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Volume 18 – Number 2
Spring 2014
The Prez Sez…….
Greetings Everyone, I hope you are recovering
from our very cold, very snowy winter. I am sure
we are all looking forward to a beautiful spring
and a comfortable summer.
LIR is booming, with new members registering
almost every month. Classes are progressing
nicely. A few are so popular that we had to ask
some instructors to teach more than one
section. Thankfully, they agreed. This is a good
time to remind members of our course “lottery”
policy that comes into play when a course fills
up by the priority registration deadline.
According to the LIR By-Laws and Policies:
“LIR courses are open to all LIR members. If
registration exceeds a declared course capacity
and to the extent that space permits, an
instructor may voluntarily increase course
enrollment. However, if there are still more
students wishing to take a course than space
permits, a lottery will be held to determine
course participants. The course coordinator will
not be included in the lottery.
Phone 262-695-3473
Email: [email protected]
Mark Your
Wednesday, April 30, 2014
Octagon House, Bergstrom Mahler Museum of
Glass, Kelly Country Creamery
Neenah, WI
Wednesday, May 21, 2014
Polish Museum, Lunch at Red Apple,
St. Hyacinth Church, Old Mill Bakery
Chicago, IL
Friday, May 23, 2014
1:00-2:30 PM
Alzheimer’s Association Presentation:
“ Laugh for the Health of It “
WCTC, Pewaukee Campus “B” Building
Rms B130-B140
Thursday, June 12, 2014
When a lottery has been necessary for a
particular course, preference will be given to
students who "lose out" (in a drawing for
enrollment) in any course offered in the future.
These students will be given a certificate for
future enrollment that will give them such
themselves assume responsibility for proper
registration for the course.”
General Membership Meeting
Vouchers are good for a period of 2 years. This
information is listed in each course catalog.
LIR Kickoff
I hope to see you on June 12, 2014, at the LIR
Annual General Membership Meeting.
September 10-13, 2014
Marci Lanois
LIR President
WCTC, Pewaukee Campus - Anderson Building
Wednesday, June 18, 2014
Rotary Botanical Garden & Mystery Tour
Janesville, WI
Wednesday, July 23, 2014
WCTC, Pewaukee Campus - Anderson Building
Mackinac Island Trip
Volume 18 – Number 2
Page 2
History of LIR - Part Two
A Step Back in History
This is the second in a series of three articles to
review the establishment and accomplishments
of the LIR program in Waukesha County.
Under the direction of President Donna Dollase
approximately 150 members. Jim Karius
planned the class schedules and recruited some
outstanding coordinators. Pat Tyler and Joyce
Reiss arranged for tours. Arline Orlovsky and
Dorris Harrison managed to assign everyone in
the right room at the right time. Joan Berger
provided us with an outstanding newsletter to
keep us on top of all of the events and Cliff
George kept the treasury books and budget in
Jim Karius (1997-1999) was next in line as
Class choices and volunteer
instructors continued to grow during his tenure.
Membership also grew from the original 150
members to nearly 500.
Doris Harrison (1999-2002) came on deck for a
very productive three-year term as President.
Membership remained over 500 and the
newsletter grew with the assistance of Norma
Osterndorf along with Joan Bergner. Members
were provided with up-to-date professionalquality brochures thanks to Helen Gambon and
the late Allan Osterndorf. Class coordinators
were provided to assist instructors and office
procedures were streamlined to accommodate
increasing requests from members, coordinators
and WCTC employees. In Spring, 2001, LIR
moved from an office on Morris Street to
comfortable quarters in the new College Center
building on the main campus, thanks to Donna
Bauer and Dr. Marlena Mackie of WCTC.
The by-laws were revised to allow the election of
two delegates-at-large instead of one. The
Board approved an annual donation to the
WCTC Foundation for a WCTC/ LIR scholarship,
Spring 2014
and LIR continued to participate in the
Elderhostel Institute Network (EIN), where Board
members and committee chairs served as forum
leaders. Liz Bednar assumed the chair position
of the Curriculum Committee held by Jim Karius
the previous five years. The Special Events
Committee owed its initial success to Pat Tyler
and Joyce Reiss.
Norma Osterndorf (2002-2003) continued a very
active one-year term as President.
