Modelo 2 – Acreditación condición pensionista - Ministerio de

Consejería de Empleo y Seguridad Social
Ejemplo de documento de The Pension Service que puede utilizarse para acreditar la condición de pensionista:
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W bslta; www.thepénSionsetvíce.go\/.\Jk.
Este- documento. expedido por The Pension
Sen~ice, demuestra.que . utilular retine la
condicion de Pensionista a efecto~ de
pres1a<:íones de asistencia sanjtaria en sus
desplazamientos a España.
Debe mostrarse al medico, a fin de queJe
expida recela medica como peruionisla.
lf you get n touch
Wllh IJS, E!lil US th is
refereoce number
11M Penslon S.rvice
PO Box 1005
Our addtess
NeWC4a1le Upon Tlln•
Our phOne o
0845 6060265
Uyou haw a
Oe45 60«1285
Abou1 your Pehslon Credlt
we .are wr t1ng to te!! you that the rat&S of Penslon Credit. and Socia l Security beoett s are
you w l l l gel
a. wee We have al~ IOOked at other changes
affe(.11ng yaur Pension Cre<l it n ttie same week. Th l s
becausc of a changa In yo r
circ mstances .
We hJNe sent you two sh.eets called How Pen•lon Credlt h•a b.en wo[ked out. One shows
your P.ens on Credl1 •m t itlemant , aM the other shows hoW yollr Penston Credlt ls aflected bV
he yearly change tn rates to benéfít:S In Aprll .
weel< Pens1on Credi t . Th ls is
But from 6 March 2006, we wlll contlnue to pay your
because the cnange in your cJrcurostances does not affecT the amoun of Penslon Credlt
payable to you.
Due to a further cba nge from 10 Aprll 2006you will get
witl be . . change to your Pooslon Credi t rates.
How to get your money
We wl ll pay your Pension Cred lt lnto the acoount shown below. The money wlll be In the
account requested ~ry week by the day Penslon Cred ft s due.
Bank or Building Soclaty:
Account or reterence number;
What should i do U my ctrcumsúul'Ce• change?