LIST controller SCU 800

LIST ®Components:
A perfect team
Connection Box
LIST ®Sensors:
A perfect detector
Connection- and distribution
point for the sensor or
connection cable
Connection Cable
E30/E90 field wiring to
bridge unmonitored areas
δ-LIST sensor cable SEC15
Technology with LIST
Electronic sensor cable with addressable
sensors for temperature measurement with
a 0.1°C resolution. Central evaluation by
the controller SCU 800.
Quick mounting plastic or
stainless steel clips
Targeting Heat
– freely selectable sensor spacing
– branching at any point in the cable
– simple installation and mounting
– completely shielded against external influences
– insensitive to dirt
– maintenance free
– certified as a class A1 detector, acc. EN 54-5
δ-LIST controller SCU 800
External Sensors
Hermetically sealed aluminium or stainless steel sensors for selective
temperature monitoring. Addressable 2-wire bus connection.
Central control and evaluation unit SCU 800
with cyclic interrogation of the connected
sensors every 10 seconds. Freely selectable
alarm set-points for temperature rise,
maximum temperatures and frost alarms.
Power Supply
External, battery backed-up power
supply for up to eight controllers
Alarm connections
to fire panels with
dry contacts. Serial
interfacing with open
protocols to SCADA
systems. Remote
diagnosis and
maintenance with
GSM modems.
Configuration- and
maintenance software LISTterm for
Comfortable programming and logging
of system parameters.
Central display and
logging unit with
touch-screen. Monitors
up to 31 controllers.
LISTgraph software for
graphical temperature
display and precise
alarm indication.
– monitors up to 2 x 250m with 2 x 99 sensors
– 0.1°C resolution
– cyclic function check of all sensors
– no false alarms with the proven evaluation
– high quality aluminium housing
– serial interface with open protocols
– VdS approval (G205143)