‘Apartments too small’
Mixed reaction on fines for
hanging laundry in balcony
By Cinatra Fernandes
Arab Times Staff
n this week’s Arab times online poll,
readers shared their views on the
issue of new fines for those hanging
laundry in their apartment balconies. A
majority of the respondents felt that this
phenomenon was result of apartment
rooms being too small.
A new campaign undertaken by the
Municipality that will fine those who
hang their laundry from balconies made
the news a few days ago and garnered
both positive and negative reactions
from the public. The Municipality has
stated that the aim of this campaign is to
improve upon the look of Kuwait’s residential areas.
57% of voters felt that they could
only hang their clothes in the balconies
as the rooms are too small. “Go to any
new building in Salmiya and all you can
fit into a bedroom nowadays is a small
bed and a small cupboard, and maybe
you will have room enough for one person to walk around the room. I think this
is the reason people have to use the balcony space to dry their laundry and
some even use it for storage. When I
first came to Kuwait in the 90s, I
remember the flats being very spacious,
now they are like matchboxes”, a reader
15% of voters felt that a hue and cry
would be made for a few days and then
the matter would be forgotten. “Like a
lot of rules and directives in Kuwait, this
will come and go. I don’t think it is
important enough to actually matter in
the long run” a voter shared.
Another respondent pointed out that
flats in most of the newer buildings do
not have balconies. “So in a few years,
when all the old ones are demolished
and replaced by new buildings, this rule
will automatically become obsolete”, he
8% of voters agreed that drying
clothes in the balcony harms the beauty
of the building and another 8% pointed
out that other countries also have similar
beautification laws. 6% of respondents
felt that dish antennas and storage items
should be fined too.
“I think laws like this are necessary
when people do not have any sense of
propriety and hang their undergarments
for the world to see. It is unsightly and I
hope these fines will be enforced rigidly. No one can deny that this will greatly improve the appearance of our surroundings”, a reader pointed out.
4% pointed out that laundry prices
were exorbitant in Kuwait. “It is very
hard to dry clothes indoors in the winter
and it is not possible for families to use
a laundry service because they are too
expensive”, an expatriate homemaker
“I think the Municipality should make
it a priority to curb house rents; only
then can we afford to use laundry services”, another voter shared. Other residents and workers felt that they were
being penalised for minor faults. “Every
time I read the newspaper, there is some
new way I can get fined. Living in
Kuwait has become a cat and mouse
game for expatriates.”
KFSD photo
The meeting in progress.
13th Firefighter Day on March 5: Al-Mekrad
Deputy Director General for
Firefighting and Human Resources
Affairs at Kuwait Fire Service
Directorate (KFSD) Brigadier Khalid
Al-Mekrad said the 13th Firefighter
Day will be held from March 5-7
under auspices of State Minister for
Cabinet Affairs Sheikh Mohammad
Al-Abdullah Al-Sabah.
Al-Mekrad revealed this in a press
statement after a meeting he chaired
inside the KFSD headquarters
recently with the attendance of representatives from the Military Fire
Service Command, Firefighting and
Rescue Unit, National Guard
Directorate, Security and Safety Unit
at Kuwait Oil Company and Equate
Petrochemical Company.
He said the event will coincide with
the World Day for Civil Protection
which is celebrated on March 1 every
year. He stated the event is important
to all firefighters because it is a special day for them. He indicated the
event will remind them of sacrifices
and efforts exerted by firemen in
serving the nation.
Ex-MPs, mediamen, citizens
protest closure of ‘Al-Watan’
Political decision, says ex-minister Al-Rashed
PNS ‘Tariq’ in Gulf waters
Trip from Feb 1-5
Pakistan Navy ship ‘Tariq’ due
KUWAIT CITY, Jan 28: Pakistan Naval Ship
“TARIQ” will be visiting Kuwait on a goodwill
visit from Feb 1 to 5, 2015. The ship is named
after a gallant Muslim conqueror Tariq Bin
Ziyad. His conquest of Gibralter led to the
extension of the Muslim rule in Europe. The
life of Tariq Bin Ziyad is full of achievements,
which are a source of great inspiration to
Muslims all over the world; sailors of Pakistan
Navy are no exception. They take great pride in
serving onboard their ship that has been named
after one of the greatest leaders in Islamic history.
