“TEA is coming on nicely”
Lugar: CEP La Laguna, 30 enero 2015
Ciudad de San Cristóbal de La Laguna, 31 de enero 2015
Duración: 15 horas
Las Jornadas de la Sociedad Canaria de Profesorado de Inglés TEA han sido durante
los últimos 30 años un referente en la formación del profesorado de inglés de nuestras islas.
Durante el año 2014, debido a la implantación de la LOMCE, hemos optado por no ofertar
actividades a la espera de los acontecimientos y, a la vez, quisimos retomar la celebración de las
mismas en el mes de enero. Por ello, hemos estado trabajando en estas 31 Jornadas de una
manera pausada y tranquila, pero siendo conscientes de la demanda por parte de uds. y del
equilibrio presupuestario.
Las 31 Jornadas se celebrarán en el CEP La Laguna –Tenerife- el día 30 de enero
(viernes) de 8:30 de la mañana a las 8:30 de la tarde con un elegido grupo de personas ponentes
con talleres para pensar, para explorar nuevas ideas, para crear, para crecer… Estas personas han
sido elegidas basándonos en las sugerencias que hemos recibido por parte de uds., siendo
algunos de ellos: Shawn Redwood, Liam Fitzpatrick, Andrea Littlewood, Imogen Thurbon,
Daniela Cecic, Caroline y Fabio Bohny, Bibiana Hernández y Monika Bayon, Chris Roland,
Patrick Deas…
La temática gira en torno a la expresión e interacción oral: nuestro alumnado tiene que
comunicarse en inglés y en estas Jornadas te ofreceremos estrategias para poder conseguirlo.
Por ese motivo, el sábado 31también visitaremos aquellos lugares de interés de la ciudad de La
Laguna y el IES Canarias Cabrera Pinto, donde su alumnado y profesorado Clil nos darán una
sorpresa. Terminarán las Jornadas en el Hotel Laguna Nivaria con Chris Roland.
Contaremos también con las últimas novedades editoriales que nos harán afrontar nuestro
trabajo con más ilusión y motivación, si cabe.
Asimismo, celebraremos la reunión anual de las personas socias para, entre otras cosas,
elegir la próxima Junta Directiva que mantendrá TEA viva otros dos años.
Anímate y participa en las XXXI Jornadas TEA:
is coming on nicely”.
Junta Directiva TEA Canarias
“TEA is coming on nicely”
Chris Roland wrote:
Chris Roland is an 'ideas man' at ELI language
academy in Seville where he teaches and works as
part of a team of trainers. He works with new and
experienced teachers on Trinity certificate and diploma
courses with Oxford TEFL, Barcelona and has run
methodology courses for state school teachers in Syria
and Catalonia with the British Council. He contributes
regular articles to English Teaching Professional
“Classroom Micromechanics”
In this session we shall look at how things work in
classrooms on a nuts and bolts level. We will cover going
over exercises, getting students to listen to each other, how
we talk to our classes, how we teachers experience stress
and also how we might make tasks more productive and
students more independent.
“A Discipline Festival”
This Discipline Festival is a smorgasbord of strategies,
tips, techniques, metaphors, analogies and front line
survival tactics to increase order, organization and control in
classes. You will hear my advice on sending students out,
on those after class chats and will also get to find out what I
mean by Mountain Pass Politics, Resetting Jelly and the
Cloud Hammer.
Patrick Deas wrote:
Patrick Deas is from the Northern Ireland and is codirector and founder of InterActing Uk and Spain. Our
company is a Erasmus+ course provider for teachers
focusing on the successful integration of creativity,
interaction, game, language and laughter throughout
the curriculum. At present we are writing PlayingCLIL a
drama based methodology for teachers and students
in collaboration with Humboldt University, University of
Las Palmas and the Consejeria of Gran Canaria.
“Playing CLIL”
A new and interactive approach to a successful “CLILing”.
This session looks at introducing a new and innovative
games-based methodology to the CLIL way of teaching. A
series of practical and tested games and activities will be
demonstrated with a light sprinkling of theory.
“TEA is coming on nicely”
Shawn Redwood wrote:
Shawn Redwood has been teaching EFL for more than
10 years. Currently he is working as a Bilingual
Science Teacher at Colegio Arenas Sur. He has also
worked at many public and charter bilingual schools in
Madrid. Shawn’s principal areas of interest and
research are bilingual and international education, as
well as visual literacy and implementing authentic
material into the EFL classroom.
