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Eye Music presents
S at u r d ay 1 3 S e p t e m b e r
2014 Colourscape
Music Festival
on Clapham Common
The Colourscape Music Festival has appeared
annually on Clapham Common since 1989
- the only contemporary music festival to
take place actually inside a sculpture.
Composers Lawrence Casserley and
Simon Desorgher originally founded
their south London music festival in
Nettlefold Hall, West Norwood. When
they encountered Colourscape they
made the decision to move the whole
contemporary music festival into this
amazing new space.
Colourscape is a very large labyrinth of
colour and light - a sculpture of pure colour
that the public actually go inside. Everyone
puts on a coloured cape to become part of
the colour experience and enters into a new
world where one can freely explore the
potentials of light, colour and space.
1 to 5pm Ludus (round 3) by Nye Parry
(Eye Music commission 2009)
The Apollo Quartet vs The Kaleidoscope Quartet
Ludus is a game for two Saxophone Quartets carrying colour
sensors. Played in the labyrinthine passages of Colourscape,
Ludus treats the structure as a giant board-game with the
musicians being both players and
“pieces” in the game.
You, the visitor throw dice to move
the performers through the space.
The values of the throws affect
the music and also the colours the
players move through.
Come and take part in an amazing
musical game where you control the
outcome. If the players end up in
the same Colourscape chamber they
play an endless duet until you throw
a six to release them.
S u n d ay 1 4 S e p t e m b e r
T h u r s d ay 1 8 S e p t e m b e r
S at u r d ay 2 0 S e p t e m b e r
1pm to 5pm
1pm to 5pm
Gaia II by Barry Guy
Music of the Spheres
Colourscape 25th Birthday Concert
(Eye Music commission 2008)
Performed by the Apollo Saxophone Quartet, Improvising Brass
Quartet, soloist Dom Lash and two dancers with live video
Gaia II takes the use of music spread
through space to new dimensions. Quartets
of saxophones and trombones perform
throughout Colourscape together with solo
double bass performances by Dom Lash.
Dancers Tanya Richam-Odoi and Lisa Welham
improvise to the music which is captured by video cameras. The
results are sent to video artist Peter Donebauer and the abstract
colour video relayed to large screens in our festival marquee.
This will be a truly remarkable experience for all the senses.
5 to 6pm Colourscape open without music, as a sculpture of pure
In 2013 we present:
of the best of the large-scale
• Two
commission pieces over the years, Nye
Parry’s Ludus and Barry Guy’s Gaia II
25th Birthday Concert
2014 Eye Music commission, Stevie
• Our
Wishart’s Pied Piper
Every day from Monday to Friday there will be workshops
in colour, light and music given by the Colourscape artists,
musicians and performers. These workshops will cover a range
of topics exploring the scientific nature of colour and light
as well as art and music. If you would like to bring a group
to participate in the workshop week please ring the festival
telephone number to check availability.
Check our website:
for any late changes.
M o n d ay 1 5 t o F r i d ay 1 9 S e p t e m b e r
Workshops in Colourscape
with Colourscape public opening from 12 to 1pm
On the weekdays Colourscape will be open for workshops from
10am to 3pm and public access to Colourscape will be restricted
to 12 to 1pm. During this time Colourscape can be explored
without music and at a reduced price.
Our Colourscape Festival One structure opens as a sculpture of
pure colour.
Come and marvel at a breathtaking work of art!
The world’s largest Colourscape was commissioned in 1995 by
Eye Music Trust with National Lottery funding.
This year we present our newest Colourscape – Moonorooni –
on Monday to Thursday lunchtimes. Come and experience new
views of colour. Reduced admission price for these days!
Music by 25 composers performed by Jane’s Minstrels, soloist
Jane Manning, and Alison Blunt Ensemble
For Colourscape Music Festival’s 25th birthday we celebrate
with no fewer than 25 pieces of music by 25 composers played
throughout the afternoon.
There are three kinds of pieces being played and two ensembles to play them. Fully written music will be played by Jane’s
Minstrels (flute, clarinet, French horn, violin, viola, cello, piano)
conducted by Roger Montgomery. Jane Manning (this is also her
birthday!) will perform pieces specially written for her - both with
electronics and with ensemble.
In 2006 Eye Music announced a new
commissioning fund for composers
and creative performers. Each year
artists are invited to propose ideas for
new developments of performances in
Colourscape linking music with colour,
space and light. Gaia II was the third piece
to be commissioned repeated here in our
anniversary year.
