How to Log Your Volunteer Hours Cómo registrar sus horas de

How to Log Your Volunteer Hours
Cómo registrar sus horas de voluntariado
STEP 1-Starting the Program
PASO 1-Inicio del programa de
 Click once on “Volunteer Time Maintenance”
 Haga clic una vez sobre "el tiempo
mantenimiento de voluntariado"
STEP 2-Finding Your Name
PASO 2- La búsqueda de su nombre
 Type the STUDENT’S last name and push enter.
 Escriba los apellidos del ALUMNO y pulse Enter.
 This will display a list of names within that
student’s family. Click once on the circle next to
your name.
 Esto mostrará una lista de nombres dentro de la
familia de ese estudiante. Haga clic una vez sobre
el círculo junto a su nombre.
 If your name is not listed in the student’s family,
use the “Guest” option by dragging the scroll bar to
the top of the name list and click on “Guest.”
 Si su nombre no aparece en la familia del
estudiante, utilice el "Invitado" opción arrastrando
la barra de desplazamiento a la parte superior de
la lista de nombres y haga clic en "Guest".
Option 1
STEP 3-Entering the Date (option 1)
Click once on the white Date box.
Type in the date you volunteered using the
mm/dd/yyyy format.
Step 3-Entering the Date (option 2)
Click on the small calendar icon which will
open a large calendar.
Click on the date and it will autofill the white
date box.
STEP 4-Entering the Total Hours
Click once on the white Hrs box.
Type in the total number of hours you
volunteered for on the date listed.
Option 2
STEP 5-Volunteer Activity
Click once on the drop down arrow in the
Activity box. This will display a list of
Click once on the activity you volunteered
at. If it is not listed, click on “other.”
STEP 6-Description
This box is only used under special
circumstances as follows:
If you signed in as a “Guest” please type
the Student’s name (in capital letters) you
are representing and your name. Use the
format of JOHN SMITH—Mary Jones.
If the volunteer activity required any special
description, such as using the “other”
category, you must add it here.
It is not necessary to expand on the
description if the Activity box is self
explanatory. For example, if you are
volunteering in the classroom at a class
party, you do NOT need to ad “class
holiday party” to the description, just leave
it blank.
STEP 7-Ending the Session
When you have entered all the necessary
information, click the “Exit” or “Add” button
to return to the main screen. The program
will automatically save any information you
DO NOT use the “Undo” button.
That’s it. You are all done!
If you need to have your name added to the database, please email PTA at: [email protected]