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The Swiss Business Hub UK means business.
A great opportunity to accelerate your expansion in Switzerland and continental Europe
The SBH UK –
The Swiss Business Hub UK, entity of the Embassy of Switzerland, is responsible for
facilitating business relations between British and Swiss companies. It supports Swiss
primary exporters in their first steps in the UK market. Since 2013, the Swiss
to Switzerland
Business Hub advises British organizations wishing to establish a subsidiary or a
technological partnership in Switzerland.
Services –
The Swiss Business Hub offers free consulting services to British companies wishing
we support
to establish a presence in Switzerland:
your success
administrative and legal environment, practical steps to establish a company,
labour market and laws, financial issues (costs and tax), real estate etc.
Introduction to local economic networks which will accelerate assessment of
the operational aspects of the expansion: choice of a business site, organisation
of fact-finding visits, guidance on staff recruitment etc.
Support in finding the right business or research partners in key Swiss
industries: the SBH UK benefits from a widespread network of economic and
technological contacts. It offers introductions to relevant research and technology
transfer centres, business networks and clusters, and can also help in targeting
R&D partners.
Our priorities
The Swiss Business Hub UK can provide support to any organization intending to
settle in Switzerland, except residential economy sectors (retail, hotels and
restaurants, building industries for example). Our focus is on technology-intensive
sectors, such as: biotech, medtech, robotics, innovative materials, mechatronics and
mobility, energy efficiency, embedded systems, bioinformatics, data protection, IT
security etc.
Swiss Business Hub United Kingdom
Marieke Hood, Investment Promotion
Embassy of Switzerland, 16-18 Montagu Place, London W1H 2BQ
Tel: +44 20 7616 6050
Fax: +44 20 7723 6455
Email: [email protected]
Our publications
The Handbook for Investors provides an inside
view of all aspects relating to the establishment
of foreign companies in Switzerland. The
handbook contains 144 pages of information
setting out the current investment climate,
production costs, taxes, infrastructure and new
technologies, financing and legal matters. There
are also links to take you to the primary source
of information as well as up-to-date statistics on
each field.
This publication will give you some basic
information on the business, corporate and
personal environment in Switzerland. The
background and contact information included in
this report provides you and your advisers with
key resources to facilitate your investment