But as if that wasn’t enough….. there is
also music, dance and theatre taking place
inside! This is a full nine-day festival where
the “venue” is our largest one-acre walk-in
structure of nearly 100 interlinked chambers.
Explore for a while and you discover
long views of intense colour and light.
Move forwards and another view opens
up - and another - and another. Musicians
and dancers are found anywhere in this
extraordinary space leading the public on a
5 to 6pm Colourscape open without music.
for Giant Sphere floating on Clapham Common boating pond,
suspended aerial dancer, flute and computers
To open the very first Colourscape Music Festival on Clapham
Music with more improvisatory elements, graphic scores and music with electronics will be played by Alison Blunt Ensemble (flute,
oboe, trombone, violin) There will also be some “pure” electronic
pieces played.
Common we staged the
first performance of Music
of the Spheres on Clapham
Common boating lake.
25 years later we repeat
the event but with two
Composers chosen to take part are: Caroline Wilkins, David
Sutton-Anderson, Simon Emmerson, Matthew King, Stephen
Mark Barchan, Andrew Thomas, Jacob Thompson-Bell, Stace Constantinou, Jessica Aslan, Edwin Roxburgh, Will Redman, Lawrence
Casserley, Simon Desorgher, David Stevens, Guillaume Chappez,
Dario Baiocchi, Nye Parry, Avril Sutton-Anderson, Alison Blunt,
Stevie Wishart, Jackie Walduck, Juliana Hodkinson, Cat Hope, Rolf
Gelhaar (plus one other to be announced).
25 years ago we staged
Music of the Spheres with
our 25-foot diameter
Sphere floating on water,
with a flautist suspended
in the centre. Now we
repeat the event with our
bigger 36-footer – the size
of a four-storey building.
In the centre aerial dancer
Claire Crook weaves and
spirals on silk trapeze
while the Sphere weaves its own ballet on the water. Flautist
and composer, Simon Desorgher is in a 12-foot Sphere on land
creating the music which is transformed by computer magic into
“The Water Cycle” – a whole orchestra of flutes telling the story
of the flow of water from sea to rain to rivers and back to the
The Sphere will start inflating at 7.30 and we expect the music
to start at 8pm as darkness falls and searchlights light up the
S u n d ay 2 1 S e p t e m b e r
1 to 5pm
The Pied Piper by Stevie Wishart
Eye Music commission 2014
In 2014, out of many applicants, our artistic committee chose
to support the creation of a new work especially composed for
Colourscape: The Pied Piper - a children’s opera by Stevie Wishart.
The Pied Piper will be played by recorder-player Roselyn Maynard
of Consortium5 (a regular Colourscape performer), who leads a
procession of rats and children through Colourscape. The public
too are invited to take part with special “musical coloured capes”.
Ethereal bell music sounds throughout the space and the drama
leads the public on a magical journey.
Members of the Oxford Girls’
Choir (directed by Richard
Vendome) are the children with
Pandora Dewan (Lead Rat) and
Katherine Benson (Story-teller).
The event is directed by Matthew
Hiscock with soundscapes
produced by Lawrence Casserley
and ambisonics projections by
Festival sound engineer Matt
Pied Piper performances will
start on each hour and take
about 45 minutes to perform.
To be sure of seeing a complete
performance please come at
least 30 minutes before the
hour to allow for any waiting
times. Your ticket will admit
you for up to one hour.
5 to 6pm Colourscape open without music as a sculpture of pure
The Colourscape Rawsthorn commission 2015
Each year we send out a call for composers to present ideas
for special Colourscape performances. Over the years we have
presented music-theatre spread around the many Colourscape
chambers, music for radios carried by the audience, a blindfolded
choir and 35 loudspeakers, a Symphony of Gongs, new sculptural
costumes and instruments. Two of the most successful commissions
are repeated this year. Composers should check our website for
information on applying for 2015.
5 to 6pm
Colourscape open without music as a sculpture of pure colour.
Children must be accompanied by an adult.
Children under 2 are free.
The Colourscape sculptures presented at our 2014 festival
create unique environments linking music, colour and space.
Highly coloured chambers are linked by elliptical openings to
form a breathtaking experience of the potentials of colour and
space illuminated by natural daylight. The public wear cloaks of
primary colours that change in hue as they move through the
intensely coloured chambers.
Whilst wandering through the interconnected chambers, you
will experience the intensity and subtlety of colour. We use only
translucent red, blue, green, yellow and opaque grey but you
will see mixtures of colour that you may not be able to name.