James Easton wrote:
James Easton has a Postgraduate degree in TESOL
from the Sheffield Hallam University, a Licentiate
Diploma in TEFL from Trinity College London and CAP
from the Spanish Ministry of Education. He is an
experienced teacher and ESOL Examiner, and has
taught in Slovakia, Spain, Italy, Hong Kong, the UK
and is currently engaged in providing support for
teachers in liaison with Trinity College London.
“CLIL and Cultural Awareness: Using the Media
to Build Intercultural Knowledge and
The 4Cs of CLIL are very powerful tools in the classroom.
They can be outlined individually, but must be used as a
whole to make CLIL work in any classroom. The purpose of
this talk is to give teachers ideas about how to integrate
culture into their content courses through the use of
authentic media.
“Combining Dictogloss and cooperative learning to
promote language learning”
An integrated skills technique for language learning in which
students work together to create a reconstructed version of
a text read to them by their teacher. This technique is
situated in relation to eight current, overlapping trends in
EFL: learner autonomy, cooperation among learners, CLIL,
focus on meaning, diversity, thinking skills, alternative
assessment, and teachers as co-learners.
“TEA is coming on nicely”
Andrea Littlewood wrote:
Andrea Littlewood has been teaching since 1985 and
is head of the Young Learners Department at Hyland
Language Centre, Madrid. She is interested in teacher
development and is keen to ensure her young learners
are motivated and challenged. Andrea is co-author of
the first cycle of the primary course Twister and is a
Cambridge ESOL speaking examiner.
1. “Think, focus, notice. Ideas and tasks for
primary learners”
In this workshop we’ll be looking at how we can help our
young learners focus more in class and take a more active
role in their learning. With ideas to keep them on task and
activities to promote noticing, our aim is to create positive
learning habits and greater awareness of how English works
both inside and outside the classroom.
2. “Creative controlled practice”
Preparing controlled practice activities to help our young
learners is not always easy. In this session we’ll be looking
at ideas for speaking and writing which will benefit weaker
students while keeping stronger students engaged. Whether
we’re dealing with class routines, course book content or
Young Leaners Tests the emphasis will be on minimum
preparation and a touch of creativity.
Liam Fitzpatrick wrote:
Originally from Ireland, Liam graduated with a BA in Social
Sciences with La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia.
Based in Spain since 1994, he has also completed postgraduate studies in TESOL with Aston University in the UK
and has accumulated more than 15 years experience in
the field of ELT. Liam currently works both “in & out” of the
classroom for Express Publishing.
“Teaching Digital Natives”
Today’s students have unlimited information available via
technology tools. In addition, without technology, we run the
risk of our lessons seeming out of touch and irrelevant. The
speaker will look at the reasons why we should embrace
technology and its tools. Thus, we may realize that at the
heart of high-tech teaching, there are also some surprisingly
‘old-fashioned’ educational values.
“TEA is coming on nicely”
Daniela Cecic wrote:
Daniela Cecic holds a Degree in English Language
and Literature and is CELTA and FTBE qualified. She
holds a Master in Educational Processes and
Psycopedagogy (ULPGC) and is currently completing
her PhD in teaching and learning foreign languages
Danny works at the ULPGC and is the English
Department Coordinator at the International
Polytechnic College, Las Palmas, preparing students
for success at IELTS and APTIS.
Caroline Bohny wrote:
I was born in Ireland and am qualified and experienced
as a manager and also as a teacher of English, Yoga
and Meditation. My work has taken me to lots of
different cities and countries, including: Paris, London,
Saudi Arabia, New York, Bangkok, Hong Kong and
Since 2000 I have been living and working in
Fuerteventura offering workshops and courses on
immersion in English as well as yoga based practices
for well-being. I also have worked with the "Auxiliar de
conversación" and CLIL projects for more than 10
“Caroline is insightful and sensitive as well as being
authentic and direct. An experienced teacher and
trainer, she engages students in alive learning, while
effortlessly commanding both respect and love from
her students.”
“IELTS: Preparing students for success at IELTS and
studying in an English speaking context”
As more people take the IELTS test in Spain for study or
work purposes, the demand for IELTS preparation is
increasing. Effective IELTS preparation needs to focus on
introducing students to the exam and practice in the skills
tested by IELTS. The talk is of interest to teachers who are
preparing students to take IELTS or interested in doing so.
“Set the tone of “balanced, well-being” in the
classroom through conscious breathing, movement,
creativity and play.”
Techniques and tools to be fully present in your body
allowing you to be a more effective teacher working in a
relaxed learning environment. Experience how easily you
can transform your inner state from tired to energized, tense
to relaxed or distracted to being focused. Help yourself as
well as your students to feel better by incorporating these
tools into your daily routine.
