P#R#O#G#R#A#M/ - National Invasive Species Awareness Week

Invasive Species
Exhibits — Posters — Symposium
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ISA Poster Session UPR-Río Piedras
10 am - 2 pm Faculty of Natural Sciences Lobby
David Jenkins* USDA-ARS
• Political pests: the arrival of the Medfly and Old World Bollworm in
Puerto Rico and what it means
Maria Berrios Rivera* & Wilfredo Robles UPR-RUM
• Análisis de carbohidratos no estructurales en yerba Venezolana
(Paspalum fasciculatum)
Roxana Rodríguez* & Gary Toranzos UPR-RP
Bacteria, Psyllids, and Citrus greening: the death of Puerto Rico’s
citrus industry?
Jose Arocho* & Wilfredo Robles UPR-RUM
• Crecimiento, desarrollo y control de la zarza negra (Mimosa pigra
L.) en pastos.
Wilnelia Recart, James D. Ackerman*, Wilfredo Falcón & Pablo Hernández
• Here and there and everywhere: the invasion experience differs
among islands for the bamboo orchid
Ackerman, James D., Elix Hernández* UPR-RP
• Geographical patterns of plant invasions in Puerto Rico: biotic
resistance and human influences
Wilnelia Recart, James D. Ackerman*, Wilfredo Falcón, Julio Lazcano UC-I,
• Using species distribution modeling to understand the spread of the
naturalized Honduran pine in Puerto Rico
Frances Cruz De Jesús*, Faviola Quiles Pratts*, Sondra Vega UPR-A
• Dieta del sapo común (Rhinella marina) en la Reserva Natural
Privada El Tallonal, Arecibo, Puerto Rico
Rita Careces* & Jorge Ortiz UPR-RP
Metamorph growth rate and habitat selection between Peltophryne
lemur and Rhinella marina
Jannelle Peña*, Roberto Reyes & Patricia Burrowes UPR-RP
• Exploring chytrid infections and skin microbiome of
Eleutherodactylus coqui along elevation and land-use gradients.
Michel Alejandro*, Karla Vasquez & Patricia Burrowes UPR-RP
• Can amphibian body temperature predict vulnerability to an
invasive chytrid fungus?
Christina de Jesús & Cristina Rivera* UPR-RP
• Identifying source populations of the invasive green iguana (Iguana
iguana) in Puerto Rico
Jhoset Burgos* UPR-RP
• T-Rex hates his push-ups but loves his fruit: the effect of
introduced green iguana (Iguana iguana) on seed germination and
Luis López* UPR-RP
Ÿ Spatial patterns in the abundance of the Spiny Water Flea
(Bytothrephes longimanus) in Northern Lake Michigan
*indicates poster presenter
ISA Exhibits – UPR-Río Piedras
TUESDAY, April 14, 2015
10:00 am - 2:00 pm Faculty of Natural Sciences: Main Lobby
Para la Naturaleza - Carlos Rodríguez Gomez
Herbario UPR-RP - Fabiola Areces
Museo de Zoología UPR-RP - Mahmoud Aboukheir/Jhoset Burgos
Island Conservation - Kristy Swinnerton
Botany Group, UPR-RP - Gladys Nazario
Culinary Group, UPR-RP - Burgos/Aboukheir/Nazario
Center for Excellence in Quarantine & Invasive Species UPR-RUM - Jose
v Departamento de Recursos Naturales e Ambientales
v Programas Graduados e Investigaciones de la Facultad de Ciencias
v United States Department of Agriculture – Animal and Plant Health
Inspection Service, Plant Protection & Quarrantine USDA-APHIS-PPQ Rosimar Morales Mallery
v Student Chapter for Microbiology UPR-RP - Jessica Rivera
v El Puente — enlace latino de acción climática - David Ortiz
v United States Customs and Border Protection - Sonja Cruz-Fidalgo and
Brenda Padial
v Oceanica – Adriana Ocaña
ISA Symposium UPR-Río Piedras
WEDNESDAY, April 15, 2015
Faculty of Natural Sciences Building CNL A-211
8:30-9:00 Coffee & quesitos
9:00-9:15 Opening remarks: James D. Ackerman* & Dignitaries
9:15-9:30 Ricardo Betancur* UPR-RP
• Reconstructing the lionfish invasion
9:30-9:45 Damien Bontemps* UPR-RP
• Use of stable isotopes in predicting direct foraging impacts of an
invasive apex predator
9:45-10:00 Yobana Marino Cardenas* & Paul Bayman UPR-RP
• La broca del café: invadiendo el corazón de Puerto Rico
10:00-10:15 Adriana Herrera* UPR-RP
• Xenochrophis vittatus (Colubridae) in Puerto Rico: a new snake in
the Western Hemisphere
10:15-10:30 Wilfredo Robles* UPR-RUM
• Aquatic invasive plants … good, bad or both?
