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We will rejoice in the bounty of the LORD
for He is our strength;
He makes our feet like the feet of the deer
and He makes us reach the Heights.
Hab. 3:19, Jer. 31:12
Join us this Wednesday, February 4th at 6:15pm.
Dinner will be a Spaghetti Fundraiser!
The programs for kids begin at 6:45
with the adult programs beginning at 7:00
Adult Classes offered:
-Women in the Word
-Book Club
-Tim Keller’s “The Reason for God”
video series in the Worship Center
-Prayer Group
-Men’s Life
Holland Heights Church
836 E 8th Street Holland, MI 49423
616-396-5988, [email protected]
Pine Rest Church Assistance-1-800-442-0809
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Jim & Nancy Steenwyk
Coffee Servers:
Clyed & Jeanne Kinkema, Doe Klingenbery, Kathy Kuiper
Tech Crew:
Erik Salisbury, Keith Mulder, Don Hicks, Brian Brinks
Roving Greeters:
Ron & Joyce Buursma
Children’s Worship:
Shanda Sprick, Christine Kern, Grahm Dykhuis, Kraker, Lexi Boven, Kim
Raak ( Ady’s helper)
Nursery Registration and Coordinator:
Deb Veenstra & Jill Sam
Sleepers & Creepers:
Linda Brouwer & Jessica Timmer
Walkers & Talkers:
Randi Mungia, Amy Talsma, Haylie Freriks, & Autota Michelsen
Prayer Servants:
Ruth Haak, Barry Walbury
Ushers/Hall Monitor:
Greg Fredricks, Bill Arent, Joel Schreduer, Bob Raak/hall monitor
heights helpers next week:
heights helpers today:
Don & Marcia Steeby
Coffee Servers:
Paul & Linda Kalkman, Clyde & Jeanne Kinkema
Tech Crew:
Greg Mart, Brian Grabinksi, Dave Slater, Doug Slenk
Roving Greeters:
Ron & Joyce Buursma
Children’s Worship:
Megan Klingenberg, Sarah Schreuder, Kaitlyn Diepenhorst, Klamer, Jacy
Vryhoff, Kasten (Ady’s helper)
Nursery Registration and Coordinator:
Lori Slenk & Amy Brouwer
Sleepers & Creepers:
Lisa Fredricks, Ellie Brinks, & Lindsey Raak
Walkers & Talkers:
Kathy Roseberry, Corie Visscher, Jacob Fredricks, & Jake Los
Prayer Servants:
Ron Dykstra, Kathy Roseberry
Ushers/Hall Monitor:
Greg Fredricks, Bill Arent, Joel Schreuder, Mark De Wall /hall monitor
Sunday, February 1, 2015
Please continue to pray for Christina Canche; her appointment this
week provided no clear answers. The doctor has referred her to U of
M Neurology. Please pray for a cancellation so that she may be able
to see a doctor soon and still get back to China in time for the second
Please pray for Bernie and Ruth Haak; Bernie’s surgery has been
rescheduled for next week Tuesday, 7:30am at Zeeland Hospital.
Please continue to pray for Nick Leep; his recovery is coming quite
Please pray for Jaci Eding, her appointment was disappointing in that
the doctor only put her on new pain meds for her fibro myalgia.
Thank God that Sylvia Ver Hoef’s daughter Marilyn as she is coming
home this afternoon from Spectrum Butterworth; she still has some
precautions regarding her lungs but her pain level is much better.
Please continue to pray for Nydia McHugh, Kaye Walburg, Samuel
Turnbull, Don Steeby and Amanda Jones’ sister Gloria as they are
in various stages of recovery or treatment.
We want to wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to: Evelyn Vander Meer—
February 6, and Joyce Deters—February 25. (Be sure to get your
birthday cards in the box 2 weeks before hand.)
Pray for those who are unable to worship with us. This week we
remember: Ruth VerBeek, Helen Borr, and Iris Kamer.
Wednesday Night Heights Nights - please join us this Wednesday
Night for spaghetti pie! This will be a fundraiser dinner for Lindsey Raak
and Emily & Erica Slenk. They are planning to go on a mission trip this
summer to Beautiful Gate Orphanage in Lesotho, Africa.
Sunday, February 1
5:30 pm:
Sunday Evening Teaching Time
Rev. George De Jong
The EDGE is in need of meals again for their Sunday night meetings.
There is a sign up on the Kiosk with a list of dates that they are meeting.
No EDGE this week
The Barnabas Prayer Group will have a sabbatical period in February
with no meeting on Wednesdays. The next meeting will be at 7:30am on
Wednesday, March 4.
Monday, February 2
Ron Dykstra will be out of town from February 5-28. Please direct all
prayer line concerns to your district elder or the office.
Welcome to Worship this Sunday morning! This week we celebrate the
baptism of Michael Sprick. Pastor George will be leading us in the study of
God’s Word. A trained Prayer Servant will be honored to pray with you by
the church organ after the service. This evening’s gathering is at 5:30 pm.
IF Conference for women: Mark you calendars for February 6-7.
Additional information is on the display by the Infant Nursery or check us
out on Facebook at IF: Holland Heights. It’s not too late to sign up!
Offering Schedule:
February 1: General Fund
February 8: Adoption Fund
Building & Grounds Committee Meeting
Tuesday, February 3
8:15 am:
Women in the Word Leaders Meeting
9:30 am:
Women in the Word (Wk 6 1, 2, & 3)
Wednesday, February 4
9:00 am:
Golden Heighters Breakfast
6:15 pm:
Heights Nights: Spaghetti Fundraiser
Jam session for all musicians
Thursday, February 5
9:00 am:
Choir is Back! If you enjoy singing and would like to join the group…
please come! Rehearsals begin next Sunday, Feb. 8th at 4:30. Questions?
See Bethany Bakker
11:15 am: Children & Youth Sunday School
7:00 pm:
Are you an artist or photographer? Do you enjoy decorating your
home? Is Pinterest one of your favorite pages? Are you a visual
learner? You are invited (or maybe you know someone you should
invite!) to a brainstorming session on Tuesday, February 17 (7:00pm) to
discuss and share ideas about the many ways Visual Arts can be utilized
at Holland Heights. Questions?... See Bethany Bakker.
Holland Heights is once again offering the Life Line Screening on
February 19th. Please call 1-888-653-6441 or visit to register for this event.
Golden Heighters: Our annual restaurant breakfast date is now February
4th, at 9am at the Southside Inn. Please check for details on the bulletin
Board. There is a sign-up sheet for a restaurant count.
10:00 am: Sunday Celebration: Baptism
Rev. George De Jong
Prayer Group
Friday, February 6
IF: Gathering
Saturday, February 7
IF: Gathering
Sunday, February 8
10:00 am:
Sunday Celebration:
Rev. George De Jong
11:15 am:
Children & Youth Sunday School
5:30 pm:
Sunday Evening Teaching Time
Rev. George De Jong
6:30 pm:
looking ahead:
Outreach Meeting: February 12 (7:00 pm)
Visual Arts Brainstorming: February 17 (7:00 pm)
Life Line Screening: Thursday, February 19th (8:30 -5:30)
Youth Committee Meeting: Thursday, February 19th (7:00)
Derby Car Races: Saturday, February 28th (9:00am)