The main Colourscape that we present on Clapham Common is
called “Festival One” and is the largest structure of its kind in
the world. It incorporates a large silver space with high columns
and domed ceiling. This space forms the chamber for the larger
ensembles and performances.
The Moonorooni Colourscape that we are presenting on
Monday to Thursday lunchtimes is our smallest Colourscape –
but in spite of its size it has a huge range of secondary colours
and a Silver Dome.
Your ticket admits you to Colourscape for up to an hour (longer
in quiet periods).
Each visitor walks freely, choosing from many routes through
Colourscape, experiencing ever expanding views of radiating
colours. Musicians may be found anywhere playing in this most
unusual performance “venue”.
From the reactions of many thousands of visitors, it is obvious
that people have strong feelings about colour. Some people
describe red as a physical presence; others hesitate to step into
it. Some people find green relaxing, others find it disturbing.
Find out how you respond when you come to Colourscape.
Many visitors are moved to express their experience in poetic
"I felt I could almost breathe the colours."
"The blues and soft greys went on forever. I could feel
myself expanding with the red and growing calmer
with the greens and blues. The people were dancers
on a stage like a surreal abstract ballet. The music was
excellent and much appreciated."
Please do be aware of other people’s enjoyment of the music
and the space – particularly keeping any noise to a minimum
in the main music listening areas
Look on our website:
for more views of Colourscape.
Colourscapes are created by artists Peter Jones and
Lynne Dickens and constructed with help from artist
Becky Knight. Our Festival One (1994), Festival Two and
Moonorooni Colourscapes have been commissioned
by the Eye Music Trust with funding from the National
Lottery, Foundation for Sport and the Arts, Arts Council
England and City Bridge Trust.
e employ a specially-designed
• W
wind-break system that reduces
Weekday reduced price without music from 12 to 1pm
- £4.00
- £2.00
Family ticket (up to 2 adults and 3 children) - £12.00
the power of any wind by 65%
and can be seen running around
the whole structure.
olourscape has been tested by
• Cindependent
safety engineers
- £6.00
- £3.00
Family Ticket (up to 2 adults and 3 children) - £16.00
Festival enquiries:
Site mobile:
Colourscapes ten experienced
stewards look after all aspects
of public safety and are there to
answer questions and help you
to enjoy the experience fully.
and passed as meeting high
standards of anchoring and
e never show Colourscape in
strong winds.
020 8763 9298
07905 974922
olourscape is not affected by
• Crain
as all events take place
under cover.
ur safety is based on our large,
• Otrained
team. On our larger
 Colourscape will be installed on Clapham Common, off
Rookery Road, near the Long Pond boating lake and The
Windmill pub. Colourscape will be open from 1 to 6pm at
weekends, 12 to 1pm on weekdays.
 Admission will be available only at the door during
festival times. There is a limit on numbers for each
performance due to safety and licensing requirements, so
come early to avoid disappointment.
 Children must be accompanied by an adult.
 Colourscape will normally open in all weather conditions
except for high winds. However, Eye Music Trust will not
be held responsible for cancellations due to weather or
other reasons.
 The festival will not be held responsible for losses of
personal property while in Colourscape.
 There will be easy access for people with disabilities and
a helper will be on hand for those in wheelchairs.
M u sic
Buses to Clapham Common are:
35, 45, 88, 118, 131, 155, 189
incidents over 40 years.
C o l o u r sc a p e
- £9.00
- £5.00
Family Ticket (up to 2 adults and 3 children) - £25.00
Nearest underground station:
Clapham Common, Northern line.
olourscape has an excellent
• Csafety
record with no major
Eye Music Trust was given Regularly Funded
Organisation status by Arts Council England in 2008
The festival is presented by Eye Music Trust.
Trustees: David Elliot, Simon Emmerson, Jane Manning OBE,
Anthony Burton, Nicky Rogers and Edwin Roxburgh
Company Secretary: Antony McDonald
Festival Directors: Lawrence Casserley and Simon Desorgher
Production Manager: Izzy Liney
Front of House Manager: Paul Currier
Sound Engineer: Matt Saunders
A team of 12 look after Colourscape installation and public
enjoyment and safety.
The 2014 Colourscape Music Festival is indebted to the following
organisations for their generous support: Arts Council England,
PRS Foundation, Daytrippers Charity, RVW Trust, City Bridge
Weekend openings: 1 to 6pm
(each ticket admits to Colourscape for up to an hour)
F e s t iv a l
Colourscape safety and weather