SBI Offshore Appoints Mr. Mirzan Bin Mahathir To Board Of Directors

SBI Offshore Limited – Mr. Mirzan Bin Mahathir Appointed To Board of Directors
SBI Offshore Appoints Mr. Mirzan Bin Mahathir To Board
Of Directors; Will Leverage On Prominent Malaysian
Businessman’s Oil & Gas Contacts And Experience
SINGAPORE, 29 October 2014 – SGX Catalist-listed SBI
Offshore Limited (“SBI Offshore” or the “Company” and
together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) announced the
appointment of prominent Malaysian businessman, Mr. Mirzan
Bin Mahathir (“Mr. Mirzan”), to its Board of Directors (the
“Board”) with effect from 29 October 2014.
Malaysian investor and O&G
business veteran, Mr. Mirzan Bin
Mahathir, appointed to SBI
Offshore’s Board of Directors.
Mr. Mirzan has been appointed Non-Independent, NonExecutive Director following the partial completion of a
placement of SBI Offshore’s shares to him and two other
investors on 27 October 2014, which raised approximately S$9.1 million to-date.
The proceeds from the placement will be used for working capital, existing and new
projects and possible acquisitions by SBI Offshore. The Company had announced on 27
August 2014 that it has commenced negotiations to build up to five jack-up rigs for
operation in water depths of up to 110 metres for a Middle East-Chinese consortium.
SBI Offshore is an integrated oil and gas (“O&G”) engineering solutions provider with
capabilities to market, install, commission and provide after-sales services for O&G
drilling equipment and systems.
Mr. Mirzan, an experienced investor with interests in the O&G sector, holds 27 million
new shares in SBI Offshore via CE Ventures Offshore Ltd. His 12.1%-stake in SBI
Offshore’s enlarged share capital base of 222.68 million shares makes him one of the
Group’s largest shareholders.
On his appointment, Mr. Mirzan said, “I am honoured that SBI Offshore has invited me
to join the Board. As a director and a significant shareholder, I intend to share my
corporate and business experience, particularly in the O&G sector.”
“SBI Offshore has a suite of drilling equipment products and solutions, and a clear
strategy to penetrate emerging markets in Asia, the Middle East and possibly South
America. These markets require strong relationships and deep understanding of the
operating environment. I hope to leverage on my network of international contacts to
help SBI Offshore’s senior management as they engage these markets,” he added.
Mr. Chan Lai Thong, Executive Chairman of SBI Offshore, said, “We warmly welcome
Mr. Mirzan to our Board and look forward to working closely with him in charting a
new transformational strategy to scale up the value chain in the O&G sector. We
believe his extensive network and deep experience in facilitating business
collaboration will help SBI Offshore accelerate its efforts to enhance shareholder
Following Mr. Mirzan’s appointment, the Board of SBI Offshore will now comprise:
Mr. Chan Lai Thong – Executive Chairman and Executive Director
Mr. Tan Woo Thian – Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Jen Shek Voon – Lead Independent, Non-Executive Director
Mr. Mahtani Bagwandas – Independent, Non-Executive Director
Mr. Ahmad Subri Bin Abdullah – Independent, Non-Executive Director
Mr. Mirzan Bin Mahathir – Non-Independent, Non-Executive Director
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