PNS TARIQ (D-181), the Ex-HMS
AMBUSCADE is a general purpose Frigate.
She was the first of the Type 21 Frigates built
by Yarrows Ltd of Glasgow and launched on
Jan 17, 1973. It was commissioned as Ex HMS
AMBUSCADE into the Royal Navy on Sept 5,
1975 and was the seventh ship in the Royal
Navy to hold this name. Her career has encompassed all aspects of a warship’s life from
exercises to guard ship duties and from peacetime visits to the full heat war in Falkland
This ship was commissioned as a PNS
TARIQ on July 28, 1993 at Daven Port, play
mouth (UK). This is third ship in Pakistan
Navy to hold this name. The first was HMPS
TARIQ, which was inherited from Royal
Indian Navy soon after independence in 1947.
The second was a gearing class Destroyer,
which was commissioned on Sept 9, 1978,
after rendering 12 years of glorious service, the
ship was decommissioned and handed over to
Maritime Security Agency in 1990.
PNS Tariq has undergone a major modification in regard to her weapons and sensors.
Major modernization of the ship was carried
out indigenously by replacing the obsolete
Command Systems, weapon and sensors.
The Commanding Officer of PNS TARIQ
Captain Vaqar Muhammad TI (M) PN was
commissioned in Pakistan Navy on July 1,
1992. He is a Communication specialist, qualified Air War Course from Air War College
PAF and Master of Science in System
Engineering from Naval Post-Graduates
School, Monterey, USA. He has been assigned
on numerous operational, field and staff
appointments during his 22 year of commissioned service.
News in Brief
Indian attempts suicide: The
Farwaniya police recently saved the life of
an Indian who attempted to commit suicide
by jumping from the roof of his company in
Al-Riqqa, reports Al-Kuwaitiah daily.
A security source said police rushed to the
company and convinced the Indian to give
up the idea, calmed him down and took him
to the Police Station.
According to the security sources the
youth wanted to end his life after learning
his girlfriend had married another person.
Police officer threatened: A Kuwaiti
reportedly threatened to kill a police officer
who had gone to the house of the Kuwaiti
with a court verdict which ordered the man
to vacate the house in Sabah Al-Salem,
reports Al-Shahed daily.
The citizen then reportedly threatened the
Chief Officer at the Sabah Al-Salem Police
Station. The man then resisted arrest and
escaped from the scene.
A case has been registered.
‘Haris’ robbed: Police are looking for two
people for impersonating police and stealing
KD 1,400 from Pakistani caretaker of a
building in Fahaheel, reports Al-Anba daily.
The impersonators claimed they had a
warrant to search his house for drugs. The
men then forced the caretaker to open his
room and escaped with the money.
Wanted man held: Police have arrested a
Kuwaiti who was wanted by law for failure to
pay worth KD 74,000 debt to a local bank,
reports Al-Anba daily. At the time of arrest he
was in possession of drugs, says security source.
The same source said the suspect was
driving along a street off Al-Sha’ab AlBahari and he promoted suspicion of patrolmen on duty.
Police checked the records and found he
was wanted by law. Police have seized from
him a quantity of marijuana, narcotic pills
and a cigarette rolled with hashish.
Bedoun blames sons: A bedoun
(retired personnel from the Interior Ministry)
has filed a complaint with the Andalus
Police Station accusing his sons of forcing
him to sign a promissory note for KD
50,000 under threat, reports Al-Anba daily.
