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No.75 February 2015
Liz’s List is issued six times a year by Chris Rudd. Subscription: £10 UK, £15 overseas. Reference books: ABC: Cottam,
de Jersey, Rudd & Sills Ancient British Coins £75, LT: La Tour Atlas des monnaies gauloises £18, VA: Van Arsdell Celtic
Coinage of Britain, BMC: Hobbs British Iron Age Coins in the British Museum £75; S: Coins of England £25 all plus
postage. B: Burgos; C: Calico; VB: Villaronga & Benages. Rarity of Gaulish coins based on Depeyrot estimates.
Rarity of British coins based on numbers recorded by the Celtic Coin Index: RRRR excessively rare 1-5 recorded,
RRR extremely rare 6-15, RR very rare 16-30, R rare 31-50, S scarce 51-100. Remember, most coin finds are unreported,
so these figures are only a rough guide to rarity. All coins shown actual size unless otherwise stated. Abbreviations: AV
gold, AR silver, AE bronze, F fine, VF very fine, EF extremely fine. g. grams, l. left. r. right. Currency guide: £10 = 12
euros, 16 US$. Any questions? Please ask me. I’m here to help you.
SCORDISCI E.Croatia & Yugoslavia.
1. Ball Cheek. c.2nd/1st cent. BC. AR drachm. 14mm.
1.63g. Zeus head r, round cheek./ Full bodied horse l,
ringed-pellet above. BMC S134, Göbl OTA 204, Kostial
507. EF/nr EF, superb silver, lightly toned, very bold, finest
we’ve seen. An exceptional specimen. Ex D Lee coll,
ex Dr William F Blank coll.
Though the name Scordisci isn’t generally regarded as linguistically
Celtic, the Greeks and Romans certainly saw this large tribe as Celtic
and spread rumours about them drinking human blood.
IBERIAN Earliest recorded Celtic script c.600 BC.
2. Bolskan Horseman. BON Type. Huesca, NE Spain.
c.150-80 BC. AR denarius. 17mm. 3.37g. Bearded head r.,
Iberic BON./ Horseman r, with long spear, Iberic
BOLSCAN. B 1911, C 168, VB 1417. Good VF, sharp,
full legend, lovely head.
3. Carmo Corn Ears. Carmona, Seville, SW Spain. Early 1st
cent.BC. AE as or semis. 22-25mm. 9.13g. Male head r./
CARM between two corn ears. B 461, C 256, VB 2405.
S £50
Near VF/good F, bold head, legend visible.
An O is normally visible at the end of CARM, but not apparent on this
example. Carmo had been an important part of the ancient kingdom of
Tartessos where the earliest Celtic inscriptions have been found, was later
walled by the Carthaginians, and became the stronghold of the Iberian chief
Luxinius, whose name sounds Celtic to me (and to Alfred Holder, 1898).
PICTO-SANTONES west coast of France.
4. Hand on Yoke. Armorican Head Type. Class A2. c.1st
cent. BC. Base AV stater. 21-24mm. 6.37g. Head r, cord
from mouth./ Human-headed horse r, charioteer holding
wreath. LT 4395, DT 3647. Nr VF/F, large flan, bronzeyS £350
CORIOSOLITES NE Brittany (Corseul, St. Brieuc, Dinan).
5. Ogmios and Boar. Anchor Nose Type. c.60-56 BC.
AR stater. 21mm. 3.48g. Head of Armorican sun-god r,
anchor nose, large S-shape curl near ear./ Horse r, charioteer
above with human head, boar below. LT J 66, Hooker 69,
Rybot 87, S 16. VF, large flan, lovely head, bold curls. £150
The Coriosolites (‘army of the sun’) opposed Caesar’s army. This
silver stater was struck as ‘war money’.
SUESSIONES around Soissons in the Aisne dept. of N France.
