Programmatic Connector
The Evolution of Automated Buying
Automatically combining data-driven attribution results with real-time bidding and
demand side platforms is now a reality with Adometry’s Programmatic Connector.
The results are in: Real-time bidding (RTB) and demand side
platforms (DSP) are the future of media buying. RTB usage has
grown at a phenomenal rate. According to eMarketer, RTB
spending in the United States will reach $7.1 billion by 2016 —
nearly a third of the display ad market — up from $1.9 billion
this year.
Engaging with RTB purchasing partners used to mean optimizing
media buys using last touch analytics, and only based on activity
within that partner. RTB partners have been unable to optimize
media buys using cross channel metrics and credits that their
clients use to measure performance — until now.
Adometry’s Programmatic
Connector Changes The Game
Adometry has created an automated integration that improves
the performance of RTB, DSP, search bid management, and
network platforms. The Programmatic Connector combines
Adometry’s data-driven attribution modeling with buying
platform’s real-time optimization so that certified purchasing
partners can generate better results and drive incremental value.
In addition to connecting with buying platforms and your access
to the Adometry interactive user interface, the data feeds
produced by Adometry’s daily attribution analysis can be sent
to your internal data warehousing systems. If you already use
a custom internal infrastructure, connecting daily attribution
insights to your internal systems allows you to have a more
complete and accurate internal view without changing all of your
legacy reporting systems.
How It Works
The first-to-market standard for integrating with third-party
partners allows certified buying and optimization platforms to
accept Adometry’s daily fractional attribution feeds so they can
accurately optimize bidding and delivery based on a holistic,
complete view of marketing performance.
1. Deploy Tags: Use Adometry’s standard first- or third-party
tags to collect impression and click data at the most granular
level (Bid ID)
2.Daily File Sent: A daily file of BID IDs, keyword and display
impressions is sent from the partner to Adometry
3.Marketing Event Mapping: Next, we join the Bid IDs
captured from the tags to the marketing events received in
the daily file to add cost and context to each event
4.Attribution Processing: We integrate data sets into your
attribution processing and provide results.
5.Results Pushed to Partners: Fractional Insights
are automatically routed to partners so they can
leverage attribution modeling and scoring for more
accurate optimization.
Marketers can buy with confidence from certified buying
platforms, knowing that the platforms are optimizing delivery
using the most accurate, cross-channel metrics and eliminating
the double and triple counting that results from a single
channel view.
As media buying continues to become more and more automated and instantaneous, consider a partner who will be able to
connect with the largest players in the inventory landscape.
Powerful Partnerships
Adometry offers an extensive, constantly growing network of certified partners. For the latest list of
partner options, please check with your Adometry Sales Representative or visit Step Up To Data-Driven Buying
Driving incremental success means making smart, data-driven decisions at every turn. Don’t let
your use of real-time bidding and demand side platforms suffer from operating in a silo. Offer
certified partners the ability to leverage the same data-driven attribution insights you use to
measure overall performance — and watch them do a better job of optimizing your in-flight
Next Steps
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