Datasheet- Integrated GPS (GNSS) SFP Module

Integrated GPS (GNSS) SFP Module
Integrated and Managed GPS (GNSS) Solution for LTETDD and LTE-Advanced Networks
The 8600 Smart Routers include an embedded synchronization solution for
evolving access networks. This covers LTE-TDD and LTE-Advanced networks that
require accurate Time-of-Day and phase synchronization. The Coriant solution
provides a combination of managed, integrated GPS with IEEE1588v2 Boundary
Clock that offers a flexible deployment model with optimal cost and performance.
GPS can be provisioned on selected 8600 Smart Router aggregation sites as Primary
Reference Time Clocks bypassing the parts of the network where IEEE1588 Boundary
Clock is not supported. Synchronous Ethernet provides additional holdover accuracy
to protect against GPS outages. IEEE1588-capable 8600 Smart Router nodes
transfer synchronization to the LTE base stations. This model offers the performance
guarantees of a strict link-by-link processing where each 8600 Smart Router node
provides an IEEE1588 Boundary Clock function while keeping down the cost of
deploying GPS antennas.
Traditionally, GPS-based synchronization has been provided to base station sites
utilizing a GPS antenna and receiver at each site. However, this approach may
become costly as each site requires a dedicated GPS receiver system. Further,
installation costs or physical site limitations may become prohibitive. The Coriant
Integrated GPS (GNSS) receiver addresses these challenges.
The 8600 Smart Routers can distribute time synchronization accurately using an
inbuilt IEEE1588 Boundary Clock function. They can also act as a local source
of time using the integrated GPS module. Additionally, they can accept a time
input via a Pulse Per Second (PPS) and Time-of-Day (TOD) port from a co-located
Synchronization Supply Unit (SSU). Together these features provide two main
applications: synchronization from GPS in the High RAN and GPS in the Low RAN.
Both cases are supported by 8600 Smart Routers and offer considerable savings
over installing GPS at every base station site.
■■ Provide accurate time-of-day
and phase synchronization
■■ Support LTE-TDD and LTEAdvanced networks
■■ Deliver cost-effective solution
for the low RAN
■■ Protect against GPS (GNSS)
The Smart Router Series
The Smart Router series offers versatile and scalable solutions for mobile backhaul from small aggregation sites to controller
and gateway sites. In addition, Smart Routers serve fixed and mobile convergence and cloud computing networking needs.
These solutions are designed to meet the ever-growing requirements of data hungry mobile and enterprise users. All of the
Smart Routers are LTE-ready and provide an extensive Ethernet and IP/MPLS feature set. Simultaneous support for multiservice
applications in access and aggregation networks protects earlier network investments. The Smart Router product family is
supported by the 8000 Intelligent Network Manager, which is an easy to use end-to-end network management solution.
The 8000 Intelligent Network Manager minimizes operational and maintenance costs and scales up to tens of thousands of
network elements.
The Managed GPS module is implemented in an SFP form factor which is powered and managed as an integral part of the 8600 Smart
Router system. It accepts an active or passive antenna and implements a Primary Reference Time Clock with +/-50 ns to UTC together with
the synchronization module embedded in the network element. Both GPS and GLONASS are supported.
GNSS (Global Navigational Satellite System) provides the main source of time worldwide and 8600 Smart Router accurate time distribution
on a link-by-link basis. Where the existing core network is not IEEE1588-capable, 8600 Smart Routers offer an integrated, cost-effective
GNSS solution for the Low RAN. Here, the 8600 Smart Router on an aggregation site uses integrated GPS to act as a local IEEE1588 master.
This is repeated at aggregation sites throughout the Low RAN where each aggregation site may support from 2 to 50 base stations. A typical
scenario may be 10 LTE-TDD base stations per aggregation site. Where connectivity allows, IEEE1588 masters on different aggregation sites
can provide redundancy to other sites. This cost-effective solution is fully managed by the 8000 Intelligent Network Manager.
Synchronous Ethernet can be used to provide a stable frequency reference to the GPS time source. This is referred to as a Primary
Reference Time Clock and is specified in G.8272. The use of SyncE allows the 8600 Smart Routers to provide “Rubidium quality” holdover
in a very cost effective solution. Two GPS SFP modules can also protect each other utilizing the IEEE1588 Boundary Clock Grand Master
algorithm that selects the next best clock source if the used source fails. The failure may be caused, for example, by GPS jamming efforts.
Physical Dimensions
•Small Form Factor Pluggable 8.5 x 13.4
x 56.5 mm (H x W x D)
Power and Cooling
•Power output for active antennae (5 V
@ 100 mA)
•Power consumption: typical 1 W,
maximum 2 W
Coriant Supported Nodes
•The 8630 Smart Router and
8660 Smart Router (CDC2 + ELC1)
•The 8609 Smart Router (R2)
•PRTC according to G.8272
•IEEE1588 Master Clock
•IEEE1588 Boundary Clock
•Clock selection as per IEEE1588-2008
•ITU-T G.8262
•Synchronous Ethernet
•SSM over Ethernet [G.8264]
Safety and EMC
•FCC CFR 47 Part 15 Subpart B Class A
•EC Compliance RTTE Directive 1995/5/
Environmental Conditions
•Storage: ETS 300 019-1-1:2003-04 Class
1.1, Temperature: -5° C...+45° C / 23° F to
113° F
•Transportation: ETS 300 019-1-2:200304 Class 2.3, Temperature: -40° C...+70°
C / -40° F to + 158° F
•Operating: ETS 300 019-1-3:200407 Class 3.2 (non-condensing),
Temperature: -5° C...+45°C / 23°F to
+113° F, Relative humidity: 5 %...95 %
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