2015 secme student poster competition guidelines

Each entry is to be prepared and submitted by an individual student representing a school. Each
school is encouraged to organize its poster competition with the winning poster advancing to the
regional competition.
The 2015 Poster Competition
Theme: SECME: STEM iDeas Today, STEM Reality Tomorrow!
POSTER COMPETITION REQUIREMENTS: (Any entries not meeting these
requirements will be automatically disqualified).
4”x6” card (taped to back of poster)
This year’s theme must appear on the poster
Student’s name, grade, age
School Address, city, state, zip code and telephone number
School Name
School System (County)
SECME School Coordinator’s name
II. POSTER: The size of the poster is required to be 22" X 28" (including frame).
Posters must be framed in standard 22”X28” slide-on metal or plastic frames.
Framed posters are not to use glass. The theme must appear on the poster.
NOTE: Poster must be an original work and may use any medium:
Cut and paste
Hand drawn (paints, charcoal, markers, crayon)
Computer (complete work cannot be generated by computer)
Or any combination of the above
Lamination may be used to protect posters during transport. (Three Dimensional Posters
are NOT ALLOWED). All Levels of Competition, POSTERS WILL BE JUDGED ON:
DESCRIPTION (Physical Facts) (2-20 Points)
ANALYSIS (Visual Principles and Unity of Design) (3-30 Points)
INTERPRETATION (Meanings and Intention) (3-30 Points)
JUDGMENT (Comparison and Response) (2-20 Points)
The maximum number of points is 100.
(Evaluation Sheet)
Please Check:
□ Elementary School
□ Middle School
□ High School
School Name
Students Name
School District
Judge’s Name
SECME School
Coordinator Name
Requirements Check:
□ 4”x6” Title card
□ Poster size 22”x28”
□ Framed (plastic or metal)
The maximum number of points for the poster is 100.
I. DESCRIPTION (Physical Facts) (2-20 points)
Theme visible and integral to poster design (1-10 points)
Appearance and craftsmanship, including spelling (1-10 points)
II. ANALYSIS (Visual Principles and Unity of Design) (3-30 points)
Words and images support each other visually (1-10 points)
Elements (lines, shape, color, value, texture) are used intentionally
and effectively (1-10 points)
Visual principles (form, layout, pattern, emphasis, rhythm, contrast,
appropriate, and effective way (1-10 points)
III. INTERPRETATION (Meaning and Intention) (3-30 points)
Verbal theme is translated by effective metaphor into visual term (1-10 points)
All points of the theme’s concept are illustrated effectively (1-10 points)
Stylistic use of medium supports the overall work of art (1-10 points)
IV. JUDGEMENT (Comparison and Response) (2-20 points)
This work is more effective than those in its category in visually carrying
out the theme (1-10 points)
This work appeals to me personally as an isolated work of art (1-10 points)
TOTAL (Highest possible score is 100)