The bedoun said he had a dispute with his
wife and he had lent her KD 500 about a
month ago. On the day of the incident she
allegedly called him to her house to return
his money and as soon as he entered he saw
his sons waiting for him.
Former MPs, well-known
media personalities, journalists and citizens gathered at the Kuwait
(KJA) to declare their solidarity for the freedoms,
particularly press freedom
and to protest the closure
of a prominent newspaper
(the Al-Watan Arabic
daily) by the Minister of
Commerce and Industry,
reports Al-Anba daily.
All those who gathered at the
KJA objected to the suppression of
freedoms and putting restrictions
on the press.
The speakers stressed the closure
was a big mistake on the part of the
government saying it was done to
serve political ends. They also urged
the decision-makers to put issues on
the right track and hold accountable
the wrongdoers.
Former minister and MP Ali AlRashed said he is sad because the freedom of the press in Kuwait is violated
in 2015.He stressed the decision to
close Al-Watan Arabic newspaper is a
‘political decision’ and has nothing to
do with the application of the law by
the Ministry.
He added that both Alam Alyawm
and Al-Watan Arabic daily are closed
simply because they represent the
He added: “Thank God we are not a
revolutionary people and do not think
about changing the system because it
is the stability, security and safety to
us, but we are not satisfied with the
performance of the government.”
For his part, representative of the
Kuwait Journalists Association Faisal
Qanaei expressed his sadness at the
closure of the newspaper and the withdrawal of its license and the closure of
other newspaper and satellite TV
channel. He expressed his happiness
also about this rally of solidarity under
the roof of the Kuwait Journalists
Association which represents the freedom.
Former minister Ahmad Al-Mulaifi
said the defense of freedom of the
press is an integral part of our principles because the free press is responsible to disclose corruption and abuses.
He pointed out the Lebanese civil
war broke out following the disclosure
of corruption and schemes which were
hatched against the nation via the
Zionist enemy. He added, democracy
stands on two pillars — the parties and
the free press.
Former MP Safa Al-Hashem said,
the Al-Watan daily is the newspaper of
the nation, the ruling family and the
Authority and its closure tarnishes the
image of the ruling family.
Former Member of Parliament and
representative of the Islamic
Constitutional Movement lawyer
Mohammad Al-Dalal said the case is
bigger than the subject of the AlWatan daily.
“Irrespective whether we agree or
not with it because this is natural in the
political arena, but the behavior of the
executive authority is not natural
which seeks the acquisition of all
authorities, including the fourth
authority (the press).
We’re ready to help OFWs: Dado
‘Don’t panic amid crackdown plans’
By Michelle Fe Santiago
Arab Times Staff
KUWAIT CITY, Jan 28: “Don’t
panic. Remain calm and please
refrain from spreading unnecessary
posts on Facebook that scare people,” urged Philippine Charge d’
Affaires Atty Raul H Dado as he
sought everyone’s cooperation in
disseminating the correct information after an alleged “news advisory” coming from the embassy went
viral on the social media about the
planned crackdown on illegal residents.
The Ministry of Interior
announced recently the biggest
crackdown that it will launch against
more than 100,000 residence violators in Kuwait prompting overstaying expatriates including undocumented Filipino workers to panic.
According to the MoI, there are
around 6,700 overstaying Filipinos
in Kuwait.
“Please don’t scare your fellow
Filipinos. Please don’t post advisories without consulting us. We
have already met with the Kuwaiti
authorities and our team is ready to
assist all those undocumented
Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs)
who want to go home before the
planned massive crackdown is
launched,” explained Dado.
He reminded all Filipinos to follow the laws of the host country and
go home if their residence visa has
“We are ready to help all undocumented (OFWs) go home by expe-
Atty Raul H Dado
diting their travel documents and
endorsing them to the Kuwait
Immigration authorities. Our mass
repatriation is ongoing following
the procedures set by the MoI.
Those who want to go home may
signify their intention and be
included in the mass repatriation,”
outlined Dado.