6. Soissons Eye Boar. c.60-30 BC. Cast potin. 17mm. 3.01g.
Stylised head, scroll in front, within plain circle./ Stylised boar
r, crescent of blobs below, forming large hidden eye motif.
ABC 85, LT 7905, BMC 444-447, DT 531a. EF/VF, boldly
cast, rich black patina. What an amazing head!
IMPORTED Gaulish coins found in England.
7. Running Man. Class 1a. Bellovaci. c.80-50 BC. AE unit.
15mm. 2.10g. Man running r./ Horse galloping r. LT 7258,
BMC—, Sch/GB 163, p.669, fig. 568. Gd VF/VF, bold man,
RRR as UK find £85
dark green patina. Found in Kent.
8. Horned Head and Plaits. Ambiani. c.60-40 BC. AE unit.
13mm. 2.16g. Facing head with horned helmet and s-shaped
plaits./ Horse r, with clumpy hooves and raised head, bird
(raven?) on back, S-shape in front. LT—, BN 8411, BMC—,
DT 400, Sch/GB fig. 371. VF, strong head, brown patina. Ex
J Lumley coll.
RRR type, only 11 recorded, RRRR as UK find £275
or double your money back
9. Gallic War Uniface. SS Type. Sills class 5a. Ambiani.
c.53-52 BC. AV stater. 18mm. 5.79g. Plain obverse./
M-shaped horse r, crescent and pellet above, beaded pellet in
front, pellet below, reversed s-shape either side. ABC 16 var.,
LT 8704, DT 242, VA—, S—. Good VF, huge flan, golden
gold, smooth surfaces. A most impressive gold coin. Found in
RRR as UK find £750
10. Gallic War Uniface. Sills class 1b Bold. Ambiani. c.53-52
BC. AV stater. 16-19mm. 6.22g. Plain obverse./ M-shaped
horse r, crescent and pellet above, pellet below. ABC 16 var.,
LT 8710-17, DT 238, VA 50, S—. Good VF, golden gold, five
symbols fully revealed above horse (note spurs on rear legs). £475
CANTIACI Kent, cap. Durovernum (Canterbury).
11. Thurrock. c.120-100 BC. Potin. 17-19mm. 3.13g.
Head of Apollo l./ Bull butting r, traces of MA. ABC 120,
VA 1402-1442, BMC 660-66, S 62. VF, glossy patina, bold
12. Angular Bull. c.80-50 BC. Potin. 16-19mm. 1.55g.
Linear head r./ Angular matchstick bull l, crescents above.
ABC 171, VA 129, BMC 686, S 63. Gd VF, bright pewter
13. Eppillus Chariot. c.AD1-15. AE unit. 13-15mm. 2.33g.
Bearded head l, ringed-pellet behind./ Chariot r, wheel
above, faint traces of EP C.F. below. ABC 417, VA 453,
BMC—, S 115. Nr VF, clear head, bold chariot. RRR £150
The almost invisible legend means ‘Eppillus, son of Commius’.
REGINI and ATREBATES in alliance.
14. Westerham South. c.55-50 BC. AV stater. 19mm.
5.71g. Wreath motif./ Disjointed horse l, pellets above,
‘coffee-bean’ behind, exergual line with zigzag decoration.
ABC 482, VA 202, BMC 24-32, S 21. Nr VF/Gd VF,
S £450
virtually as struck, well centred, pale gold.
Probably struck as tribute money payable to Caesar.
15. Eppillus Grapevine. c.20BC-AD1. AR unit. 11mm.
0.59g. Bearded head r, vine leaf border./ Boar r, EPPI[L]
above, [F COM] below. ABC 1163, VA 416, BMC 1061-87,
S 100. Nibbled flan, otherwise VF, whole head, sharp boar,
R £45
clear EPPI. Ex D Lee coll. Bargain!
ICENI Norfolk, N Suffolk, NE Cambs.
