Ides of March Open

You are Cordially Invited to The Hippodrome Casino in Central London on Sunday, 15 March
2015 to play Backgammon against Britain’s Best players in the 2015 Ides of March Open.
PRIZES AND LEAGUE POINTS: In addition to 2000 pounds sterling, the winner will receive an “Ides of March Open” Geoffrey
Parker Leather Rollup Board with the colours and logo of the tournament, as well as a truly unique trophy – a watercolour painting
drawn live by Jennifer Segal of the participants playing the Final. 2nd and 3rd finishers will receive small trophy paintings and £1000
and £680 respectively. The 4th place finisher and Quiz Champion will each receive a bottle of top-notch Vintage Port for their efforts.
Additionally, all matches at the Ides of March Open will count towards the London Backgammon Tour 2015.
REGISTRATION: The Tournament is limited to 16 players. Registration is on a strictly first come, first served basis. Pre-Registration
of 40 Pounds via wire transfer is required before February 15th. The 17th and 18th players to register will serve as alternates, and for
being put on the waiting list they will be able to play with the registration fee waived if there are any last-minute cancellations.
Registration is £40 (includes: Sunday Lunch, trophies, quiz, Tea, and Hippodrome hospitality fee). Players who register and later
cancel will forfeit the registration fee, but they are allowed to appoint a substitute for their spot at no additional cost.
FEES: Entry fee is £300; Optional Sidepool is £100 and awarded to the Sidepool entrant(s) with the best overall record in the round
robin phase. Additionally, each win during the round robin phase is worth 20 pounds. This serves to keep players motivated during
the later stages of the round robin phase even after some of them have been technically eliminated. In other words, all players will
win back some cash at the end of the tournament for each of their victories (i.e. the statistically ‘Average’ player will receive 70
pounds at the end of the tournament for his/her wins.)
FORMAT: Round Robin of increasing match lengths. Players are divided at random into two groups of 8. Each participant plays
every player in his/her group. The first round is a two-point match, the second round is a three-point match, and so on with the
seventh and last round being an eight-point match. Success in this format requires a strong understanding of how different match
scores influence cube decisions. It also stresses even-away, even-away match scores, which are more likely to lead to gammon-go and
gammon-save style positions. (In fitting with this theme, the Ides of March Quiz will present ten backgammon problems, each at
different even-away match scores.) At the end of the round robin stage, the highest-placed finisher from each of the two groups faces
off in the Final. The runners-up from each group play in the 3rd place match. The final will be played to 10 points and the 3rd Place
match to 6 points. To read more about how roughly the same format functioned at last year’s Ides of March Tournament please read
my GammonVillage article about it here:
TIEBREAKS AND SIDEPOOL: If at the end of the round robin, 2 or more players have finished with the same number of wins, then
the player who won the longer matches will advance. In other words, each Match victory will be weighted via experience points (3
points for winning a 3 point match and 8 points for winning an 8 point match). In case of a tied record the player with the most
experience points will advance. The Optional Sidepool will be won by the player in either group with the best record in the round
robin phase. no tiebreaker will be applied to the Sidepool, so if multiple players end on the same score they will split the pot.
TIMINGS: Registration and Coffee 10:00-10:30 am. Draw and Auction 10:30-11. Play starts at 11am sharp. Lunch 1-2pm. Tea and
Quiz results 5pm. Round Robin should finish before 6:30pm. Short Dinner break for the 4 finalists with the final beginning ASAP and
definitely before 8pm. Eliminated players are encouraged to stay for the final as it will be recorded and the subject of an article on
GammonVillage or Prime Time Backgammon. All matches are clock mandatory with 2 minutes per point and 15 second delay.
TO REGISTER: email [email protected] for details on how to make the wire transfer.