Dehnel, chair of the Special Events Committee,
expanded the program with scheduled trips
throughout the state. Long-range planning,
member recruitment, and goal setting were
major emphases of the LIR Board. A first annual
board retreat in January provided a forum for
ideas. An extra newsletter was published in
March extolling the benefits of teaching and
taking leadership roles for LIR members. Pat
Tyler initiated a golf league, “The LIR Swingers”,
to add to the bridge and singers in the Special
Interest Group. At the end of the school year, it
was announced that Donna Bauer, the WCTC
staff liaison to LIR was retiring. Donna was the
leading force behind the establishment of LIR
and played a key role in the implementation of
the 10th Anniversary LIR Program.
Skip Oldenburg (2003-2005) took over for a twoyear term as President. Membership remained
over 550 and even exceeded 600 during his
second year. LIR started out with a book
discussion group and gradually added
sheepshead and genealogy to those already
mentioned under previous presidents. Hiking
was added to this list with a list of 30 enthusiasts
meeting monthly. Two special projects were
added during Skip’s term. The first was “Tiny
Tech”, which was a daycare center sponsored
by WCTC. They requested our assistance in
providing software for children through the age
of 12, as well as children’s books, tapes and
crayons. The LIR Board approved sponsoring
this special project during our tenth anniversary
year. Another project was beneficial to many
home bound seniors in Waukesha County who
did not have the necessary resources to
purchase small items we take for granted.
Volume 18 – Number 2
Page 3
In fall, 2014, the third and final series will bring
you up to date under the direction of Presidents,
who have served during the past ten years.
Spring 2014
LIR Trips & Events
West Bend/Regal Ware Museum and
the new Museum of Wisconsin Art
Model Railroading: What a Hobby!
I have been a model railroader since I was a
small boy and my Dad bought a Lionel train, a
story told by many model railroaders. The layout
began around the Christmas tree and eventually
expanded to a large layout in our basement.
When I became a teenager and my interests
turned to other pursuits, my Dad sold all the
equipment to a father with a young son.
After starting my teaching career, I returned to
the hobby and built my first layout in HO scale.
When I married Linda, we built our first house
and paid extra to convert a crawl space into a
full basement, which gave me a room for a
layout. As I developed my modeling skills, the
first layout was disassembled, redesigned and
rebuilt. I repeated this process one more time
before we built our second home. A layout is
never considered completed – it is continuously
enhanced and revised. In our new home I am
building a new, bigger and better layout.
Since joining LIR my modeling skills have
continued to improve. Our wonderful LIR
President talked me into teaching a course on
Model Railroading. Since teaching this first
course, I have taught 3 additional courses for
LIR. I volunteer with a group of modelers at the
Oconomowoc Historical Society Museum, where
we get together once a week to maintain and
improve a model railroad layout built in the
1950’s. I have also organized a group of
modelers who gather once a month to visit a
train-prototype or model. All these activities have
broadened my knowledge, skill and enjoyment
of the hobby and are a result, in many ways, of
having joined LIR.
On a bright, sunny February morning, LIR
members gathered at the Meadowbrook Park
and Ride wondering what to expect from our
little adventure to West Bend and visit to the
West Bend/Regal Ware Museum and the new
Museum of Wisconsin Art. Our first stop was
the West Bend/Regal Ware Museum.
The West Bend/Regal Ware Museum depicts
the aluminum industry from its beginnings in
1911 and shows how its products were
interwoven into everyday life. The museum
perpetuates the legacy and history of two
Washington County pioneers—both producing
innovative products that found themselves in
kitchens across the world.
In addition to
innovative products, the Museum showcases
how the West Bend Company and Regal Ware
were instrumental in American efforts during
World War II. Test kitchens were an integral
component of product development for the West
Bend Company and Regal Ware. As society
changed, the industry shaped American
consumerism and literally changed women’s
history. Time-saving products gave women
Volume 18 – Number 2
Page 4
more opportunity to pursue interests outside of
the home. Museum exhibits include popular as
well as imaginative products from every decade.
“My grandmother had that, my mother used that,
I have that,” were comments made by everyone
as we walked through the displays.
The next stop was lunch at the Riverside
Brewery Restaurant on Main Street. Everyone
was impressed with the quality of food,
attentiveness of the wait staff, and comfort of the
restaurant. It was a time to relax and share
conversation with LIR friends.