16. Norfolk Wolf. Left Type. c.50-15 BC. AV stater.
18mm. 5.40g. Icenian wreath motif./ Wolf standing l, bird
perched on rump, pellet under tail, large blobs above, pellet
and pellet triad below. ABC 1399 var., (pellet below tail),
VA 610-3 var., BMC 228-30, S 31.VF, bronze coloured gold,
well struck with clear bristles on back and bird clearly
displayed. Ex J Lumley coll.
Found 30.10.2001 by ‘Norfolk Wolf ’, author of Advanced Detecting
(2005). Rainer Kretz has identified the bird as an Avocet, clearly
depicted on this pedigree piece.
17. Bury Diadem. c.50-15 BC. AR unit. 14mm. 0.90g.
Female head l, wearing diadem, snake before./ Horse l,
beaded pellet above, pellet below. ABC 1495, VA 80,
BMC 3524-27, S 432. Nr VF/VF, lightly toned, well centred.
Ex J Lumley coll.
Dr Anne Ross thinks the goddess is Andraste.
18. Antedios D-Bar. c.AD1-20. AR unit. 12mm. 1.10g.
Double moon emblem./ Horse r, corn-ear mane, pellettriad, below. ABC 1645, VA 711, 715, BMC 3800-4025,
S 441. VF/gd VF, bright silver, well ornamented.
Ex B Winstanley coll, ex Forncett hoard, Norfolk, 1997. £120
19. Ecen Corn Ear. c.AD10-43? AR unit. 13mm. 1.23g.
Double moon emblem./ Horse r, corn-ear mane, row of
three pellets and ECEN monogram below. ABC 1657,
VA 730, BMC 4033-4215, S 443A. VF/Gd VF, lightly toned,
beautifully decorated, bold inscription. Ex I Bishop coll £120
20. Ece Stepping Horse. c.AD20-43. AR unit. 14mm.
0.88g. Double moon emblem./ Horse r, short dashes for
mane, ECE below. ABC 1660, VA 760, BMC 4348-59,
S 445. CCI 05.0146. Gd VF/VF, lightly toned silver, great
moons. Ex J Lumley coll.
21. Saenu. c.AD30-43? AR unit. 13mm. 1.14g. Double
moon emblem with neck torcs./ Horse r, Y-shaped head,
pellets on chest, SAENV below. ABC 1699, VA 770,
BMC 4540-57, S 446. Gd VF, toned, bold moons, clear
inscription. Ex B Winstanley coll. Ex Forncett hoard,
S £120
Norfolk, 1997.
Saenu (‘old one’?) is one of the most elusive of Iceni rulers. So are his
22. Norfolk God. c.AD25-43. AR unit. 13-15mm. 0.88g.
Head r, pellet triad below, ear of corn behind, trefoil in
front./ Horse r, kite and beaded arc. ABC 1567, VA 792,
794, BMC 3605-759, S 434. Gd VF, irregular flan, nice
head, well ornamented. Ex J Lumley coll.
CORIELTAVI E Midlands, from Humber to Welland.
23. South Ferriby. II Type. c.45-10 BC. AV plated stater.
19mm. 4.63g. Blank./ Disjointed horse l, triangular head,
anchor hidden face above, six-pointed star below, II in front.
ABC 1752 variant, VA 811-22 var., BMC 3150 var., S 390
var. VF/Gd VF, some of plating missing on obv, lovely horse,
RRR type £350
unusual extra letters.
The rings around the eyes are like those seen on the Owl Eyes, Phallic
and Trefoil Types (ABC 1752-55). This is the first we’ve seen with the
II motif in front of the horse.
24. CR 18333 Domino. c.45-10 BC. AV stater. 19mm. 5.35g.
Blank./ Lunate horse l, ‘domino’ motif above, anti-clockwise
spiral below, arrow symbol before. ABC 1758, VA 829-1,
R £500
BMC 3185-86, S 393. VF, rose gold, clear spiral.
