Transitions from porphyry to epithermal ore environments Monday

DPMS workshop
Transitions from porphyry to
epithermal ore environments
Dr. Jeffrey Hedenquist
University of Ottawa, Canada
Hedenquist and Lowenstern (Nature,1994)
Monday October 13th 2014
9h-17h - room 001
Abstract: This course will focus on characteristics of and processes related to some
intrusion-centered ore systems. The geochemical transition from porphyry intrusion to
surface will be examined, including evidence from active systems. Near the surface,
condensation of magmatic vapors creates lithocaps with advanced argillic alteration,
whereas only a few of these are subsequently mineralized. Formation of and exploration
for these high-sulfidation Au-Cu deposits and their related intermediate-sulfidation veins
will be discussed.
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Département des Sciences de la Terre. Université de Genève. Rue des Maraîchers 13, CH1205 Genève