Spring 2014
Pastel Artists in the State Gallery (January 17April 13, 2014. Finally, the One Gallery features
an exhibit by Beth Lipman, one of the
preeminent artists working in glass today. Her
“Sideboard with Blue China” measures almost
25 feet wide and ten feet high and is made
almost entirely of glass. It pays homage to an
ultra-extravagant, historic sideboard from 1853
by noted designers Bulkley and Herter. Lipman
raises issues of growth and decay, wants versus
needs, and how our possessions define us.
At 3:30 PM we began our journey back. Again,
we were all touched by the beauty, history, and
many types of products and artwork represented
in the museums. We all learned a lot and had
fun along the way. Thanks to Special Events for
introducing us to another one of Wisconsin’s
“hidden jewels.” I look forward to a return visit
with family and friends to enjoy these wonderful
Polish, Italian, & Yesteryear Trip
After lunch, we visited the Museum of Wisconsin
Art (MOWA), which is now housed in a
spectacular new building on the Milwaukee
River. It is one of the top regional art museums
in the country and is the primary venue
nationally for the exhibition of historic and
contemporary Wisconsin art.
The Museum
divided us into two groups and provided a
docent-led tour. The docents provided a general
overview of the galleries with time after to
wander the galleries on our own. The Museum
featured the Wisconsin Artists Biennial (January
17-March 9, 2014).
The Biennial is a
competitive exhibition open to artists statewide
with a single judge who selects works for the
show. Of the 262 artists that applied, 53 were
selected for this year’s exhibition. The show
included well-known artists as well as emerging
artists. In addition to the Biennial exhibit, the
Museum currently welcomes the Wisconsin
On Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2013, we started the
day off at the majestic, elegant St. Josaphat's
Basilica. The docent told us the history and gave
a tour of this beautiful Polish church. Lunch was
at Buca di Beppo for authentic Italian cuisine,
Mmmmmm!. Last stop was the Chudnow
Museum of Yesteryear. That was a trip back in
time to the 1920's and 30's in Milwaukee.
Docents took us to various rooms set up as
shops, theaters, train depot and more. A
surprise at the end was a hidden speak easy-but don't tell anyone. A wonderful bunch of
people, as always, made the trip even better.
Volume 18 – Number 2
Page 5
The Sanfilippo ‘Place de la Musique’ –
March 19, 2014
LIR members traveled to Barrington, Illinois to
see the Sanfilippo ‘Place de la Musique’, which
is famous worldwide for the largest collection of
instruments. What made this trip so spectacular
was not only did we visually enjoy the beauty of
the machines, but we also heard them.
Overheard comments from LIR members
included “Awesome, exceeded my expectations,
magnificent, and let’s do this again.”
The Sanfilippo Estate included a 44,000 square
foot French styled building that was nestled
away on 57 picturesque wooded acres. This
magnificent building included the owners’
residence, the world’s largest restored 8,000
pipe theater organ, 30 dance organs, 60 coinoperated piano based music machines, and over
300 music boxes and phonographs. The Music
Theater was 4 stories tall with a cage elevator or
spiral staircase to gain access to the balcony.
The Sanfilippo Foundation’s Executive Director
demonstrated how many of these antique
orchestrians, phonographs, and pianos operated
and sounded. Downstairs was a Victorian Bar,
Arcade, Ice Cream Parlor, and collection of
smaller antique steam engines.
The second building on the property was the
Carousel Pavilion. LIR members were stunned
at the beauty of the restored, massive 1890
European salon carousel. When the carousel
was turned on, it was breathtaking to watch. LIR
members were able to climb into an elegantly
decorated Victorian Pullman Palace train car.
There was also a Grant locomotive and tender,
horse drawn steam pumper, and steam engine
gallery on display in this building. LIR members
stood in awe when viewing the intricately
designed 32 foot Victorian clock tower in the
center of the building.
The Sanfilipio Estate is not open to the public,
because it is located in a residential area.
Spring 2014
Charitable functions, private concerts, and
educational tours are the only ways to gain
entrance. LIR members were truly fortunate to
experience this awesome trip.
