Mindfulness Poster Redruth Jan 2015

For Anxiety and Depression
Course starts: Tuesday 20th January 10:00am - 12:15pm
Outlook South West are offering free NHS-funded Mindfulness Based CogniƟve Therapy courses.
Run by a mindfulness pracƟƟoner, you will be taken through various guided-meditaƟons. The aim
is to help you develop an awareness of moment-by-moment experience so that you can apply
mindfulness in daily life, helping you live more fully and peacefully in the present.
Courses run for 8 sessions plus an orientaƟon session.
If you suffer from anxiety or depression and would like to aƩend you can book an iniƟal
assessment by self referring through our website, calling us or by seeing your GP.
To find out more call (01208) 871905 or visit www.outlooksw.co.uk