduction in weight when used to make sandwich panels with natural fibers.
Epotec RTM Systems:
Designed to provide short cycle time to suit requirements for volume production, suitable for standard RTM as well as
High Pressure RTM processes. Selection of the system depends on the type and dimensions of the component , processing conditions and the temperature resistance needed.
time 1
Post curing
time/ temp 2
Optimum Tg 3
YDL 583 / TH 8283
10 -15
2 / 100
100 - 110
Suitable for temperature sensitive
processes, optional post curing
YDL 579/ TH 8270
40 – 50
4 / 100
110 - 130
Moderate reactive system, suitable for
standard RTM process
YDL 583/ TH 8272_4
20 – 30
4 / 140
130 - 140
One resin- two hardener system, enables
productivity optimization
YDL 564/ TH 7354
60 -70
2/ 160
160 - 180
Moderately reactive, provides high
thermal resistance
Epotec Grade
[email protected]
80 O C in minutes, 2 hours / o C , 3Glass transition temperature oC
Epotec systems for Sheet Molding Compound (S.M.C):
Systems designed for high volume production ability and excellent part reproducibility, provide long shelf life after
maturation and eliminate need for using thixotropic agents needed for thickening as in conventional SMC. Cost effective
option due to low labor requirements and ability to consolidate many parts into one.
Epotec Grade
YD 570 /TH 7252
YD 143
1 in
Time to attain
maturation 1
Shelf life 2
Optimum Tg 3
18 - 24
Solvent free Thixotropic system
( on cooling)
> 60
Single component system, long shelf
life at ambient conditions.
hours, 2 @ 20oC in days, 3Glass transition temperature oC
Epotec Expandable Epoxy Systems:
Suitable for Production of sandwich structures/ light weight panels and monolithic laminates possessing high mechanical strength & stiffness. Expandable epoxies are two component systems comprising of resin and hardener components
which expand cure to provide densities (130-700 kg/m3). Processing to make composite sandwich panels involves combination of spray lay-up and compression molding and can be designed for short cycle times. Tooling can be designed
to mold complex shapes. Closed cell enables low moisture absorption.
Laminate Density (kg/m3)
Epotec Grade
YD 1107 D130-D150 / TH 7152
YD 1100 / TH 7152
YD 1106 D250 / TH 7161
YD 1106 D350 / TH 7161
YD 1106 D450 / TH 7161
Epotec Systems for Composite Cylinders:
Composite cylinders contribute significantly in reducing the fuel consumption and environmental footprint and
increased safety compared to metal cylinders. Epotec Epoxy Systems for Composite cylinders are designed to provide
safe, lighter, stronger and affordable solutions with exceptional mechanical strength and stiffness when used in combination with glass or carbon reinforcement.
Epotec Grade
Cure cycle1
YD 587 / TH 7257E
1 / 90
75 - 90
Room temperature cure system, designed exclusively
for LPG cylinders
YDL 549/ TH 7674
1/ 100
115 - 125
Elevated temperature cure system , suitable for LPG ,
CNG Type 3 and Type 4.
1 in
hours/ oC , 2Glass transition temperature oC