“TEA is coming on nicely”
Fabio Bohny wrote:
Fabio as the name suggests was born in the
Mediterranean to an Irish mother and German father.
Later he spent some of his early years in Ireland and
at the age of 10 moved to Fuerteventura. He studied to
be an English teacher in Huelva and was actively
involved in a drama school there. It seems that he can
wear any hat, whether to be a teacher, actor, sailor,
entertainer or carpenter. On first appearance his easy
going manner may camouflage the dynamic underlying
personality which brings fun and laughter to any
Patricia Bergström wrote:
Founder and General Manager of Inspirations
Motivation and Language Learning Centre, and of
Inspirations Language Coaching, Patricia has been
working in language teaching and teacher training for
more than 17 years. She is currently also part of the
Modern Language Department at Colegio Arenas Sur.
She holds an MA in Modern Languages, University of
St.Andrews, Scotland and an MA TESOL, ULPGC,
while also being a trained Laughing Therapist and
Neurolanguage Coach. Patricia’s main areas of
interest are Motivation and how to enhance the
learning experience and outcome.
“Set the stage for active learning”
This activity is an introduction to an active way to practice a
second language using what one already knows and learn
actively from others. With these activities the target
language is implicit and the improvisation, team building and
the acting take are worked on directly. This produces an
effect on the learning process and aids acquisition. So the
language is not a process of translating to communicate but
to directly communicate and see a direct reaction for the
“Tricks of the trade: Titbits to bring the classroom
alive for meaningful learning”
An interactive workshop aimed at providing the participants
with a selection of practical tools to make their classroom
come alive and become an exceptional environment for
learning. Participants will also be able to raise aspects they
would like to deal with and voice their own “tricks of the
trade” if they wish.
“TEA is coming on nicely”
Imogen Thurbon wrote:
I have worked in general, business and EAP English
Language teaching for the past twenty-five years in
both Europe and East Africa. I am particularly
interested in exploring creative ways of using the
mother tongue in monolingual classes and how we can
renew and refresh our teaching by tapping into new
media and technology.
I have a Master's in Linguistics/ELT and Postgraduate
Diploma in Translation.
Juan Xerach Rodríguez Cejas wrote:
“Adding Value - Exploiting Advertising and Public
Awareness Campaign Clips in the English
Language Classroom”
Using a selection of advertising and campaign spots chosen
by the seminar group from a range of themes I have
prepared and drawing on over thirty clips, I demonstrate
how advertising and campaign spots can revitalise warmers,
low and high level lexical work and inject humour into our
classic classroom debating topics.
“Planning a task-based CLIL Unit”
Licenciado en Filología Inglesa (2006) y Experto
Universitario en Docencia de Currículos Bilingües por
la Universidad de La Laguna (2011). Actualmente es
profesor de Educación Secundaria de inglés y
coordinador del Proyecto Bilingüe en el CPEIPS
También es profesor, tutor y co-coordinador en el título
propio de la ULL "Experto Universitario en Docencia
esporádicamente la labor de formación del
profesorado en Docencia de Currículos Bilingües en
diferentes centros concertados y privados de las islas.
Judith Gutiérrez Negrín wrote:
Profesora de inglés desde el año 1987. En 2001 me
incorporé a la Dirección General de Ordenación,
Innovación y Promoción Educativa como coordinadora de
Lenguas extranjeras participando en la implantación de
inglés desde el primer ciclo de Ed Primaria y a la
anticipación desde la etapa de Ed Infantil. También a la
generalización de la segunda lengua extranjera desde el
segundo ciclo de Ed Primaria.
“Erasmus + Oportunidades para la Educación
El Nuevo programa Erasmus + de la Unión Europea,
ofrece al profesorado, alumnado y Comunidad Educativa en
general, entre otros sectores, la posibilidad de participar en
proyectos en dos modalidades o acciones:
La Acción clave 1 KA 1 de Movilidad para el aprendizaje del
personal, da la posibilidad de que profesorado pueda recibir
“TEA is coming on nicely”
Como Técnica de Ordenación Educativa, pusimos en
marcha el programa CLIL en Canarias en el año 2004,
diseñando los modos de implantación, seguimiento y
Actualmente y desde el curso 13-14 soy la responsable de
la oficina de programas europeos de Canarias en la
Viceconsejería de Educación en Canarias, gestionando
los programas Europeos de Educación Escolar.
formación en otro país Europeo con el objetivo de mejorar
algún aspecto de su centro como Institución.
O la Acción Clave 2 KA 2 de cooperación entre
instituciones, que permite trabajar cooperativamente entre
centros europeos que tengan intereses comunes.