25. W-Forelegs Proto Boar. Rich Type 16a. c.55-45 BC.
AR unit. 12-15mm. 1.28g. Boar r, large beaded ringedpellet and rings above./ Horse l, beaded ringed-pellet above,
ringed-pellet below and in front. ABC—, VA 857-5,
BMC 3208-3209, S 396. VF/Gd VF, large flan, well
R £120
ornamented. Ex J Lumley coll.
26. Aunt Cost Uniface. c.AD15-40. AR unit. 13-15mm.
1.30g. Plain./ Horse l, AVN above, [COS]T around.
ABC 1938, VA 914, BMC 3261-66, S 403. Gd VF, huge
S £150
flan, full AVN. Ex D Lee coll.
Cotswolds, cap. Corinium (Cirencester).
27. Cotswold Eagle. Head Type C. c.40-20 BC. AR unit. 1113mm. 0.87g. Head r, cross on chin./ Triple-tailed horse l,
stylised bird’s head above, stylised flower below.
ABC 2018,VA 1045, BMC 2963-67, S 377. Gd VF, lightly
toned, well centred horse.
Wessex, cap. Durnovaria (Dorchester).
28. Cranborne Chase. c.58-40 BC. AR stater. 19mm.
4.97g. Wreath motif./ Horse l, large pellets above,
‘coffee-bean’ behind. ABC 2157, VA 1235-1, BMC 2525-46,
S 366. Gd VF, large flan, bright silver, clear tail lines.
Ex T Sheldon coll, found Dorset, c.October 1998.
29. Cranborne Chase. c.58-40 BC. Base AR stater. 16mm.
3.54g. Wreath motif./ Horse l, pellets. ABC 2169,
VA 1235-1, BMC 2555-636, S 367. VF, chunky. Ex
L Tongue coll.
30. Badbury Rat. c.20BC-AD20. AR quarter stater. 13mm.
0.75g.Virtually blank./ Central zigzag thunderbolt between
beaded lines, ‘clamshell’ motif to r, ‘rat’ below. ABC 2217,
VA 1260, BMC 2748-70, S 368. Gd VF, well ornamented,
clear rat. Ex D Lee coll.
EASTERN uncertain north Thames types
31. Two Boars. c.50-30 BC. AE unit. 12mm. 1.07g.
Two boars, wheel in centre./ Horse r. ABC 2315, VA—, BMC
R £45
402-06, S—. VF, dark-green patina. Ex J Fay coll.
TRINOVANTES Essex, S. Suffolk,
cap. Camulodunon (Colchester).
32. Dubnovellaunos Crescent Head. AE unit. 12-14mm.
1.46g. Head r, phallic nose, crescents for hair, beaded angle
for hairline./ Horse l, solar flower above. ABC 2410,
VA 1665, BMC 2461-65, S 212. VF, rich golden brown patina,
clear head, lovely solar flower. Found in Kent, c.1970s. R £120
CATUVELLAUNI north Thames, cap. Verlamion (St. Albans).
33. Addedomaros Spiral. c.45-20 BC. AV stater. 17mm.
5.55g. Six-armed spiral, three crescents at centre./ Horse r,
three horse muzzles above, cornucopia below. ABC 2517,
VA 1620, BMC 2396-2404, S 201. VF/Gd VF, rose gold,
nicely toned, superficial obverse cracks, neat round flan.
Ex J Lumley coll.
34. Addedomaros Solar Flower. c.45-20 BC. AE unit.
14mm. 1.57g. Head l. corded hair./ Horse stepping l.
ABC 2541, VA 1615, BMC 2450-52, S 206. Gd VF/F,
jade patina, magnificent head, bold hair. Ex D Lee coll,
S £60
ex A Clarke coll.
