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Raise Pittsburgh’s Contribution
for Serbia’s Orphans to $100,000
Join us at the American Serbian Club on Saturday, February 21, for
the third straight year of magical musical entertainment to bene�it the orphaned children of Serbia through the Chicago of�ice
of Princess Katherine’s Lifeline Humanitarian Foundation.
Over the past two years, participants to Lifeline events have raised
more than $66,000, contributions that helped bring relief to the
orphaned children and �lood-ravaged victims of Serbia and
Now help us raise that total to $100,000. This year’s contributions will be targeted to providing aid devices for hearing
impaired children in Belgrade, to building a sensory room for
children in need of emotional therapy near Kosovo, and to buy
badly needed commodes for an orphanage in
Experience the joy of improving the lives of children in need. Join
us at the American Serbian Club, Saturday, February 21, 2015.
To Make A Donation
Fill out the enclosed card, include your donation, and mail to:
Lifeline Chicago
c/o American Serbian Club
2524 Sarah Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
All proceeds benefit Lifeline’s Missions
Your contribution to Lifeline Chicago may be tax deductible.
Lifeline Chicago is a registered 501(c)(3) not for profit organization. FEIN 36-3894439
For More Information Contact
George Topich 412-847-0822
[email protected]
Stephanie Tumbas 412-480-7083
[email protected]
Adults - $10
Children – Free
Doors Open at 8:00 p.m.
Music Starts at 9:00
Enjoy Delicious
Serbian Food
and Musical
Entertainment by:
Srpski Sinovi
Velibor Drobnjak
Osvezenje Bend
Danny, Doki and Prsti
Mile Kovacevic
The Chicago Of�ice of Lifeline Humanitarian Organizations supports the
work of Her Royal Highness Princess Katherine Karadjordjevic of Serbia.
Lifeline was founded by Princess Katherine in order to provide critically
needed humanitarian aid to the neediest people of Serbia. Lifeline’s goal
is to reduce and relieve the suffering of physically and mentally disabled
children, orphans, and the elderly, as well as to improved medical facilities in the country.
Historic Flood Relief
When the American Serbian Club raised more than $33,000 at its 2013
event, “Raise Your Voice,” no one could have imagined that our contributions would prove invaluable in aiding victims of the �loods that devastated the Balkans.
With $15,000 in contributions from fundraisers sponsored by Pittsburgh’s American Serbian Club and several Midwest chapters of the Kolo
Sprski Sestare, Lifeline delivered shipments of pumps, suction hoses,
food, diapers, and badly needed personal hygiene supplies to �lood
victims in Serbia and Republika-Srpska.
Mission Accomplished
Nor did providing emergency �lood relief deter Lifeline from its appointed mission. Over the past year contributions from “Raise Your Voice”
were used to complete roof repairs at the Zvecanska Orphange in Grabovac, a village in the municipality of Trstenik, and to eliminate mold at the
Spomenak Orphanage in Pancevo.
Aiming for $100,000
This year, we hope to raise our combined-three-year contribution to
$100,000, so that we can continue providing critically needed aid. By
supporting the February 21 event, you will truly “Strengthen the Lifeline” to disadvantaged Serbs. Help us give them hope, strength and the
resources that will change their lives forever. Make a tax-deductable
contribution by �illing out the enclosed card and mailing it in today.
To learn more about the event, visit
To learn more about Lifeline, visit