2015 Plan for Success

2015 Plan for Success!
Business Reflection Questions !
•Review the questions below and allow the ones that are meaningful for you to help you create your
goals for 2015.!
•What’s working in my business/career?!
•What’s not?!
•What did I learn this year?!
•What needs to change?!
•What opportunities exist right now? !
•What strategies could I implement to reach my goals more powerfully in 2015?!
•What action(s) will take me closer to my commitments in the next 30 days?!
•What are five things have I have been procrastinating about? !
•Where can I be more effective in what I am doing? !
•What are three areas in my work must I recommit to? !
•For what problems must I ask solutions? !
•What key choices or decisions must I make that would be a game changer? !
•What are my time wasters? !
•In what areas should I obtain more education? !
•What do I no longer want to do? Think about the tasks that don’t nourish your passion or are not the best use of your expertise. !
•What can I do to balance my time better this year?!
•What are my financial goals for 2015? (see chart below) !
•What are my options to increase cash flow? !
•What are my options to cut costs? !
•How can I more accurately measure my profitability? !
•What systems do I need to put in place to better track my financial stats?!
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Personal Brand and Marketing:!
• What do my clients really want? How can I provide it? (If you work in an organization, think about
who it is you serve in the organization.)!
• What do I stand for? What do I want to be know for?!
• What are my competitors and industry doing that I must react to? !
• How can I improve my marketing? sales? customer service? Personal brand/reputation?!
• It’s not what you know; it’s who knows what you know. Who do you need to let know what you do
this year and how you can help them (or invite them to help you…people love to help)?!
• How can you attract more of your ideal clients/ business?!
Support team: !
Successful professionals have resources to support their growth. They know they can’t do it alone. Who do
you want on your support team? What does each person/service do for you?!
My Support Team:!
My Three Main Goals for 2015:!
The most important financial goal for my business/career this year is:!
What I want to be able to say at the end of 2015 about my business/career:!
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Area of Focus
Annual gross income
Business expenses
Net income
Hours worked weekly
Wage per hour
Saved for retirement
Other savings
Debt incurred
Debt paid off
Overall Assessment of
finances !
(scale 1-10, 10 being most positive)
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