Wisconsin Department of Agriculture
Trade and Consumer Protection
Presentation – March 21, 2014
Researchers have recorded 13 million cases of
identity theft and fraud nationally in 2013, which
is almost 1 victim every 2 seconds. LIR offered a
free presentation titled “Consumer Protection for
Wisconsin Senior Citizens” at the WCTC
Pewaukee Campus on March 21, 2014. There
were over 70 people in attendance. The very
informative and invaluable presentation was
given by Shawn Diaz. Topics discussed were
identity theft, grandparent scams, and charitable
solicitations. There was time for audience
discussion and questions. There were 17
handouts available to take home and read.
Identity theft can occur with any combination of
the following: name, address, phone number,
email address, ATM Pin, date of birth, social
security number, mother’s maiden name, and
financial account numbers. It is impossible to
include all of the critical tips for seniors that Ms.
Diaz discussed, but a few do stand out:
1. Shred all items with your name, social
security number, address, date of birth, birth
certificate information, passport number, bank or
credit card numbers, passwords, phone
numbers, and biometric data.
2. The average person cannot remember
everything in a wallet, so make a photocopy of
everything. This will enable you to contact
everyone and agencies quickly.
3. Do not carry your Medicare card unless
necessary. Make a colored copy of the front and
back of your card with the last 4 digits blacked
Volume 18 – Number 2
Page 6
4. Be aware of skimming devices at ATM
5. Credit cards offer greater security against
fraud than a debit card. A debit card gives 2
business days to report fraud. The credit card
gives 60 days, and once reported you are not
held liable.
6. Only use US post office mail boxes (blue)
when mailing checks.
7. Obtain a FREE credit report from each of the
three major credit reporting agencies each year
(Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion).
Spring 2014
Get Involved in Our Groups
LIR Singers meet on Mondays from 10am until
noon to rehearse and socialize. [Contact Person:
Rita Arnold, [email protected] ]
Genealogy Group meets the first Friday of each
month. [Contact Person: Cindy Richter,
[email protected] ]
Book Lovers Group meets at the Pewaukee city
Library on the third Wednesday of the month.
[Contact Person: Norma Jane Demeyer,
[email protected] ]
8. Wifi passwords provided by a hotel, airport,
restaurants, etc. are not secure sites. Avoid any
free wifi when doing finances. Only use secure
Theater-Goers have been attending the 4pm
performance of the Waukesha Civic Theater on the
second Saturday of each production. [Contact
Person: Sandy Zingler, [email protected] ]
9. Ask receptionists and clerks to verify personal
information by showing it to you, rather than
saying it aloud.
Bridge Group meets every Tuesday afternoon from
1:30-3:30pm. [Contact Person: Jan Oberg,
[email protected] ]
10. Remove labels on prescription bottles. A
black marker does not adequately cover it.
Sheepshead Group [Contact Person: Elaine
Jensen, 414-425-6952 ]
11. Passwords for financial institutions and for
social media need to be different. Avoid
birthdates and names of parents, middle names,
and even pets.
Hiking Club [Contact Person: Ron Wegner,
[email protected] ]
If you have missed this wonderful presentation
and would like more information, contact:
Bureau of Consumer Protection, Office of
Privacy Protection, 2811 Agriculture Drive, PO
Box 8911, Madison, WI 53708-8911. Phone
number: 800-422-7128. Website information:
Mahjongg Players [Contact Person: Carmen
Periquet, [email protected] ]
Call the LIR Office (262-695-3473) to obtain phone
numbers for any of these contact people.
Adventures in Reading for Men
Wanted: Instructors to Teach Courses
If you are willing to teach a course for LIR using
many of our DVD’s, or have an idea for a
course you could teach, please contact the
office by phone at 262-695-651, or email at
[email protected]
If joining a men's special interest group to share
opinions about a book read by the group
appeals to you, please leave your name with the
LIR office by phone at 262-695-6511 or email
[email protected] If there is enough interest, you
will be contacted with more information.
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Volume 18 – Number 2
Spring 2014
LIR 2013-2014
LIR Office
Building A, Room 102E
800 Main Street
Pewaukee, WI 53072
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Marci Lanois
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Tom Dicristo
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Judy Osborne
Phone 262-695-3473
Fax 262-695-3436
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LIR Office Hours:
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Mary, Nancy & Val
9:30am - 4:00pm
9:30am - 4:00pm
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9:30am - 4:00pm
Mission Statement
Learning in Retirement (LIR) provides
intellectual, cultural and social opportunities
to foster life-long learning for adults in
association with Waukesha County
Technical College.