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Personnel Forms
Absence Request Form
Bank Secrecy Act (BSA)/
Anti-Money Laundering
Background Check Disclosure/Authorization
Business Card Order Form
BSA Policy (CM 12-001 Bulletin)
CA Meal Period Waiver (Policy)
BSA Training (PowerPoint Presentation)
Credit Reporting User Setup
BSA/Anti-Money Laundering Test & Certification
Employment Agreement Ackn of Receipt
Form - Business Exp Reimbursement
Form - Check Request
Form - I-9
Personnel Action Notice
Employment Documents
Account Executive
Wholesale Application Packet - Account Executive
Wholesale Account Executive Agreement
Branch Manager – Non-producing
Branch Manager Compensation Agreement
Branch Manager Addendum A
Branch Manager Employment Packet
Branch Manager – Producing
Branch Manager Compensation Agreement
Branch Manager (Loan Originator) Compensation Agreement
Branch Manager (Producing) Addendum A
Branch Manager (Producing) Employment Packet
General Staff
Application Packet - General Staff
General Employment Agreement
Loan Officer
Application Packet - Loan Officer
Loan Officer Agreement
Loan Officer Addendum
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Application Packet - Operations
General Employment Agreement
State-specific Employment Addenda
Alabama – Branch Addendum
Alabama – LO Addendum
Arizona – Branch Addendum
Arizona – LO Addendum
California – Branch Addendum
California – LO Addendum
Colorado – Branch Addendum
Colorado – LO Addendum
Florida – Branch Addendum
Florida – LO Addendum
Georgia – Branch Addendum
Georgia – LO Addendum
Hawaii – Branch Addendum
Hawaii – LO Addendum
Idaho – Branch Addendum
Idaho – LO Addendum
Indiana – Branch Addendum
Indiana – LO Addendum
Louisiana – Branch Addendum
Louisiana – LO Addendum
Maryland – Branch Addendum
Maryland – LO Addendum
Montana – Branch Addendum
Montana – LO Addendum
Nevada – Branch Addendum
Nevada – LO Addendum
New Jersey – Branch Addendum
New Jersey – LO Addendum
New Mexico – Branch Addendum
New Mexico – LO Addendum
North Carolina – Branch Addendum
HRAcctg-Forms  Rev. 01/06/2015
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North Carolina – LO Addendum
Oregon – Branch Addendum
Oregon – LO Addendum
State-specific Employment Addenda (Continued)
South Carolina – Branch Addendum
South Carolina – LO Addendum
Texas – Branch Addendum
Texas – LO Addendum
Utah – Branch Addendum
Utah – LO Addendum
Virginia – Branch Addendum
Virginia – LO Addendum
Washington – Branch Addendum
Washington – LO Addendum
Wisconsin – Branch Addendum
Wisconsin – LO Addendum
HR Notices
California Family Rights Act Brochure
Disability Insurance Provisions Booklet
Discrimination is Against the Law Brochure
Employee Rights and Responsibilities under the Family Medical Leave Act
Employment Discrimination Based on Disability Brochure
Notice to New Employees (Labor Code §2810.5)
Paid Family Leave Insurance Program Brochure
Pregnancy Leave Brochure
Sexual Harassment Brochure
Sexual Harassment Brochure (Spanish)
HRAcctg-Forms  Rev. 01/06/2015
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