10:30-10:45 Adaris Mas* UPR-RP
• El estatus de los monos silvestres en Puerto Rico
10:45-11:00 Christian Salcedo* Dow AgroSciences
• The role of chemical ecology in invasive species
11:00-11:15 Miguel García* DNRA
• Erradicaciones, el patito feo de los proyectos de conservación.
11:30-12:15 Ariel Lugo* International Institute for Tropical Forestry
• Ecología ecológica vs. ecología burocrática: ¿Dónde está el balance?
12:15-1:00 Pedro Acevedo* Smithsonian Institution
Introduction, naturalization and invasions in the Flora of the West
1:00-1:45 LUNCH BREAK
CONFERENCES (continued)
1:45-2:00 Patricia Burrowes* UPR-RP
• The amphibian pathogenic chytrid fungus as an invasive species:
consequences and threats.
2:00-2:15 Jose Carlos Rodrigues* UPR-RUM
• Invasive species threatening food security and environmental
sustainability on the Caribbean
2:15-2:30 Elvia Meléndez-Ackerman & Denny Fernández* UPR-RP UPR-H
• Effects of hurricane disturbance and feral goat herbivory on the
structure of a Caribbean dry forest
2:30-2:45 Hilda Díaz-Soltero* USDA-APHIS
• Global Invasive Species Compendium
2:45-3:00 Hilda Díaz-Soltero* USDA-APHIS
• Invasives Causing Extinction Program
3:00-3:15 Mike Barandiaran* USFWS
• The impacts and the control plan for feral horses in Vieques.
3:15-3:30 Maraliz Vega Ross* UPR-RUM
• Preliminary data of movement and macrohabitat use of an invasive
snake (Boa constrictor) in Puerto Rico
*indicates speaker
Aboukheir, Mahmoud UPR-RP [email protected]
Acevedo-Rodríguez, Pedro SI [email protected]
Ackerman, James D. UPR-RP [email protected]
Alejandro, Michel UPR-RP
Areces, Fabiola UPRRP [email protected]
Arocho Jiménez, José UPR-RUM [email protected]
Barandiaran, Mike USFWS [email protected]
Bayman, Paul UPR-RP [email protected]
Berrios Rivera, María UPR-RUM [email protected]
Betancur, Ricardo UPR-RP [email protected]
Bontemps, Damien UPR-RP, DNER [email protected]
Burgos, Jhoset UPR-RP [email protected]
Burrowes, Patricia UPR-RP [email protected]
Cruz de Jesús, Francis UPR-A
Cruz-Fidalgo, Sonja US CBP Díaz Soltero, Hilda USDA-APHIS [email protected]
De Jesús, Christina UPR-RP [email protected]
Falcón, Wilfredo UZ [email protected]
García, Miguel DRNA [email protected]
Jenkins, David, USDA-ARS [email protected]
Lazcano Lara, Julio C. UPR-RP [email protected]
Lugo, Ariel, USDA-FS-IITF [email protected]
Marino Cardenas, Yobana, UPRRP [email protected]
Mas, Adaris, UPR-RP [email protected]
Meléndez-Ackerman, Elvia J. UPR-RP [email protected]
Morales Mallary, Rosimar USDA-APHIS-PPQ [email protected]
Nazario, Gladys UPR-RP [email protected]
Padial, Brenda US CBP 787-729-6999
Peña, Jannelle UPR-RP
Quiles Pratts, Faviola UPR-A
Recart, Wilnelia UCI [email protected]
Rivera, Cristina UPR-RP
Robles, Wilfredo UPR-RUM [email protected]
Rodrigues, Jose Carlos UPR-RUM [email protected]
Rodríguez Gómez, Carlos PLN [email protected]
Salcedo, Christian DAS [email protected]
Swinnerton, Kristy IC [email protected]
Vega, Sondra UPR-A [email protected]
Vega Ross, Maraliz UPR-RUM [email protected]
DAS Dow AgroSciences
DRNA/DNER Departamento de Recursos Naturales & Ambiente
IC Island Conservation
PLN Para la Naturaleza
SI Smithsonian Institution
UCI University of California, Irvine
UPR-A Universidad de Puerto Rico-Arecibo
UPR-H Universidad de Puerto Rico–Humacao
UPR-RP Universidad de Puerto Rico–Río Piedras
UPR-RUM Universidad de Puerto Rico–Mayagüez
US-CBP United States Customs & Border Patrol
USDA-ARS United States Department of Agriculture-Agriculture Research
USDA-APHIS United States Department of Agriculture–Animal & Plant Health
Inspection Service
USDA-APHIS-PPQ United States Department of Agriculture-Animal & Plant
Health Inspection Service–Plant Protection & Quarrantine
USDA-FS-IITF United States Department of Agriculture–Forest Service–
International Institute for Tropical Forestry
USFWS United States Fish & Wildlife Service
UZ University of Zurich