Expondremos en qué acciones pueden participar los
centros escolares, cómo hacerlo y qué beneficios pueden
obtener de ello.
Las actividades tendrán lugar en el CEP La Laguna el viernes 30 y en el IES Canarias Cabrera Pinto
el sábado 31 de enero de 2015.
Habrá una exposición de material didáctico de distintas firmas editoriales durante las Jornadas.
Horarios de Actividades de Interés
Viernes 30 de enero
Sábado 31 de enero
9:45-10:45 Shawn Redwood
12:30-13:30 Andrea Littlewood
15:30-16:30 Liam Fitzpatrick
16:45-17:45 Chris Roland
19:30-20:30 Imogen Thurbon
9:30 IES Canarias Cabrera Pinto
13:00-14:00 Chris Roland
Cuota de inscripción
 Nuevos/as Socios/as: 44 € *
Socios: 20 €
 Socios en paro: 10 €
 Estudiantes: 10 €
(*cuota + inscripción)
No Socios/as: 60 €
Mediante transferencia o ingreso en la siguiente cuenta corriente:
Modo de pago
La Caixa: 2100 – 6657 – 78 – 22 00 31 79 72
SUCURSAL: Cruz del Señor, Avenida General Mola, 99B, 38007 Santa Cruz de
Plaza del Adelantado, 11
38201 San Cristóbal de La Laguna,
Tenerife Teléfono 922 264 298
El Laguna Nivaria Hotel & Spa ocupa una encantadora
mansión del siglo XVI, situada en el casco histórico de San Cristóbal de la Laguna,
única ciudad Patrimonio de la Humanidad de Canarias reconocida por la UNESCO.
La Dirección del Hotel Laguna Nivaria fija los siguientes precios IGIC incluido:
- Doble en Alojamiento y Desayuno: 79€ por día.
- Doble uso individual en Alojamiento y Desayuno: 69€ por persona y día.
Si quieres alojarte en este hotel contacta con [email protected] y/o directamente al 922 264 298
y realiza la reserva con la referencia “Asistente Jornadas TEA”. El pago será directamente en el hotel el día de
la llegada.
“TEA is coming on nicely”
Para los asistentes a actividades de perfeccionamiento del profesorado que presten sus servicios en la
enseñanza pública, es imprescindible solicitar el permiso correspondiente al Director/a del Centro, quien debe
ser consciente que este tipo de actividad revierte directamente en la mejora de la práctica en el aula.
Tanto si perteneces a la enseñanza pública como a la privada, te recomendamos que solicites el
permiso cuanto antes.
Puedes solicitar dicho permiso utilizando el impreso que existe en los centros. Además es necesario
adjuntar a la solicitud de permiso una fotocopia del impreso de matrícula cumplimentado.
Para poder participar en cualquier actividad académica de las Jornadas, deberás firmar las Actas de
Asistencia y completar la Hoja-Valoración de las Jornadas que entregarás a la organización al final de las
mismas, así como entregar la SOLICITUD DE ASISTENCIA ORIGINAL (la que por enviaste por correo electrónico
o por FAX).
Al término de las Jornadas y a efectos de justificar la ausencia de tu centro al Director/a del mismo,
TEA entregará un Certificado de Asistencia a cada participante que haya acreditado haber asistido a un mínimo
del 85% de las horas.
Posteriormente, solamente para aquellos asistentes que se encuentren en posesión de titulación que
les permita ejercer la docencia (diplomatura/licenciatura) y que cumplan el mínimo señalado en el apartado
anterior, se expedirá, tras los correspondientes trámites, el Diploma-Certificado oficial con constancia del
número de horas y debidamente homologado por la Consejería de Educación, Universidades y Sostenibilidad
del Gobierno de Canarias.
Seguimos queriendo que nos cuentes tus ideas y las compartas con el TEA-SHARE. Es muy sencillo: si
tienes una actividad original (no una fotocopiada de un libro, sino una tuya) que te funciona en tu aula, nos las
entregas según el formato que publicamos en nuestra página web y al finalizar las Jornadas tendrás otras
actividades diferentes, aportadas por otros/as compañeros/as.
Participa y benefíciate del trabajo de todos/as...let's TEA-Share!
Enviar solicitud por e-mail: [email protected] o por Fax: 922 813 858 antes de las 14:00 horas del
día 28 de enero de 2015. También se atenderán solicitudes el mismo día 30 antes de las 9:30 horas.
Esta actividad está homologada por la DGOIPE, para ello, es imprescindible estar en posesión de
titulación que permita ejercer la docencia. En caso contrario solamente se obtendrá certificación de
“TEA is coming on nicely”
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“TEA is coming on nicely”