CLE poster 2015 to July - Hunter Community Legal Centre

Community Legal Education (CLE) 2015
18th March
Wills, Power of Attorney
and Guardianship
15th April
Young People and the Law
27th May
AVOs and Family Law
22nd July
Victims Services and NDIS
The Hunter Community Legal
Centre (HCLC) are offering a
Community Legal Education
(CLE) program for community
sector workers throughout 2015.
The program will enable
community sector workers
to update their knowledge and
understanding of common legal
issues that affect their clients.
The two-hour session aims to
educate community sector
workers on areas of law
specific to their client needs.
CLE sessions are presented
by a HCLC solicitor with
substantial ecperience in the
relevant area of law.
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For information
and bookings phone
Hunter Community Legal
Centre on (02) 4040 9121 or
Community organisations are
encouraged to contact the
Hunter Community Legal Centre
(HCLC) to request a tailored
CLE session to cover the areas
of law relevant to your
clients group.