35. Tasciovanos Warrior. Series B. c.25BC-AD10.
AV stater. 12-18mm. 4.12g. Crossed wreath motif, hidden
faces in angles./ Warrior on horse r, holding carnyx, wheel in
front, [TA]SC around. ABC 2565, VA 1730, BMC 1608,
S 217. 1/3 missing, pierced in antiquity (RRR thus), otherwise
Gd VF, rose gold, bold wreath.
Probably worn as a pendant in Anglo-Saxon period. Carnyx visible.
An interesting piece (extremely rare thus) at a bargain price.
36. Tasciovanos Verlamio. c.20BC-AD10. AE unit.
12-14mm. 1.44g. Star motif, traces of VERLAMIO in
angles./ Bull l. ABC 2679, VA 1808, BMC 1745-51, S 247.
Gd VF/VF, dark brown patina, bold star. Ex G Heritage.S £75
Gordon Heritage found the famous Buckingham Treasure hoard of
Whaddon Chase gold staters in 2006-07.
37. Rues Concave Squares. c.10BC-AD10. AE fractional
unit. 12mm. 1.08g. Two concave sided squares around
central ring./ Eagle standing r, [RVII]. ABC 2763, VA 1903,
BMC 1756-58, S 274. CCI 06.0078. Gd VF, mid-brown
RR £75
patina. Ex E-J Osgathorpe coll.
CATUVELLAUNI &TRINOVANTES united by Cunobelinus.
38. Cunobelinus Wild. c.AD8-41. AV stater. 13-18mm.
5.50g. Central corn ear, CA to left, M[V] to right./ Horse r,
star and branch above, CVN[N] below. ABC 2777,
VA 1931, BMC 1784-803, S 285. Irregular flan, otherwise
Gd VF, virtually as minted, rose gold, bold corn ear, lovely frisky
horse. A full weight gold stater, nothing missing.
39. Cunobelinus Hunting Dog. c.AD8-41. AR unit.
11-13mm. 1.16g. CVN in central tablet./ Hunting dog l,
beaded ring above, [CAM] below. ABC 2846, VA 1949,
BMC 1858-59, S 301. Gd VF, dark toned, bold CVN. Found
RR £150
in Kent, c.1970s.
This delightful long-eared hunting hound puns on the king’s name
(‘hound of Belenus’).
40. Cunobelinus Warriors. c.AD8-41. AE unit. 15mm.
1.77g. Warrior on horse r, traces of CVNOB around./
Warrior standing l, holding spear and shield, TASCIIO
[VANTIS]. Gd VF, light brown patina, bold figures. £120
41. Cunobelinus Rex. c.AD8-41. AE unit. 15mm. 2.23g.
Bust l, traces of CVNOBE IINVS REX around./ Bull
butting r, TASC in exergue. ABC 2966, VA 2095,
BMC 1944-51, S 340. Gd VF, greeny-brown patina, most of
inscription visible, bold head and bull. Ex G Heritage. £120
CHEAPO-CHEAPO! all low grade, none over £50.
42. Dubnovellanos Horsewoman. Cantiaci. c.25BC-AD5.
AE unit. 12-15mm. 1.82g. Boar l, uptuned snout./
Horsewoman r. ABC 348. VF, brown patina, clear figures.
RR £45
Ex D Lee coll.
One of the few British coins to feature a female rider.
43. Cotswold Crosses. Dobunni. c.40-20 BC. AR plated
unit. 12mm. 1.05g. Head r, rings behind./ Horse r. ABC
2036. Fair.
44. Cranborne Chase. Durotriges. c.58-40 BC. AR stater.
15mm. 3.57g. Sim. No.25. Fine, chunky flan.
45. Duro Thunderbolt. c.20BC-AD20. AR quarter stater.
11mm. 0.38g. Plain./ Central thunderbolt, clamshell motif.
ABC 2217. Fine, bold thunderbolt.
46. Andoco Roman. Catuvellauni. c.AD20-1 BC. AE unit.
13-15mm. 0.99g. Head r./ Horse r, traces of AND below.
ABC 2727. Fine, rich brown patina.
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