January 28, 2015 - Sun Prairie Area School District

Announcements for Wednesday January 28, 2015
Today is an A Day
HOSA students pick up permissions slips for our state competition and
conference this week from the HOSA board or from Mrs. Gallagher. They are
due back with deposit February 3rd.
Attention Students: Just a reminder that coming to the LMC during your lunch
period requires a pass from a teacher and that you have something that you
need to work on in the LMC. Thank you for your cooperation!
Student Council members: Remember that we will be meeting after school today
in Mr. Block's room. We have lots to do, so come ready to work! :)
The Sun Prairie High School Athletics Department is proud to host yet another speaker
this year to continue to build the community here in Sun Prairie. This February we will
be bringing in Karla Horsfall, a Division 1 Collegiate Sports Nutritionist, to speak about
items that concern pre- and post-workout, pre-competition meals, breakfast, snacks,
and supplements.
Ms. Horsfall is a graduate from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and went on to
receive her Registered Dietician certification through Iowa State University. Ms. Horsfall
has years of experience working with the highest level of collegiate athletes, ranging
from sports such as tennis all the way up to football. She manages and oversees almost
every aspect of what these athletes use nutritionally to optimize their play during
competition through their Performance Nutrition Center. To name a few roles, Ms.
Horsfall gives preseason meal and nutrition talks to each athletic team, oversees the
supplementation program, and works alongside the team’s respective strength and
medical staff to provide high level care.
Please join us on Wednesday, February 18 at 6:30pm to listen to Sports Nutritionist
Karla Horsfall speak upon matters that all high school aged athletes must know.
"Washington DC roommate forms are now available outside of Sra. Gerbitz's
room, #420. You will only need one form per room. Fill it out with your entire
group, and then return it to Sra. Gerbitz by Friday, February 13th.
Come out and be a part of our phenomenal cast for Shrek jr. Auditions are soon
so don't delay in signing up and picking up audition materials, outside of Senora
Gerbitz' room 420!
`"MSAN will meet after-school today in Mr. Avalos' room 421 to discuss AfricanAmerican month projects. Wear your MSAN T-shirt to plan out the next bulletin
board with Mr. Mitchell."
Today’s lunch menu: Turkey Subs, Rib-B-Que, Hamburgers, Yogurt/Large