Sunday February 1st, 2015 - St. Thomas Aquinas Parish

14 - 2
February 1st, 2015
Sunday February 1st, 2015
-Papa Francisco-
Gospel of Matt 4:16
Saturday: January 31, 2015 - St John Bosco
5:00 pm *for the healing of Ilidio Pereira †
Al Mcara † Gess Flipe Gocotano † Narcisa
Sunday: February 1st
Gospel Meditation:
All of us must confront many battles waged between good
and evil throughout our lives. For us to destroy the evil that
confronts us, we must be “of God”, we must be Holy.
We have the authority to banish evil because,
baptized into Christ, we are holy ones “of God”.
The authority of holiness is our baptismal birthright.
la meditazione del Vangelo:
Ogni domenica, giorno del Signore, la Liturgia ci aiuta a
conoscere meglio il Signore Gesù. È il profeta annunziato
da Mosè. Egli è colui che ci libera dal male, ed è venuto
per insegnare una dottrina nuova, per recare a tutti la
salvezza. Non siamo indifferenti a questi doni.
Meditación del Evangelio
En aquel tiempo, Jesús y sus discípulos entraron en
Cafarnaún, y cuando el sábado siguiente fue a la
sinagoga a enseñaba como los escribas, sino con
autoridad. Estaba precisamente en la sinagoga un
hombre que tenía un espíritu inmundo, y se puso a
gritar: “Qué quieres de nostros, Jesús Nazareno?”
Has venido a acabar con nostros? Sé quién eres: el
Santo de Dios.” Jesús lo increpó: “Cállate y sal de
él.” El espíritu inmundo lo retorció y, dando un grito
muy fuerte, salió. Todos se preguntaron
estupefactos: “Qué es esto? Es una enseñanza
nueva, con autoridad. Hasta a los espíritus
inmundos les manda y le obedecen.” Pronto se
extendió su fama por todas partes, en toda la región
de Galilea.
8:00 am † Martini Donato, Antonina e
Francesco, Angelo e Giovanna
Michelle Izzo
9:30 am † Eustaquio Villas and Felipe
11:00 am *For the intentions of Filomena
† Antonio Arone e Familiari †Dal Ben
12:30 pm
2:00 pm *Por la Salud de Gabriel Campos &
Maria Alvarado *Intentions for Sonia
Arana * por la paz en el mundo.
7:00 pm † Mary Kelly
M onday: February 2 - The Presentation of Our
9:00 am †For the soul of Marchits Ramos
7:00pm *Conversion of people in El
Salvador, Mexico & Honduras
Tuesday: February 3 – St Blaise
9:00 am *Birthday Blessings for Derek
7:00 pm † Mary Kelly
W ednesday: February 4
9:00 am *for Conversion of all souls.
7:00 pm *Intentions of Ms. Irena Misko for
the Holy Cross of Mary Lake (with Novena to
Our Lady of Perpetual Help)
Thursday: February 5 - St Agatha
9:00 am † Michele Trovano
7:00 pm † Giuseppe Barbuto
Friday: February 6 – St Paul Miki & Companions
9:00 am † for the soul of Julio Atienza
14 - 2
February 1st, 2015
10:00am– 7pm Adoration of the Blessed
7:00 pm † (MEMORIAL) Leonardo &
Palmira Cerroni
7:30-8:30pm Community Adoration
Saturday: February 7
9:00 am † for the souls of Caterina e
Nazzareno Ariganello
Community Adoration
Every Friday Adoration from 10:00am – 7:00pm Sign-­‐up sheets are available. Every First Friday for 1 hour after 7pm Mass. Come spend some time with Jesus Our Eucharistic Lord! Saint Thomas Aquinas
World Day of Prayer for Consecrated Life
Sunday, February 1, 2015 at 3:00 p.m .
at St. Paul's Basilica
83 Power Street, Toronto ON
(Parliament Street and Queen Street East)
Mass Celebrant:
His Eminence Thomas Cardinal Collins
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THE Saturday FEB 14, 2015 & VALENTINE “The things that we love, tell us who we are”
Aquinas defined the virtue of "mercy" in
his Summa Theologiae as "the compassion
in our hearts for another person's misery, a
compassion which drives us to do what we
can to help him" (ST II-II.30.1). For St.
Thomas, this virtue has two aspects:
"affective" mercy and "effective" mercy.
Affective mercy is an emotion: the pity we
feel for the plight of another. In this respect,
St. Thomas says, human mercy is grounded
in a "defect" in our nature: the defect of
human vulnerability to suffering.
We feel pity for those who suffer because
we, too, are subject to such miseries. Thus,
our affective sympathy for others arises from
our capacity for empathy. Saint Thomas
notes: "Those who reckon themselves happy
and so powerful that no ill may befall them
are not so compassionate" (II-II.30.2). To
some extent, however, the intensity of our
Feb. 18
9am Mass – English & Trilingual
Mass at 7pm