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Sangick Jeon, Ph.D.
760 S El Monte Avenue, Los Altos, California 94022 USA
Tel: +1 (408) 836-9807, Email: [email protected] | | @sangickjeon
Security, Global Development, Quantitative Methodology.
Ph.D. (Political Science), Stanford University
A.B. (Political Science), University of California, Davis
Designed, developed, launched, and managed a novel ICT-based intervention for
improving clean water access in Kibera, Kenya—one of Africa’s largest urban slums.
Research Fellow and Graduate Student, Stanford University
Leveraged statistical machine learning and cloud computing to generate real-time
predictive analytics for assessing political risk in the world’s most volatile regions.
Co-Founder, M-Maji
Graduate Research & Teaching Fellow and Ph.D. student in Political Science
Department, and Ph.D. Fellow in the Stanford Graduate School of Business.
• Research assistant for Joshua Cohen and Terry Winograd, Hasso Plattner Institute
of Design (2012-13).
• Research assistant for Saumitra Jha, Stanford Graduate School of Business (2012).
• Teaching assistant for courses in international political economy, international
relations, global development, justice, and research methodology (2007-2009). Research Assistant, University of California, Davis
Collaborated with James H. Fowler (now at UCSD) on projects at the intersection of
computer science, network analysis, and political science.
Exploring Opportunities in Cultural Diversity (2015) With David Laitin. Forthcoming in SAGE Emerging Trends in the Social and Behavioral
Sciences. A Mobile Water Project: Mobile-for-Development Meets Human-Centered
Design (2011)
With Eran Bendavid, Joshua Cohen, Katherine Hoffmann, and Terry Winograd. In
Arguing About Justice: Essays for Philippe Van Parijs (Belgium: Presses universitaires
de Louvain), pgs. 245-252.
The Authority of Supreme Court Precedents (2008)
With James H. Fowler. Social Networks 30, pgs. 16-30.
Network Analysis and the Law: Measuring the Legal Importance of
Supreme Court Precedents (2007)
With James H. Fowler, James F. Spriggs II, Timothy R. Johnson, and Paul Wahlbeck.
Political Analysis 15:3, pgs. 324-346.
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Working Papers &
Ongoing Projects
An Experimental Study of Diversity Management Techniques (2015)
Real-Time Conflict Forecasting (2015)
Can Mobile Phones Improve Clean Water Access in Slums? (2014)
With Eran Bendavid, Joshua Cohen, Terry Winograd, and the U.S. Centers for Disease
Control & Prevention.
Interethnic Complementarities and Decentralized Intergroup Cooperation
Social Sanctioning Across Ethnic Lines: Experimental Evidence from the
Kenya-Tanzania Border (2013)
With Tim Johnson and Amanda Robinson.
Grants & Fellowships
National Science Foundation, Dissertation Improvement Grant, 2012
Russell Sage Foundation, Small Grants in Behavioral Economics, 2011
Stanford University
• Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies (SEED), Ph.D.
Fellowship, 2013-2014
• Freeman Spogli Institute, O'Bie Shultz Dissertation Completion Grant, 2013
• Freeman Spogli Institute, Global Underdevelopment Action Fund, 2012
• Center for Innovation in Global Health, C-IDEA Grant, 2012
• Freeman Spogli Institute, Global Underdevelopment Action Fund, 2011
• School of Humanities and Sciences, GRO Fund, 2010
• Vice Provost for Graduate Education, DDRO Fund, 2010
• Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society, Small Grants Program, 2010
• Program on Liberation Technology, Seed Grant, 2010
• Graduate Research & Teaching Fellow, 2006-2011
Media Coverage
The Atlantic (12/1/2005)
Business Daily, Nation Media Group (4/4/2012)
The Christian Science Monitor (9/30/2011)
The Economist (8/25/2005)
Kibera News Network (4/1/2012; 5/23/2013)
The New York Times (11/8/2013)
Scope, Stanford Medicine (10/31/2012)
Stanford Freeman Spogli Institute News (7/9/2010; 9/23/2010; 11/17/2011;
2/10/2011; 10/26/2012)
Wamda (2/4/2013)
Field Experience
Kenya (2010-2014), Tanzania (2012), India (2009), Morocco (2008-2009).
U.S. citizen, born 1983 in South Korea.
David Laitin (Ph.D. Adviser), Professor of Political Science, Stanford University
Joshua Cohen, Faculty, Apple
Saumitra Jha, Associate Professor of Political Economy, Stanford University
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January 28, 2015