He announced that those undocumented OFWs who want to go home
may go to the Philippine Embassy
Extension Office in Hateen area to
list down their names and apply for
travel documents. Its location is at
Block 2, Street 217, Villa 42, Hateen
area. Those undocumented OFWs
who want to be repatriated may also
call the Embassy’s Repatriation
Hotline 98005115. Meanwhile, the
embassy’s other hotlines are
65002612 (Assistance to Nationals
Unit) and 69902264 (Rescue &
Medical Emergency).
“Please do not hesitate to come to
the embassy, submit your names and
apply for travel documents. With the
help of the Kuwaiti authorities, we
will try our best to fast track your
repatriation. Always remember that
the only thing to fear is fear itself,”
he assured.
Dado disclosed that the Philippine
Embassy will be issuing a detailed
advisory for its nationals over the
weekend to clarify matters on the
planned crackdown and disseminate
repatriation guidelines.
Almost 700 liquor bottles found with Asian duo
By Mishal Al-Sanousi
Al-Seyassah Staff
KUWAIT CITY, Jan 28: Security
operatives discovered a liquor factory
in Sabah Al-Ahmad city run by an
Asian expatriate, and retrieved 420
bottles of liquor ready for sale plus
four drums and a box of leaven, two
gas cylinders, 13 boxes of empty bottles, and 10 additional packs of bottles.
The operation was conducted with
the guidance of acting Director General
of Ahmadi Security Directorate
Brigadier Ali Al-Mari, and with support
forces headed by acting Commander of
Former minister Maasouma AlMubarak said that the Kuwaiti
Constitution emphasizes a set of constants, including freedoms.
Speaking on behalf of the cartoonists, Abdul Salam rejected the gagging
of mouth and restricting freedoms of
the press, which is the pride of Kuwait
and the Kuwaiti free press.
Pollution denied: Deputy DirectorGeneral at the Environment Public
Authority for Environment Control,
Dr Mohammad Al-Ahmad denied
reports about air pollution which was
the talk of the town among citizens
Ahmadi Port Lieutenant General Ali
Baqer. The suspect was referred to the
concerned authority.
In another campaign by Ahmadi
securitymen led by Brigadier Saleh
Al-Azemi — acting Director of
Operations and Patrol Department, an
Asian expatriate was apprehended in
Wafra area in possession of 247 bottles
of liquor. They also took into custody
10 individuals who were without identification documents and 7 others for
various offenses, and recovered two
wanted vehicles.
and residents of Fahaheel and Maidan
Hawalli two days ago, reports AlSeyassah daily.
A number of citizens and residents
claimed they had to leave the Al-Kout
Commercial Complex at 10 pm when
the entire surroundings were filled
with the smell of sulfur. A similar scenario happened in Maidan Hawally.
However, Al-Ahmad admitted there
is a certain phenomenon which he
called H2S that exists in some areas,
but there have been no reports from the
competent authorities about gas leakage or sort of contamination in the air.
Syrian nabbed: The border security
police recently foiled an attempt by an
unidentified Syrian to infiltrate into
Iraq through the northern border,
reports Al-Shahed daily.
The daily added, the Syrian was
attempting to escape under the cover
of fog. However, he was seized and
referred to the concerned authorities.
Security sources said the Syrian has
been referred for serious interrogation
to identify his motives and affiliations
especially information has been rife
that some people have been attempting to infiltrate into Iraq to join
Husband arrested: The Adan
police have arrested a Kuwaiti for
breaking into the home of his wife and
stealing KD 14,000, her passport,
Civil ID and the work ID, reports AlRai daily.
A security source the woman in her
complaint to the police said she had a dispute with her husband. On the day of the
incident he broke into her home armed
with a knife and threatened to stab her
and forced her to open the safe, stole the
contents, assaulted her and escaped.
The complainant has submitted a
medical certificate showing bruises on
her body.