Sponsorship Opportunities Swamp Soccer World Cup June 2015

Sponsorship Opportunities
Swamp Soccer World Cup
June 201 5
Swamp Soccer is football played on wet, marshy pitches and it is one of the fastest growing sports in
the world. The UK event has become the location for the World Cup. The growing popularity of Swamp
Soccer reflects the desire by many consumers wanting to try new, unique and exhilarating experiences.
In the UK Swamp Soccer is owned, managed and delivered by Swamp Soccer UK Ltd. The company has
trade mark protection for the words “Swamp Soccer” and the Swamp Soccer logo. The tournament was
launched in Scotland in 2006 and there have been eight annual tournaments to date. The event attracts
participating teams from approximately 20 countries, and every year attracts millions of pounds worth of
international media coverage. For example, Swamp Soccer features have appeared on the BBC Breakfast
News, BBC News 24, BBC World, Sky News, CNN News, Futbol Mundial, Soccer am, Transworld Sport,
Blue Peter, The New Paul O’Grady Show, Richard & Judy, Rory and Paddy’s Great British Adventure, and
many, many more programmes. National newspapers in the UK regularly feature Swamp Soccer, along
with international newspapers, magazines, radio stations and websites.
The 2015 World Cup will take place during the last weekend in June (Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th
June). The event will be located in the Glasgow area.
The organisers expect around 50 teams to participate in the tournament.
Why Sponsor Swamp Soccer?
• allow your brand to stand out in a crowded marketplace
• connect with your target audience
• take advantage of the high media interest and subsequent coverage
• be part of a growing international phenomenon
• work with an organisation that understands sponsorship and wants to maximise your return
Objectives for the Swamp Soccer World Cup
The objectives are as follows:
• to deliver a first class, sustainable, flagship sporting event
• to ensure that participating teams and visitors have a fantastic time, with teams and visitors
motivated to return year after year
• to continue to develop long term and mutually beneficial working partnerships with sponsors,
the media, and suppliers
• to continue to capture the public’s imagination, with the event’s uniqueness and fun aspect
Specific Targets for 201 5 are as follows:
• to enlist 50 participating teams for the tournament, with 30% repeat business from previous
• to attract an audience of 5,000 over the 2 days
• to secure a title sponsor. (The 2014 sponsor was Ardbeg, owned by LVMH)
• to achieve over £2 million worth of international media coverage
Customer Profile:
• male & female
• ages 18 to 35 (core being 24 to 28)
• belonging to socio-economic groups ABC1C2
• representing the vast spectrum of society - from corporate teams consisting of lawyers &
doctors, to Sunday league pub teams
Key Geographical Markets:
• primarily England & Scotland (representing around 60% of the teams)
• key overseas markets include the rest of Europe, Scandinavia, China, India, Japan, Australia,
New Zealand, Russia, and Turkey
Imagine playing football . . . on a sponge cake
Television personalities Rory McGrath and
Paddy McGuinness having a go
The Event
The Organisers
• the Swamp Soccer World Cup is owned, managed and delivered by Swamp Soccer UK Ltd
• the director Stewart Miller is also the founder and major shareholder
• there are two other long term shareholders who represent a 20% stake
• the management team has over 50 years combined experience in managing and delivering their
own and third party events
• there is a team of circa 25 skilled individuals employed to deliver the annual tournament
Swamp Soccer World Championships – Some Details:
• the tournament will occur on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th June 2015, at the Swamp
Soccer Arena in Barrhead, Glasgow, Scotland
• there will be two different leagues: all male teams; and mixed teams
• each match lasts 24 minutes (12 minutes each way)
• each team consists of 6 players on the pitch at anytime, and teams can have as many (and
use as many) substitutes as they wish
• the playing surface is approximately the size of a five-a-side football pitch
• the rules are similar to football with the following exceptions: there is no offside rule; kick-
offs, corners, throw-ins, free-kicks & penalties are taken by dropping the ball on to a chosen
foot using hands; and all free-kicks are indirect
• the format is similar to the FIFA World Cup: a number of mini leagues consisting of four
teams; followed by knock out stages
Key Marketing Activities for 2015:
• joint promotions with sponsors
• continuous development and improvement of the website, which is number one worldwide with
the Google search engine (www.swampsoccer.co.uk)
• social media activity via facebook & twitter
• public relations activity, to once more secure television and other media coverage in the UK
• e-newsletters to our databases
• distribution of posters and flyers to strategic outlets
Key Sponsors/Promotion Partners:
• this is the ninth annual tournament to be held since its launch in 2006
• some key brands and organisations that have sponsored Swamp Soccer include Ardbeg/
LVMH, FRijj, SealSkinz Sport, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Springbank Whisky, Western
Ferries, City of Edinburgh Council, EventScotland and VisitScotland. A key partner this year is
East Renfrewshire Council.
Sponsor Testimonial
“We were delighted to be involved with Swamp Soccer. The organisers were extremely helpful and professional,
and we were delighted with all of the media coverage. Congratulations for putting on such a good event”
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.
International Expansion Plans
• Swamp Soccer UK Ltd also has plans for further international expansion
• in the last 3 years three overseas tournaments have been established with local partners:
Swamp Soccer China (Beijing); Swamp Soccer Turkey (Istanbul); and Swamp Soccer India
• our goal is to establish 20 global events by 2025
Sponsorship Opportunities
• there are opportunities to sponsor the World Cup event held in the UK (and also to be part of
the international expansion programme)
• based on previous performance, the 2015 Swamp Soccer World Cup aims to attract £2 million
worth of international media exposure
• Swamp Soccer is looking for a title sponsor to be part of this exciting tournament.
Specific opportunities for title sponsorship include: name in the title; prominent pitch banner
advertising at the tournament; advertising & links on the website; collaboration on social
media campaigns; recognition in all press releases and printed promotion materials; a free
advert in the programme; a promotion stand at the tournament; logos on all Swamp Soccer
merchandise; VIP entertainment opportunities; etc
Contact Details
To discuss the many sponsorship opportunities, including designing specific packages tailored to
your company needs, please contact:
Stewart Miller
Swamp Soccer UK Ltd
M: +44 (0)7774 926245
E: [email protected]
W: www.swampsoccer.co.uk
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According to independent research 95.4% of
teams and 97.4% of visitors thought that
the event was either very good or good
Over 20,000 people turned out to watch the
launch of our Swamp Soccer China event in
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